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Top Supplier: Wedding Makeup Artist: Jackie Majica Flores



As a lady and more, as a freelance model I am really into flawless look during my pictorials.  It would be good to find a makeup artist that will not just conceal and contour your face then put colors on it like a canvas painting, but someone who’s committed to enhance your natural beauty without making you look like a zombie. Just 2 years ago, I discovered a makeup artist that does a certain kind of “magic” to her every client.  I am completely amazed on how she creates stunning looks with subtle hue of makeups suited in every occasion.

As a model, looking flawless on photos is a must, but sometimes our skin is not perfect, that's why one great touch from a makeup artist is needed to create what is lacking.

“I love natural beauty, and I think it’s your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.” -Marina and the Diamonds

By the professional service name “MAJICA- Makeover by Jackie in Creative Application” (‘ma-hi-ka’ which literally means ‘magic’ in Filipino), Jackie can give magical makeovers from everyday look to high fashion, to avante garde, and of course, to her specialty, bridal makeovers!!! Whenever I see her Facebook posts about the brides she were able to take care during their special day, I can’t help but to imagine my own wedding, with her as my makeup artist.

everyday look

everyday look

high fashion

high fashion

avante garde

avante garde

One of my favorite before and after photo from her creations. The bride's eye are in its perfection!

One of my favorite before and after photo from her creations. The bride’s eye are in its perfection!

I really love the natural looking makeup she always give to her clients. The look that is very radiant and mesmerizing. The before and after photos of her clients makes me feel astonished on how she were able to bring out the best in everyone of them.  Also, she has her own way on how to conceal those “insecurities” ladies might have. Pimples, dark spots, freckles, scars… name it! She has a solution to it.

The dewy look of some of her bride on their wedding day.

The dewy look of some of her brides on their wedding day.


perfect hairstyles made by MAJICA…

Her “recipe” on how to create that dazzling look on her every client might be explained by the trick she posted on her page:  “Ask how she wants to look like on her wedding day and let your future bride speak her mind. That way, not only that you know what you will do but you and your bride will meet half way as you both agree upon each other’s thought. It will definitely give an amazing result!”

I must say that listening to the clients’ wants is her key in creating satisfying results from the makeovers she did for them. Being treated as a queen is what every lady wants on her wedding day and that what her magical touch gives them.


394826_498610660177139_409484301_n 318542_4659158050041_1389479184_n

Apart from all the affirmative opinions on her creations, she also has some achievements that will assure you on the quality of service that she can provide. Just this year she was able to made it to the Mary Kay Top 10 Makeup Artist for Dream Beautiful Contest. Also, recently, she and her team was awarded by being the Top Booker on Wedding Congress Philippines in Over-all and Make up Category, that happened last Nov 8-9, 2014 at PICC Forum Tent. I must say that they will not give and trust her with those titles for nothing, right?




Aside from the fact that Jackie is a great makeup artist which the photos and her credentials can readily testify, I myself can say that she is also a good person. I was able to meet her years ago when I won in one of the online contests she hosted. (You can read my post about that here: MAC Pink Nouveau Satin) While giving me a makeover, she made me feel comfortable by telling stories, asking my opinions, and treating me as someone that seems to be not so new to her. I really appreciate that. I think her charm is one of her assets to easily set rapport to her clients that will eventually create a good team up for a special event- where everyone can freely express their ideas and opinions to achieve the optimum quality of the craft.

The dedication she has in every craft she makes is something that no amount of money can buy. Definitely, she just not give magnificent makeovers during those wedding events but service at its finest to every bride that actually deserves it!

Want to be her QUEEN? Check this out!

Want to be her QUEEN? Check this out!

*To witness how the “magic” lives on from MAJICA, you can visit her Facebook page here:

*You can also check out her website:

*Photo credits to the owners. All photos are grabbed from MAJICA’s facebook page.


MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number Review


MAC has been one of my favorite make up brands since I was able to try out their products on my make over session with Ms. Jackie Flores.

Ms. Jackie Flores is such a pro! Look! I look absolutely different because of her majica :)

Ms. Jackie Flores is such a pro! Look! I look absolutely different because of her majica 🙂

The single lipstick I got from Jackie Majica’s online contest is one of the lipsticks I really adore. And of course, I am planning to get myself more of it soon at their store at Mall of Asia (Good thing it is really near our house. lol!).

I am a frustrated model...

I am a frustrated model…

But just how I believe how lucky I am, I received another MAC make up product from an office mate! Yes! It is a gift! Monette, my generous office mate and a freelance make up artist know how much I am into make up products, that’s why she gave me one of her current stocks. She knows me so well that she gave me the make up product that I can’t live without, eyeliner!!! Yey!

It is actually my first time to try out a different brand of eyeliner than what I usually use way back in college. It is quite an exploration to me as I am not really into eyeliners that need to be sharpened. I am practically in favor of those which are retracted. But it is a gift, so I receive it with my arms wide open and no hesitations. After two months of using it as a substitute to my usual eyeliner brand, here I go with review.

