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OOTD: White and Silver in Summer Sweet Treats


It’s May already! Time flies so fast, next thing we know we are closing the year. But before closing the year, may I ask, “Have you spent time with your treasured friends?”

As for me,( you been reading it) since it’s my vacation, I maximize the time I have to do the things I want and be with the people I love, my family, friends and myself.

In this post, I will tell you about someone who has been with me since my grade school years, someone who never left my side despite of my tantrums and someone to whom I share my greatest problems, triumphs, apprehensions, dreams, disappointments and happiness- my bestfriend. We’re actually equally opposite but I know that I can tell her anything without any reservation. Time tested our relationship already. We cried together for lost love, dream despite of limitations and pursuing life knowing we are still together side by side. We need not to be with each other nor talk everyday. We’re just secured with the fact that we are true and honest with each other despite of different circle of friends that we have.

Anyway, her name is Eunice and just before April ends we finally had our bonding! Super thanks to Starbucks Philippines! LOL!  Because of their buy 1 take 1 treat for Caramel Ribbon Crunch, me and le bestfriend rushed to Resorts World Manila (RW) and had that ever-desired time of our lives (especially MY LIFE, since she treated me... see how opportunistic I am? LOL)

We’re lucky enough to reach the line since we went out past 4pm already and the promo is until 5pm only. Good thing RW is just two streets away from my home and 3 streets away from hers. We just took a tricycle so we can less the chances that we will be late. 🙂 When we reached the counter the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap was already sold out, but good thing they have an alternative deal… and that is to buy any frappucinno beverage and take 1 free! Yey!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To make our bonding a little longer we decided to dine in at Mcdonald’ s and again it was her treat. I insist to pay my bills but she refused! She was a ever kind and lovely bestfriend. Isn’t she? LOL! But kidding aside, that’s absolutely true!

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

and this is... ME! Sorry! We don't have our monopad yet :)

and this is… ME!
Sorry! We don’t have our monopad yet 🙂

The theme of RW’s activity hall that time is all about sweet treats. And I just can’t go home without my photos taken in that adorable spot! There were stalls of cupcakes, French macaroons, ice creams, cake and a lot more. Nevertheless, with my white and silver outfit, my bestfriend just knows exactly what I want- to have my photos taken on that colorful and delicious-looking themed stage. Yey!


So here was my photos:




In this look:

white meshed to- EZRA (bought from Zalora PH)

silver shiny shorts- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

zebra print loafers- Sole Mate

Just to be fair, I also took a photo of her and as I mentioned, as contrast with me, she doesn’t really want to have as many photos as I would want to have and that means one is enough.


So that was our bonding. We actually talk much of anything, whether it is in past, future or present. And you know why I made a post talking about my dearest bestfriend? It is because today (when this post will be published- May 5) is her birthday! Yey! Happy Birthday Eunice! Wish you everything that your heart desires! I’m always here for you for this one more year and beyond. I love you so much! God Bless!



Pastel Green Attire for a Saturday Night


Hi sweeties! I’m so happy that I am finally adjusting with the paper works in my new job designation. I’m done with my syllabus and first session plan and cards. I just need to submit the second session paper works before June and I’m done! Yipee! (Im actually positive to be done by tomorrow :))

I am also currently enrolled in my thesis subject for the whole school year. Great! I am really hoping to finish soon.

Everything feels so good!

Anyways, yesterday night I had a chance to attend the mass with my older sister. After the mass we went to Resorts World Manila to pick up an item from Igrab.

My sister + ME= Picture Galore!!!

So I think I just have to share with you this look post before I hit my bed tonight. In this attire, I’m actually  wearing the necklace I won from  Swirls and Scribbles X Glitter Addiction. It really goes well with anything 🙂

Just for the night.

Just for the night.

In this look:

floral diamond studded headband- Divisoria

pastel gorget blouse- Glamourous

inner black spaghetti strap- Bench

acid wash jeggings- Lhot’s House of Fashion 

flat shoes- Parisian

feathered necklace- Glitter Addiction

black bangels- Baclaran (way back in college lol!)

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes...

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes…

White dresses are my favorite.

White dresses are my favorite.

Just for a photo opt :)

Just for a photo opt 🙂

My attire is so comfortable!

My attire is so comfortable!

When we went there Resorts World Manila, they were having their Epic Weekend with a lot of celebrities. I’m not a fangirl and we’re rushing that time that’s why we didn’t take some pictures with them 🙂

Well anyway, have a great week ahead of you sweeties! I promise to have a review post and make up post this week.

Oh! If you think this look is good, please do hype it at: http://lookbook.nu/look/4964570-Glitter-Addiction-Feathered-Necklace-Parisian and be one of my fans. Thank you!

Goodnight for me!