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OOTD: White and Silver in Summer Sweet Treats


It’s May already! Time flies so fast, next thing we know we are closing the year. But before closing the year, may I ask, “Have you spent time with your treasured friends?”

As for me,( you been reading it) since it’s my vacation, I maximize the time I have to do the things I want and be with the people I love, my family, friends and myself.

In this post, I will tell you about someone who has been with me since my grade school years, someone who never left my side despite of my tantrums and someone to whom I share my greatest problems, triumphs, apprehensions, dreams, disappointments and happiness- my bestfriend. We’re actually equally opposite but I know that I can tell her anything without any reservation. Time tested our relationship already. We cried together for lost love, dream despite of limitations and pursuing life knowing we are still together side by side. We need not to be with each other nor talk everyday. We’re just secured with the fact that we are true and honest with each other despite of different circle of friends that we have.

Anyway, her name is Eunice and just before April ends we finally had our bonding! Super thanks to Starbucks Philippines! LOL!  Because of their buy 1 take 1 treat for Caramel Ribbon Crunch, me and le bestfriend rushed to Resorts World Manila (RW) and had that ever-desired time of our lives (especially MY LIFE, since she treated me... see how opportunistic I am? LOL)

We’re lucky enough to reach the line since we went out past 4pm already and the promo is until 5pm only. Good thing RW is just two streets away from my home and 3 streets away from hers. We just took a tricycle so we can less the chances that we will be late. 🙂 When we reached the counter the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap was already sold out, but good thing they have an alternative deal… and that is to buy any frappucinno beverage and take 1 free! Yey!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To make our bonding a little longer we decided to dine in at Mcdonald’ s and again it was her treat. I insist to pay my bills but she refused! She was a ever kind and lovely bestfriend. Isn’t she? LOL! But kidding aside, that’s absolutely true!

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

and this is... ME! Sorry! We don't have our monopad yet :)

and this is… ME!
Sorry! We don’t have our monopad yet 🙂

The theme of RW’s activity hall that time is all about sweet treats. And I just can’t go home without my photos taken in that adorable spot! There were stalls of cupcakes, French macaroons, ice creams, cake and a lot more. Nevertheless, with my white and silver outfit, my bestfriend just knows exactly what I want- to have my photos taken on that colorful and delicious-looking themed stage. Yey!


So here was my photos:




In this look:

white meshed to- EZRA (bought from Zalora PH)

silver shiny shorts- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

zebra print loafers- Sole Mate

Just to be fair, I also took a photo of her and as I mentioned, as contrast with me, she doesn’t really want to have as many photos as I would want to have and that means one is enough.


So that was our bonding. We actually talk much of anything, whether it is in past, future or present. And you know why I made a post talking about my dearest bestfriend? It is because today (when this post will be published- May 5) is her birthday! Yey! Happy Birthday Eunice! Wish you everything that your heart desires! I’m always here for you for this one more year and beyond. I love you so much! God Bless!



Photoshoot: Japanese Girl featuring Thumbmark Photography


I always dream of wearing a kimono. Kimono, as we all know is the national costume of Japan. I like how colourful it is and how it actually define the feminine figure through its obi.  But I never had a chance to wear it during my childhood days, that’s why when Thumbmark Photography had an open photoshoot with kimono as one of its costumes, I didn’t think twice of joining.

Nevertheless, I had my photoshoot with them.  Here are some of my sample edited photos from them:





The photoshoot went well. Despite the fact that, I feel a little awkward with the young models who participated in the photoshoot which actually make me feel older. LOL! I still manage to take pleasure in what I wear. I was not able to do some new poses in this photoshoot because I had a hard time thinking on how  to maximize my costume yet I am in high spirits that I was able to climb a large trunk of a dead tree at wildlife. Yey! (Talking about how I am trying to retrieve my childhood days here. LOL!)  All the same time, I enjoy the whole event with the friendly staffs of Thumbmark Photography.

What I like about ‘working’ with this particular company is the “friend-like atmosphere”. My first photoshoot with them was also my first time to meet the members of their team but I didn’t had a hard time adjusting and communicating with them. Thumbmark Photography has a personnel assigned in every component of the photoshoot from marketing, to HMUA and up to the photographer, they had designated the task quite well that’s why as a model I was able to have a hint of a good service.