How's the MAC Kohl in Phone Number?

How’s the MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number?


It’s been quite sometime since I last use my 🙂 SMILEY 🙂 and 😦 SAD FACE 😦 kind of narration. Did you miss it? Oh well, I really do… So here we go!


🙂  The eyeliner coal or lead is soft and very easy to apply, just a glide of it on my upper lids and lower lids and it’s done.

🙂  Though the lead is soft, it doesn’t break easily compared to the coal of retracted eyeliner.

The coal of it lasts longer than the other brands.

The coal of it lasts longer than the other brands.


🙂 The color of the eyeliner is actually black, really black which blends well with the foundation I got that’s why it projects a bolder look compared to my usual brand.

One glide is enough, making it two will be too much.

One glide is enough, making it two will be too much.

🙂 It can undeniably, use for a long time. I use eyeliners almost everyday but this one, after two months had never gone into half of it. If this eyeliner is the retracted kind, I am sure that it is already consumed.

Is the brand enough?

Is the brand enough?



It is good but...

It is good but…

😦  The lead of the eyeliner is quite big which sometimes creates a panda look that I can’t wear that good.

😦  Smudge. This is one of the things I don’t like with eyeliners. And sadly, this MAC eyeliner smudge so fast. I think it should not be used when going to humid places for it to be intact.


*Keep it properly with the cap on or else, the outer cover of you make up products will have a black coal all around. I am saying this because it happened to me. I was so careless so I end up cleaning all the make up products I got inside my pouch.

*Keep a make up sharpener handy. You will not know when the coal will run out so it is best to have it at hand when using this. But remember to clean up the sharpener after use so that the black coal will not be with your lipliners when you will also need to sharpen them.

Will I buy it again?

Hmmm… I am a kind of person that goes on how practical I can use the product. With this, I think it is too tasky to use compared to the eyeliners I used before, not just the retracted ones but also the liquid and gel type eyeliners. I just can’t stand the routinely, sharpening the item and cleaning up the tools religiously after.  That’s why I personally think that it is better not to buy this kind next time. Instead, I will buy the retracted ones, though those really run out easily. Going back to what I am used at is not a sin anyway.

Those are just honest comments from me. I hope you find it okay. But I can still say that this eyeliner made me create looks that are equally astonishing as the others. And also, I must say that it is very safe to use with proper handling. I am just actually very precise with eyeliners because it is my main make up item and I want it to be close to perfect as possible.

Chinky eyes...

Chinky eyes…

Everyday look.

Everyday look.




Any recommendations on eyeliners that I can try out? Just hit on the comment box my sweeties if you have a thought.  Have a great day!

Dull to Pinkish Soft Lips by PixiGlow


I love lippies (Lipsticks). It is one of the finishing touches that complete an overall   makeup look.  It is also one of my first make up item way back in high school. As with me, I can say that I can go on without blush on but never without a lipstick.

I always think that one of my asset is my lips.

I always think that one of my asset is my lips. Never mind my untamed brows. lol!

But as I grew older (not that old anyway, lol!), I can say that I also grew tired of wearing lipstick day in and day out from work. I frequently glide it and re-apply  on my lips at an average of  3-5 times at work because I need  to look  absolutely presentable.

Hmmm... Unboxing the magic!

Hmmm… Unboxing the magic!

Just this month, I want to give myself a break on my lippies and try something that is light weight, simple and naturally looking yet still creates a fabulous look that compliments my makeup. So then I tried out Magic Tink Tint PIXIGlow from my April Glamour Box.

Just for an overall look at it.

Just for an overall look at it.

This is the focused view of its tip.

This is the focused view of its tip.

At first it feels awkward to try it out because it looks like a jumbo crayon and fits just for little kids. But after reading some reviews about it from satisfied customers, it convinced me to prove it for myself.

So now, I will have my own 🙂 SMILEY 🙂 and 😦 SAD FACE :( verdict to it…


It's effect...

It’s effect…

The jumbo crayon. lol! It's a lip tint.

The jumbo crayon. lol! It’s a lip tint.

🙂 “Packaging in its finest!”  As I said, it looks like a jumbo pastel green crayon yet it is so appealing with its pink details. It’s box reminds me of Tinkerbell  and made my little sister fell inlove to it in a snap.

🙂 Its smooth texture and menthol scent makes me addicted to it. Its balsamic feature makes me want it more.

When I initially apply the tint.

When I initially apply the tint.

the one in the upper portion is the first effect of the tint while the two pink lines at the lower portion is the a longer effect.

The one in the upper portion is the initial effect of the tint while the two pink lines at the lower portion is the longer effect of it.

🙂 At first glide, you may notice that it is barely anything. No tint, no gloss- nothing. Yet, don’t be too judgmental! Just wait for seconds and… Tadaaannn! The pink gloss will appear and create an outstanding natural look. “It’s a magic!” according to my little sister.

Naturally pinkish in color.

Naturally pinkish in color.

As it lasts longer it becomes more pigmented.

