This past week has been so hard for my beloved country, Philippines. After the storm surge of Typhoon Yolanda devastated the places in Visayas, until now, the mark of the disaster that had happened is still undeniably reflected among its people and community.

There are still a lot of people that have nothing to eat. More, have no places to go. The airports and bus terminals, as seen on news reports are really crowded. Most of the people there want to get out of the community soon to find better place to live for the meantime. There are still no power supply in the places affected. Worst, dead bodies can still be found with the debris that had fell.

Huge efforts has been done by everyone to help. We have our own share of our donations and pledges that needs not to be mentioned anymore. Heart felt donations can really be seen around from our fellow Filipinos and even from the other countries.

What I will share to you now, sweeties is a good deal and a way to help as well. Christmas is rushing and we will soon or currently doing our Christmas shopping. As I browse around the web, I saw this ad from Glamourbox. They are about to celebrate their first anniversary and as a birthday treat, they are having a 20% off on ALL their boutique items. This will happen starting tomorrow, November 14 until November 15. Portion of the sales from this will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Photo randomly grabbed from Glamourbox's site.

Photo randomly grabbed from Glamourbox’s site.

For me, who have no time to go out and shop, I find it as a good opportunity to shop online some gifts for my love ones and make a little step to help those who are in need, as well. As I mentioned, we have our own little ways to help those who are badly affected by the typhoon. This one is something to consider.

You may check out Glamourbox‘s site for more details about this and to browse on their fabulous items from boutique.



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