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-BER Month Giveaway!


Hello there sweeties! If you’re still reading this, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for staying with me and my blog. I know I should explain a lot since I was not able to update my blog for months because of things that are really preoccupying me as an MA student, model and a professional.

Anyways, no more wordy explanation about it but to at least compensate with my absence and start of the “-BER” months which I am super excited about I’ll just give you a big giveaway this time, as I collaborated with several pretty bloggers and sponsors. By the way, this giveaway is hosted by Deann of Deann Sarmiento Beautyblog.


Here are the prizes you can get if you will be one of our lucky winners:


The lucky FIRST PRIZE winner will be able to take Royale Elite PH Products, Nyx Black Label Lipstick, Shawill Eyeliner, Revlon Nail Color, small wallet, mask, and a little cute dress!



While the SECOND PRIZE winner will take home BeauSpeaks Skin Care Essentials products from BeauSpeaks Ortigas, Pink Nipple Cream , Godiva Sachets, Wet n Wild Mascara , Accessories, Gluta C Facial  Cream, Lipstick and Lip gloss, and a elegant cream dress.



THIRD PRIZE is comprised of iWhite Korea Sachet Pack, Ponds Whitening Cream, Collagen Mask, L.A Colors Palette, Hard Candy Lip gloss, Godiva Sachets, Organic Love Body Cream, accessories, Lewis and Pearl Scent, Eyeliner, and a refreshing orange top.



On the other hand, our FOURTH PRIZE winner will receive a manicure set, iWhite Korea Facial Cream, Godiva Sachets, Headbands, Eye line up roller, Elf concealer, Lipstick/ Lipgloss, Body Crea, Zen Zest Scent Spray, and Krave Facial Mask.



Last but not the least, our FIFTH PRIZE winner will get not just one, but two tops that can expand your wardrobe in the next level!

To win any of these fabulous prizes, you just need to follow the link below and enter the detail needed or asked from the Rafflecopter widget.


Wooh! That was a great come back! Hope everyone will join this giveaway. Please stay updated on my blog for the list of winners soon. Goodluck sweeties!


Philippineartisan’s 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Time flies so fast! Who have thought my blog will last a year? I know I have a lot of inconsistencies in posting but I am happy to know that there are still some readers who are up to the things that I am writing and unfailing to support me and my blog whatever the circumstances are.

And just to say my sincerest gratitude to you my dear readers, I have a mini giveaway to everyone! Because it is a giveaway for my blogversary I will be giving 3 (I, <3, U) sets of prizes to 3 lucky readers. It means, the three winners will receive a randomly picked prize for them.

What are the prizes? Take a peak from the photos below.

1st Prize: A set of various soap brands w/ soap holder + a bench cologne + a key chain

SET 1: A set of various soap brands w/ soap holder + a bench cologne + a key chain

A closer look for our soap brands

A closer look for our soap brands

SET 2: Samples of different skin and hair care products + compact mirror +gold pouch + a big button mat

SET 2: Samples of different skin and hair care products + compact mirror +gold pouch + a big button mat

SET 3: Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Shower Gel In Enchanted Orchid + a surprise gift from Beauspeaks Ortigas Accessories Collection

SET 3: Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Shower Gel In Enchanted Orchid + a surprise gift from Beauspeaks Ortigas Accessories Collection

What you need to do is just to follow the instructions from the rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway will end at the end of the month- April 30, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for a heart warming year! I am looking forward for more years to share with you sweeties. Good luck to our future endeavours! Yay!

Thanks to all who joined my giveaway! After checking all the entries, here are the lucky winners! Tadaaaah!

*Since the 2nd and 3rd prize winners did not send me a message on time, here is the updated list of winners as of May 4, 2014 (9:24pm). I intentionally deleted in this post the photo of the first list of winners to avoid confusion and make things clear to everyone. And please do read my side notes in some of the names listed. I’m just being honest here.



To the winners, please send me your details within 24 hrs. Thank you!

