Romantic Freshness in a Bottle: A Review on Camay Romantique Rose Body Wash


I am used of having shower gel in my bath regimen. Several brands that I tried and been using were from Marks and Spencer, Baths and Body Works, Victoria Secret and L’Occitane.  I usually have stocks of it because my students love to give it as gifts but of course those stocks run out and I have to buy new ones.

Recently, there was a new brand that was introduced in the Philippines by Procter and Gamble. This line of bath soap and shower gel is known as Camay. It is endorsed by one of the sexiest celebrity in the country, Angelica Panganiban. And this line claims freshness and tempting skin that guys will surely love.

One of Camay Philippine's poster. Credits to the owner.

One of Camay Philippine’s poster. Credits to the owner.

Being a shower gel lover, I was intrigued by the promise of Camay that’s why when I run out of stock of shower gels, I immediately hit the department store and purchase one. They introduce three variants Creme Vanilla, Dynamique Grapefruit and Romantique Rose.

I picked Romantique Rose among the three. It is in a 200ml bottle. Actually, I just finished it 2 days ago and I guess I am now ready to review and share the experience of using Camay shower gel for the first time.

My first Camay shower gel.

My first Camay shower gel.

Let’s then do it in 🙂 SMILEY 🙂 and 😦 SAD FACE 😦 as what I used to do. Are you ready now?


🙂 I find it very affordable. The 200ml bottle cost 70php only.

🙂 The scent of this shower gel is really fabulous. I find it strong when I smell it directly from the bottle but when you try to put in the sponge it is just good. The floral scent lingers to the skin even after washing it out. The aroma of it makes me feel relax and oh so sexy!

🙂 It is foamy and very practical to use. A pea size goes a long way as it works lather very well. But to be honest sweeties, I am really addicted to its smell that I am not contented to use just a pea of it because in every squeeze in the bottle, the floral scent diffuse in the whole bathroom which makes me enjoy the moment even more.

🙂 Aside from its sweet smell that lingers after wash, I also love how it makes my skin smooth. That after feel makes me feel sexy and confident.

the gel is so thick and full of floral scent.

the gel is so thick and full of floral scent.


😦 None 🙂 But I would love it even more if the shower gel comes in a clear bottle. With Romantique Rose, the gel is red and maybe, the color of it will be one of the good features of a new packaging. J

I just love it!

I just love it!

This summer, I’ve been taking a bath 2-3 times a day because of our hot weather, which makes me finish 200ml bottle in just 3 weeks. I really find my bathing experience worthwhile with Camay that makes this shower gel part of my April Essentials.

I hope you will experience that too. I will surely try out their two other variants soon. C’mon give yourself a treat and try out Camay’s shower gel and experience the freshness that you will surely love.

Which one do you prefer? Bath soap or shower gel? What’s your favourite brand so far? Share it! I would really love to read about your personal favourite bath essentials.


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  1. Thanks for this review. I like using body washes coz they’re super bango (most of the time). I’m wary of using local ones and camay has had its prime back in the 80s haha and I’m glad they’re making a comeback. And you said it smelled super nice plus the price is perfect! Thanks

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