I’ve been in Facebook since college. I really choose the groups and pages to visit. But of course, even I am very careful there are times that I really miss out on something and I will just find myself at a page that I don’t really like.

My last encounter with such experience was yesterday. This was this close group in Facebook that I was in which is named

WANTED: CHIXX ^_^. I don’t know how I became a member of it. As I’m trying to recollect I can’t remember a single instance that I sent a request to their group neither accept an invitation from them.

As I was a member of it, I experienced spam notifications. Those notifications in my opinion are provoking to the extent of nudity. Teenagers are posting pictures that are not suitable to be seen in public. They post flirty pictures, videos and status.

Months past that I just ignore the page, trying to respect the people behind it. I consider that maybe they just have a different perspective on using social media. But what happened yesterday is something that I cannot let to just pass by especially that my youngest sibling is the one concerned.

Yesterday, as I was browsing my home page in Facebook, I saw a post of my youngest sister, 7 years old, pleading for her to be excluded in the group. I was shocked that even her was a member of that group. As a sister, I took an action to it by commenting on my sister’s post, informing the admin of the group to please do consider the age of the people they are trying to add up as members. With what I did, I received a flood of comments some are positive but more of negative. And surprisingly, the admin didn’t even bother to attend to my concern and get mad and saying below the belt reaction towards what I did.

I admit, that in our end, we are also at fault that my sister was added on the group. In our household, everyone has a gadget that can access with the internet. We somehow, don’t have restrictions on how to use those but we were properly oriented on how to use it. Moreover, we are taught about netiquette. That’s why my youngest sister reacted when she was added on the group without her permission. Having her post a negative reaction towards the group can prove that she is indeed knowledgeable that she should not access sites or pages that are not suitable to her age.

I also almost lost my temper when a member of the group focused the discussion on the grammatical errors committed by my sister as she is trying to state her thoughts in English. I just feel that he is too narrow minded.  He exchange discussions with me to the point that he even question my credibility as a sister.

I aggressively demanded that the admin should erase us in the group. I know I quite lose my control when I said that but there are some members who even pointed out how I look (they told me that I’m ugly and demanding) which is very far from the point of the discussion.

When I felt that none of the things I bring out will come to an end if I continue discussing with the members or even the admin of the group, we decided to leave the group. My time was wasted to them and it was my bad to think that they can figure out what I am trying to say. I also knew that there’s no point of discussing things to them because they are those people who are lowly, irrational and incompetent enough to understand the value of screening out their members.

Maybe, just a reminder from what I experienced, we cannot see what really happens on the World Wide Web nor we cannot inspect all the sites and pages that the young ones are surfing into so it will always be better to be vigilant and take some quickly actions when we see a site, page or a group that seems to be not that proper.

In my case, I reported the admin and the page to Facebook’s Family and Security Center. I also try to warn my Facebook friends about it and also now, I’m trying to reach out to you.

I wrote this in order for people to be informed that there are groups and people that don’t care about our young ones. They may have different value standards or set of belief that are way far from what we recognize as proper and respectful towards the future of our nations. But I personally don’t want my sister and other young people to learn those things just through uneducated group of people that cannot handle it very well.

So I’m here, taking my step forward to invite everyone that let’s help each other to make our social networking sites free from destructive things towards the intellectual growth of our young ones.

Have you encountered a page that displays nudity and sexuality? What did you do? Let’s help one another and share to me your own experience.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this hun! I was once added to a Facebook group out of the blue and could not remember even asking to join – it turned out that these things happen and I’m not sure if there’s a way to block this on Facebook so you don’t get added randomly. I left the group and opted to not be added again. It’s horrible and it’s ruining a peaceful and secure online community. That’s why now if I get people adding me as ‘friends’ that I really don’t know of, I just tend to ignore them, this is how things normally start. Hope that helps. xx Donah (sweetjellybean.com)

  2. Whoever and whatever they wrote to you, people responsible for it should pay for it, not the whole group. This community (having 961 231 members at that time) has been shut down…

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