PLEASE DO IT or else your entries will be forfeited. We need to follow rules. 🙂

For those who are not picked this time, stay tuned for more giveaways from Philippineartisan. “Til our next giveaway! 🙂

Happy 5th Anniversary The Beauty Junkee!


I ssssssooooooo love summer! I have all the time to browse the blogs I love and a lot of them are celebrating their blog anniversary as well, just like me!

One of them is my blog-inspiration is The Beauty Junkee! And she prepared something that will really WOW us. It is her blog’s suuuppeerr kaaadduuppeeerrr big birthday bash/ giveaway! 12 winners will win an amazing loot bags from her sponsors. For more details, you may visit her ULTRA SUPER MEGA Giveaway (as she calls it) at this link: http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-beauty-junkees-5th-anniversary.html

I am joining and what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance of reading an awesome blog and you might win an equally amazing prize as well!

Congratulations The Beauty Junkee! Keep on blogging! Happy 5th!

Another pretty blogger!

Another pretty blogger! Photo downloaded from Google.

A Year-Ender Giveaway


Just as promised I will be posting my last giveaway before 2013 ends. And this is it! Yey!

This giveaway is quite special since I will be giving away not just one but two treats this time. I will be picking 2 winners and each of them will receive one set of the prize. This simple giveaway is my way to thank you, my sweeties for supporting my blog and being with me this year.

I really had an awesome 2013 because of your wonderful comments on my posts here at Philippineartisan. Also, my blog opens my doors not just for unexpected opportunities but also to friendly and accommodating beauty and fashion bloggers that never hesitate to help me out in bringing up my own site. I must say that I love you guys with all my heart! You are my inspiration in keeping up and holding to my passion- writing and now, blogging 🙂 Mwah!

Anyway, for the giveaway, as they say, when it’s a new year, you have to try new things that’s why to start up your 2014, I will be giving away 2 sets of samples from various beauty brands. Including in each set are my pre-loved beauty products that I was not able to use up since it did not fit my skin type (As everyone knows, I have a very sensitive skin. In fact, I am currently suffering from breakouts 😦 because of stress). I had an idea to include it as part of the prizes in this giveaway not because, I just want to get rid of it but I want others to atleast explore some new brands that might (hopefully) fit their needs and skin types.

And since my online shop is also  booming now, I want to be generous 🙂 that’s why I will include a surprise item/s from my accessories collection in each set of prize.

For a quick peek here are the two sets of items that you might get if you win my giveaway… plus a surprise item from BeauSpeaks Ortigas  🙂





I hope you like my simple way of saying thank you for supporting my blog. This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only 🙂 To join, you just need to follow the instructions in the rafflecopter link or widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goodluck everyone! Have a blessed and prosperous 2014 to us! Cheers sweeties!

Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway II!


*credits to the owner * Randomly grabbed at http://www.itsmedeann.com

*credits to the owner *
Randomly grabbed at http://www.itsmedeann.com

Hi sweeties! Remember that I promised to have 2 more giveaways before the year ends (after my very lovely accessories giveaway last month)? Oh well, I am actually down to one since; I sponsored one of the huge giveaways that are now on going around the web.

Because it is the season of giving and sharing, I decided to become a sponsor of a holiday giveaway in collaboration with the finest beauty bloggers I met online. More than an advertisement, I believe in the capacity of each of them to bring up joy to their avid readers through their very own sites (which I a actually a fan of)  that’s why I grabbed the opportunity to sponsor them to this giveaway by means of my shop BeausSpeaks Ortigas.

*credits to the owner * Randomly grabbed at http://www.itsmedeann.com

*credits to the owner *
Randomly grabbed at http://www.itsmedeann.com

A lot of items are at stake for this giveaway, we almost give it all for you 😉 It is our way of saying thank you to you on your unending support in our endeavors. As with me, it is my little chance to show my appreciation in holding up with my blog, Philippineartisan and shop. Thank you so much! I know this might not be enough but I promise to give more by maintaining my blog and keeping you updated sweeties 🙂

Anyway, you must hurry! This giveaway will end soon! You may check on this site on the mechanics on how to enter this fabulous giveaway: http://www.itsmedeann.com/holiday-beauty-collab-giveaway-ii.html

And that makes me down on owing you one more giveaway so please do watch out to my year-ender giveaway that will be published by next week. Mwah!

