Karutora: The Perfect Elegance


I super love accessories but as I aged, I realized that having much of those will actually make the entire look funny and cheap. On the other hand, having enough of it can make a simple look fabulous and pleasing to the eye.

Last December, I discovered an accessories line that produce elegant and quality pieces that suits for everyday use. What I am talking about is Karutora. It is a well-known brand of Philippine pearls and accessories. An officemate of mine gave me a pair of simple earrings from their collection as a gift and I am stunned by its packaging. It is in a foldable gold carton with a gold ribbon. I thought it was really expensive but she spilled to me that she got it in a very affordable price.

The gift

The gift

simple yet elegant

simple yet elegant

Next thing I know is that I am at its place at Robinson’s Department Store having an extremely hard time in choosing what to get for the women close to my heart. I bought 3 pairs of it.

Aren't those lovely?

Aren’t those lovely?

I'm proud that I fix the carton all by myself!

I’m proud that I fix the carton all by myself!

And December seems to be my lucky month, because I also received another Karutora gift from my student. This time, it is a silver bracelet with an equally cute and elegant packaging.




when worn

when worn

The lock is so secure!

The lock is so secure!

I still have those pieces with me and I am so delighted to inform everyone that it doesn’t tarnish and retains its exact splendid appearance. I personally love its quality at a very reasonable price which made it as one of my must buy accessories up to this date.

How about you sweeties? What’s your favourite line of accessories? Come and share it below, who knows I might feature your favourite brand soon!



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