This was the post from Fans for Apple.

This was the post from Fans for Apple.

Yes! I won an Iphone… but maybe you’re thinking why I have a sad face there. It is because I think it is just a scam. Too bad for me.

Who doesn’t want an Iphone nowadays? It is one of the most sought gadget so far. There are also lots of contests that use it as part of their prizes and that will surely call people’s attention.

It is the same with contests from some social networking sites. I’ve been so lucky this past few weeks because I’ve been winning to some giveaways and contests. I won small girly stuffs that I value a lot.

Just this April, I saw this Facebook page that claims to give Iphone and other Apple products through raffle, its Fans for Apple. What I did was to check them out. They are really posting some items, mechanics of the raffle and also name of the winners. So there, I try out my luck.

I start liking there page and following the instructions needed to win a specific product. I am consistent in doing those everyday. Around 4th week of April, my brother was so excited to give me the news that I won the current giveaway of  the mentioned page.

Overwhelmed, I go through their page and saw the announcement. There are a lot of people congratulating me and so. But what I noticed is that: First, I was not tagged at their post and ; Second, they did not mention how I can get in touch with them to claim my prize. So I just posted a comment at their post on how to claim my prize but weeks passed and I haven’t heard anything from them.

I also did some investigation and read some previous comments from other mentioned winners that they do not know how to get their prize. With that, I am sure that Fan’s for Apple page is just a scam. They are trying to use the current fad for Iphone to get tons of likes and to be flagged at Facebook. And worst, they are using real names in mentioning their so called “winners” which might also be a threat to the security of that person.

As of now, I am trying to view their page but I am redirected back to my home page- too bad. But one thing I did before they were able to program their site was to report their page in Facebook. And also, I’ve been very frank in asking around their posts if the winner was given instructions on how to claim their prize. I also, frankly commented on that post where they mentioned that I won an Iphone that they did not give me any instructions to claim it. Maybe they saw what I did around their page so there, they blocked me .

I still believe that honesty will be the best policy. What ever you promise to give, even it’s just a small amount or a petty thing, you have to give it especially if you ask people to do something for you beforehand.

Oh well, with this experience, I learned not to just believe in people especially in some social networking sites. They are trying to abuse   people that are subscribing to it in order to gain their selfish interests.

So sweeties, I hope you will be warn by this. If ever you get into a page that promise that you will win or get something try to check it out first especially if the deal is quite big. Maybe you can check out the names of previous winners and try to ask them if possible.

I promised not be a victim once again. So take care sweeties… Be very vigilant! Do you have same experience as mine? Make everyone be informed. Come and share those sites and report it to the authority 🙂 It just takes a brave soul to tell the truth!


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  1. i joined too once but it was too obvious that is was a scam that why i stop joining their promos,there are lot o page or online shop na gusto lang ang maparami likes s apage nila but when you win,they wont announce agad ang winner or minsan di nila pinapadala yun prize,it happen to me marami na beses…

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