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A Gift of Wellness from GlamourBox and Nurture Spa


Isn’t it nice if you can treat your mom somewhere she can relax even just for awhile? Moms deserve it right?

That’s why I really work hard to win some contests for Mother’s Day. But sadly, Mother’s Day came and I did not receive any notification from the giveaways I joined. So, I thought I did not win any. I just treated mom and my siblings with pizza during Mother’s Day but I think that it would be very nice if I will be able to add it with something that mom will really enjoy.

Until last week, a friend from Facebook tagged me at a post of GlamourBoxPH. Yehey! I got a prize for mom. Better late than never as they say.

I'm so happy for mom!

I’m so happy for mom!

I received the package this week.

What's inside?

What’s inside?

I got a luxurious getaway voucher for mom! Weeehhheeee! I am so excited for her.

It's so secured... An envelope inside another envelope.

It’s so secured… An envelope inside another envelope.

For mom!

For mom!


I hope she will enjoy her “Gift of Wellness”.  Anyway without her, I will not win that giveaway. Because of her most treasured beauty advice to me, I will stay pretty, loved and happy for the rest of my life. *wink*

The voucher :)

The voucher 🙂

Thank you GlamourBox and Nurture Spa! We will see you soon 🙂

How about you sweeties? If you can choose a gift for your mom, what would it be?