Top Supplier: Wedding Makeup Artist: Jackie Majica Flores



As a lady and more, as a freelance model I am really into flawless look during my pictorials.  It would be good to find a makeup artist that will not just conceal and contour your face then put colors on it like a canvas painting, but someone who’s committed to enhance your natural beauty without making you look like a zombie. Just 2 years ago, I discovered a makeup artist that does a certain kind of “magic” to her every client.  I am completely amazed on how she creates stunning looks with subtle hue of makeups suited in every occasion.

As a model, looking flawless on photos is a must, but sometimes our skin is not perfect, that's why one great touch from a makeup artist is needed to create what is lacking.

“I love natural beauty, and I think it’s your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.” -Marina and the Diamonds

By the professional service name “MAJICA- Makeover by Jackie in Creative Application” (‘ma-hi-ka’ which literally means ‘magic’ in Filipino), Jackie can give magical makeovers from everyday look to high fashion, to avante garde, and of course, to her specialty, bridal makeovers!!! Whenever I see her Facebook posts about the brides she were able to take care during their special day, I can’t help but to imagine my own wedding, with her as my makeup artist.

everyday look

everyday look

high fashion

high fashion

avante garde

avante garde

One of my favorite before and after photo from her creations. The bride's eye are in its perfection!

One of my favorite before and after photo from her creations. The bride’s eye are in its perfection!

I really love the natural looking makeup she always give to her clients. The look that is very radiant and mesmerizing. The before and after photos of her clients makes me feel astonished on how she were able to bring out the best in everyone of them.  Also, she has her own way on how to conceal those “insecurities” ladies might have. Pimples, dark spots, freckles, scars… name it! She has a solution to it.

The dewy look of some of her bride on their wedding day.

The dewy look of some of her brides on their wedding day.


perfect hairstyles made by MAJICA…

Her “recipe” on how to create that dazzling look on her every client might be explained by the trick she posted on her page:  “Ask how she wants to look like on her wedding day and let your future bride speak her mind. That way, not only that you know what you will do but you and your bride will meet half way as you both agree upon each other’s thought. It will definitely give an amazing result!”

I must say that listening to the clients’ wants is her key in creating satisfying results from the makeovers she did for them. Being treated as a queen is what every lady wants on her wedding day and that what her magical touch gives them.


394826_498610660177139_409484301_n 318542_4659158050041_1389479184_n

Apart from all the affirmative opinions on her creations, she also has some achievements that will assure you on the quality of service that she can provide. Just this year she was able to made it to the Mary Kay Top 10 Makeup Artist for Dream Beautiful Contest. Also, recently, she and her team was awarded by being the Top Booker on Wedding Congress Philippines in Over-all and Make up Category, that happened last Nov 8-9, 2014 at PICC Forum Tent. I must say that they will not give and trust her with those titles for nothing, right?




Aside from the fact that Jackie is a great makeup artist which the photos and her credentials can readily testify, I myself can say that she is also a good person. I was able to meet her years ago when I won in one of the online contests she hosted. (You can read my post about that here: MAC Pink Nouveau Satin) While giving me a makeover, she made me feel comfortable by telling stories, asking my opinions, and treating me as someone that seems to be not so new to her. I really appreciate that. I think her charm is one of her assets to easily set rapport to her clients that will eventually create a good team up for a special event- where everyone can freely express their ideas and opinions to achieve the optimum quality of the craft.

The dedication she has in every craft she makes is something that no amount of money can buy. Definitely, she just not give magnificent makeovers during those wedding events but service at its finest to every bride that actually deserves it!

Want to be her QUEEN? Check this out!

Want to be her QUEEN? Check this out!

*To witness how the “magic” lives on from MAJICA, you can visit her Facebook page here:

*You can also check out her website:

*Photo credits to the owners. All photos are grabbed from MAJICA’s facebook page.


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