Happy holidays everyone!

Winner of my Accessories Giveaway


Merry Christmas everyone! I miss you so much… I’m so sorry for being MIA for a month or two already. There are just peak seasons at work and that actually eat up all my time. Not that healthy right? Well, anyway, for those who don’t know it yet, I already picked a winner for my Accessories Giveaway last December 9. It is just so that I was not able to make a post on my blog about it because my work is almost always about my neck but I made sure to post the lucky winner of it on my Facebook page.

(You may check it out here…  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=247536952075949&set=a.166760950153550.1073741828.166234550206190&type=1)


CONGRATULATIONS Mai Decena! I hope that you did enjoy the items from my giveaway.

For those who did not win my recent giveaway, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not frown, I’m telling you why… (timely lyrics right?) Because the next giveaway that I will be posting soon will have not just 1 but 2 winners! Yehey! It is my way to thank every one of you in supporting my FB page that is now in its 500+ likes. Mmmmmwwwaaahhh! Such a great way to celebrate Christmas and end the year.

Meanwhile, you may join this giveaway that is currently up and sponsored by my shop BeauSpeaks Ortigas that is hosted by your favorite, pretty and awesome beauty bloggers. Just click this link for more information: http://www.itsmedeann.com/holiday-beauty-collab-giveaway-ii.html

Happy Holidays! ❤

Love Human Nature? Join this Giveaway!


Photo grabbed from Every Mom's Page website :) *CREDITS*

Photo grabbed from Every Mom’s Page website 🙂 *CREDITS*

Due to boredom of my daily tasks, I go blog hopping again and I stumbled upon a blog entitled Every Mom’s Page This blog focuses on variety of niches such as parenting, home living, beauty and fashion, product reviews and a lot more!

One of the first posts I read from this blog is about her Human Nature Giveaway. Human Nature, it is a product of skin care products from organic materials. She is currently giving away 1,000php worth of Human Nature Products! Yes you read it right!

For more information about this giveaway, you may check on her site through this link:http://www.everymomspage.com/2013/11/november-giveaway.html#.UnzSNXAbAhF

Also, you may join my current giveaway that will run until November 28, 2013. Just head on the link below the related articles.

Mwah! Keep safe everyone sweeties!

Treats from Tokyo! (Giveaway!)


Reblog 🙂

Peach Milky Tea

Giveaway Now Closed! Winner will be announced next week.

Yay! It’s finally time for my giveaway! Read below for all the rules and info on how to enter!


Start – 06/05/2013

End – 26/05/2013

The prizes:

  • Dolly Wink No.2
  • Japanese Candy (Raspberry)
  • Pure Smile Peach Milk Essence Mask
  • Pure Smile Green Tea Milk Essence Mask
  • Macaroon Decolatier
  • Bath Salts
  • Daiso Dessert Erasers
  • Lucky Cat Charm
  • Etude House Free Gift (Pencils + 3 Samples)
  • 3 Mystery Surprise Samples!

How to enter:

  •     You MUST be following this blog to enter.
  •     You MUST leave a blog comment below, this is to let me know you are active and want to enter the giveaway. (Your comment can be anything you like)

& that’s it! However you can gain an some extraentries by doing the following:

  •     To gain an extra entry, reblog this post. (Note below if done)
  •     To gain…

View original post 179 more words

Back-to- School Giveaway


Today is the last day of my summer vacay and I can say that I really had a great time. I spent most of the days of my vacation at home, just chillin’ and having fun. I was never idle this summer. I believed that it was really productive because I was able to establish this blog that currently slowly crawling its way to rank up on TopBlog. Yehey! And that’s because of you, my sweeties. This summer, I also made some cyber friends from my favourite bloggers, to online shop owners and to my fellow newbie in the blog world. Getting in touch with some long (lost) missed friends was also one of lovely activities.

