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A Model at Heart


Hi there sweeties! Sorry for being super duper mega MIA this month. I’ve been in a roller coaster ride of overlapping deadlines and personal concerns but I can’t help but to think of my pending posts (I got tons of it since I’ve been not blogging for almost a month already).

Today must be a good day because we don’t have classes. I have time to check some pile of test papers and now, because I’m already bored of that monotonous work, I am finally here blogging my heart out. Yey!

Remember my birthday theme this year? BREAKTHROUGH AT 23!

*Image was randomly copied from instagram.

*Image was randomly copied from instagram.

Now, I will be featuring one of the things I’ve done for myself this year. This one is close to my heart since I am really head over heels about modelling.

Anyways, I always dream of being a model. If you will ask me, what I want to be other than being a teacher that would be to be a model. But I am not a model material. I am not tall, I am not flawless and I am just an average girl.

Open photo shoots are becoming a fad now here in Manila. As if everyone can be a model and anyone can be a photographer. But there is still a difference between someone who’s treating it as an art than someone who is just merely doing it as business… as my photographer friend says.

One of my challenges for myself this year is to go and fulfill that dream even just for a day. So what I did was to book a photo shoot with by Mharia Photographia‘s open photo shoot with the concept of Fashion Catalog Model.

It was August 11 when I had the shoot. At first I feel so awkward with the lights and camera plus the photographer. Good thing Irish (Maria) was there to coach me. Aside from being the owner of the studio photo and the HMUA (hair and make up artist), she is also a seasoned print ad model (if that’s how it should be called).

White was my first background. Here is an unfiltered shot from it.



We also tried experimenting with the light color. First was blue then red spot light. The output from the red spot light is here.



After Irish saw some improvements in my photos, she recommended the photographer to use black background for me. Which I think suited well. Black is my favorite color.

All the photos below are raw shots and absolutely unedited. The photographer is really good that’s why the photos turned out very well.

_MG_7673 _MG_7683 _MG_7657 _MG_7658

I am happy that after some tries I was (atleast) able to befriend the studio and strike some good pose.

My favorite shot.

My favorite shot.

After some editing here is one of the outputs that I was able to receive from Irish.


I am really fulfilled after the photo shoot. The courage to do it is very rewarding . I’m glad I did it. I never thought that challenging myself can be this awesome!

*All accessories I wore at this post are from Tomato c/o

*Wardrobe from