As it lasts longer it becomes more pigmented.

🙂 As it last longer when applied, the pinkish tint becomes stronger. It doesn’t fade easily even after drinking or eating. Love! ❤

This is how it looks now. I used it for a month already!

This is how it looks now. I used it for a month already!

The base of it can be twisted just like an ordinary lipstick. Now it's longer!

The base of it can be twisted just like an ordinary lipstick. Now it’s longer!

🙂 At first, I thought it is just a small gloss but accidentally, rotating the base of it made me discover that I can use it longer. Yippeee!


😦 Just to be fair, I think it lacks one thing- the moisturizing effect which will make it perfectly irresistible. In my case, I have overly dry lips because of the weather here in the Philippines but as to make my lips appear smooth, what I usually do before applying the tint on my lips is to put a lip balm to it so everything will look perfect. 🙂

A before(L) and after(R) shot won't hurt :) I put a lip balm to it as a primer.

A before(L) and after(R) shot won’t hurt 🙂 I put a lip balm to it as a primer.

My little sissy going equally crazy about it.

My little sissy going equally crazy about it.

I recommend you my dear sweeties to hide this awesome item in a place that your little girls will not be able to reach or see (not of being selfish) because as with my little sister, she became fascinated about it that she wants to have it as her own. I don’t know some restrictions of using it to children but it is safer not to let them play with it nor use it as frequent.

Lipstick no more!

Lipstick no more!

“Looks can deceive. “ This jumbo crayon like lip tint is absolutely lovable! It creates a naturally pinkish look on my lips that lipsticks cannot do. It reminds me of Tinkerbell’s Magic! (Oh, going back to my childhood days again!)

Now, I can have my make up done without an over powering lipstick, as I have Magic Tink Tint on my pocket. Wooohh! Two thumbs up for this product!

Any comments to make my lips smooth and moisturized? Comment on to help me out. Thanks sweeties!

Quick FX Pimple Eraser…Is it Real?


Hi sweeties! Summer is oh so hot here in Philippines and brought by that heat are various skin allergies and excessive oiliness to me. Oh yeah! I suppose to be relaxed this summer because I am having a month long vacation yet pimples makes me feel not so good.

I am a pimples victim since college. I am having a hard time to get rid of it as most of them are cystic. I’ve been to dermatologists, had facials, try out the most expensive anti- acne products and even following some superstitious belief on how to get rid of those tiny red bumps on my face. I almost give up on it but luckily it was lessened already at the moment. I did water therapy, use local obagi and drink green tea. Still, there are times that I get some pimples on my face especially this summer. I try to treat those using spot treatment but up to now, I’m still searching for the best product to use.

The packaging...

The packaging…

Last time, I had my Watson’s Haul at Araneta I saw a product named, Quick FX Pimple Eraser. It is made and Korea and distributed by DESCORP, Inc. It claims to help on drying up pimples, diminish and reduce dark spots due to scarring and protects skin against the sun.

Back label...

Back label…

There are 5 main points that was indicated in the products back label. Those are the following:

  • With Glucolic Acid that rejuvenates and evens out skintone. It also clears pores by removing old and dead skin, exposing healthy cells underneath.
  • With Salicylic Acid that helps prevent and treat acne. It also helps clear out blemishes, fine lines and dark spots.
  • With Zinc Oxide that helps control inflammations and relieves the skin against irritation and rash. It also provides superior protection against the harmful rays of the sun.
  • With Vitamin C that helps protect against UVB rays and can help combat sun damage. It also decreases wrinkles and lightens pigmented skin.
  • With Niacinamide that helps lighten dark spots. It also helps in the treatment of acne.

With those, I was convinced to give this product a try. As of now, I am using the product for almost a month and I can already give a review on how it works in my skin.

Very light... Feels nothing when applied.

Very light… Feels nothing when applied.


🙂 It is not that expensive. A 10grm sachet cost 50php only.

🙂 Has a cute packaging complete with a cap to reseal the entire sachet.

🙂 It has a mild scent.

🙂 It is light weight and feels to be barely there when you apply it.


😦 It did not help that much on drying out my pimples.

Though the product did not work that much on me, let’s take it into consideration, that in my case, my pimples are cystic type. Those kind of pimples are really treated by injectable medicines prescribed by dermatologist. I just try it out because currently, I am searching for a product that will help me lessen the occurrence of pimples on my face when my monthly period is about to come.

Maybe the product is intended for those people who have mild to moderate pimples. Though it did not dry up my pimples, it did not also trigger them to become bigger nor to become more. With that I was okay already.

I might not have the right to recommend it but maybe others can give it a try and make a review as well.

Getting rid of pimples is never easy for me. It becomes a hit and miss on my part especially I am trying to look for an affordable product. So there, my searching still goes on. I just hope to find a product that suits my sensitive skin and my budget.

How about you sweeties? What’s your major skin problem? Have you conquer it or like me, still searching for an answer? Share it with me and let’s see where our beauty conversation will take us.