Tomorrow, I will be going back to work and will be preparing for the opening of the school year. Probably, I will be starting to design my classroom, planning out my lessons, attending meetings and a lot more. It will really preoccupy me, but I hope I can still catch up and make some post for you 🙂

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this coming school year. First, hopefully, I can get a slot and start with my MA thesis. Second, I’m already a permanent teacher in the school that I’ve been serving for 3 years. Third, a year of a successful long distance relationship with my boyfriend… and a lot lot more little blessing that’s comes my way. Life is simply awesome!

I am excited to my new beginning as a teacher. Every year is a fresh start for me that will surely make me learn more as person and as a professional. I wonder how my students will be… I will try to share it to you sweeties… soon.

As a new school year unfolds, I can’t help but to reminisce my life as a student during college. It was cool and adventurous. College life is the best. I was able to improve my confidence with the help of my beloved friend who supported me along the way. I also started to be chic and trendy during college because of the influence of my girly group.

Oh well, I still got a lot to say… as always. But I should cut it off because I want to introduce to you another giveaway! Yey! This is because I am so grateful of the things I have and will be having soon. It’s my way of giving back all the blessings to awesome readers.*wink*

I call this one a Back-to-School Giveaway. As its name says, the winner of this giveaway will be getting some fashionable and useful items that he or she can use in school, at work or just anywhere he or she wishes.

Your chic buddies

Your soon to be chic buddies

The prize for this giveaway includes:

 a set of plastic placemat- to secure the cleanliness of your eating, working or study place

a cute wet wipes tumbler- a practical way to keep you clean feel

a leopard Sterling Notebook (Animal Planet edition)- to compile all your important notes in a trendy place

2 floral pens- for your chic way of writing

a Papemelroti notepad- for those memos and short messages for your dear ones

and a bag tag- a cool way to say that the nice bag is yours… only yours

Aren’t this items cool? If only I can join my own giveaway. lol! So what are you waiting for? Follow the simple instructions given by the rafflecopter widget below. I will be checking the entries so please… no cheating!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


There will be one winner of this giveaway and it is open for Philippine residents only.

It begins May 15, 12AM and ends on June 17, 12AM.

I will notify the winner on FB. Failure to respond within 48hrs after the announcement of winner will make me draw another one.

So isn’t those prize worth having? Cheers to a new beginning! Goodluck sweeties!

100th Follower Giveaway (CLOSED)


Hi sweeties! Today I just found out that I got 100+ followers already on my blog. I am really thankful for the warm support you gave me by browsing and reading on my blog posts.

I just started last April 17, and without a month yet I gained a number of followers which I don’t expect that much.  No words can describe my happiness as my blog have its first little success.

I don’t know how to pay back with the endless support that everyone is giving me. From my co-bloggers that inspires me; to my readers who leave lovely comments on my blog and to the people who personally give a pat on my back as they say they are finding my blog informative and entertaining.

With that, I want to celebrate with a mini giveaway of a beauty loot bag. This loot bag includes 5 items:

The prizes for my 100th Follower Giveaway :)

The prizes for my 100th Follower Giveaway 🙂

1 Pond’s Naturals Day Cream with Camellia Leaf Extract (20 grms)

1 Pond’s Pinkish White Day Cream with Pro nutrients + Lycopene (20 grms)

1 Pond’s Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam with Mineral Clay (50 grms)

1 Pond’s White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner (60 ml)

1 Pond’s Anti Bacterial Facial Scrub (6 grms) *sachet sample

Ready to win? You just need to follow the instruction from the rafflecopter widget below 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


There will be one winner of this giveaway and it is open for Philippine residents only.

It begins May 8, 12AM and ends on May 17, 12AM.

I will notify the winners on FB. Failure to respond within 48hrs after the announcement of winner will make me draw another one.

That’s it!

Hope you will still support me in the next days, weeks, months and hopefully, years to come. Thank you sweeties! God Bless!