The HMUA was Ms.Thammy Gel Peña Bernardo while my photographer was Mr. Mark Keyvette Bernardo.  So now, you might already have an idea why the company was named Thumbmark Photography. Anyway, these two are real life partners who are exploring their own hobbies and also trying to establish a company in which they can earn something from their craft. Pretty exciting right? While, I made my inquiries and transaction prior to the event with Ms. Hanna Agustin, their ever accommodating and respectful marketing personnel.

I also got my raw photos from them. I actually try to edit some of it using some Ipad applications. So here is what I’ve got.

a close up beauty shot

a close up beauty shot

a vintage (-y) look

a vintage (-y) look

something bright and colorful

something bright and colorful

and showing off my cute head dress... love it! Yay!

and showing off my cute head dress… love it! Yay!

I must also say that their dog, Ashley is an “X-factor”.  They have this dog at the venue of our photoshoot. She has that exquisite charm that makes me at ease while waiting for my turn during the pictorial. One random fact about me is that I am NOT fond of dogs, but this one captivated me and that is a big “WOW!” as my boyfriend said.

This is their shitzu dog, Ashley.

This is their shitzu dog, Ashley.

With this here’s another big check to my bucket list! Yey! And with their good service, I would love to have my “own-concept” photoshoot through them as well. For now, I am just thinking of the concept to try out soon. Any ideas my dear sweeties?

*To contact Thumbmark Photography you make click the link to their FB page.

A Book Cover


Almost all of you know already that I am inlove with modelling. Last January, I am privileged to wear a designer’s gown for a photo shoot called “Fashion Couture”.

I love the effect of my extra long falsies here.

I love the effect of my extra long falsies here.

It is my first outdoor shoot and I am really excited about it. Also, in that photo shoot, there are two guest photographers aside from the one who organized the event which means that there could be variety of photos that will be taken.

The photo shoot was held at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, Quezon City. The place was a well-maintained urban forest good for gatherings like picnics, nature tripping or just a peaceful and nature inclined photo shoot.

I love the gown by Mr. Adrian Rios. It is elegantly sexy yet still conservative. The black dress with floral details is outstanding in the green set up of wildlife. While the classic make up is done by Ms. Irish Clemente.

I also enjoy the challenging poses that the photographers asked me to do like lying on the soil, showering me with dry leaves, making me sit in a bark of tree and a lot more. I agreed to do everything for the sake of an artistic photograph. 🙂

Photo by: Ronald Adrian Panes

Photo by: Ronald Alfred Panes

Photo by: Ronald Alfred Panes

Photo by: Ronald Alfred Panes

There's something wrong here. Can you spot it?

There’s something wrong here. Can you spot it?

"Emo" pose. I had a lot of pose here but I think this one is the most expressive.

“Emo” pose. I had a lot of pose here but I think this one is the most expressive.



Thanks Camera 360 for the painting effect. Edited by yours truly!

Thanks Camera 360 for the painting effect. Edited by yours truly!

Nevertheless, the event was really awesome. I even had a book-cover like shot in that event (medyo feelingera lang) which is edited by yours truly!

Feels like I'm a book cover model of a classic novel. Yihhhiiiee!

Feels like I’m a book cover model of a classic novel. Yihhhiiiee!

What do you think about my shots? I will really appreciate your thoughts about it. Hope to read from you really soon.

5 Reasons Behind Philippineartisans Hibernation


It is official! School year 2013-2014 is finally over! Yippee! It means more “me” time, lesser stress from work and of course, no excuses for not blogging. Seriously, I miss blogging. I been MIA for three months and I hate it, but as much as I want to shout out what’s going on in my mind, what are the things that I’ve been up lately or what products I am currently using, there are reasons that hinders me to do so.


I don’t know if anyone had noticed the absence of posts in my blog. I also don’t know if anyone cares on the reason behind it but I think I owe my dear readers an explanation.

I would want to write paragraphs of explanations about it but I don’t want to end up every reader feeling bored so I think it would be better if I will discuss just discuss it by using my five reasons behind my “hibernation” in blogsphere.

1. BUSY at work– My usual reason. Since December 2013, papers come and go, or worse, there are even times that they all come at the same time and were really hard to let go since there are so little time to check, create and edit each paper work. Aside from that, the stress that the daily routines of a teacher are bringing, went so high that for some time, it was really hard to control for my part. My stress and time management seems to fail that time. My 2 weeks December vacation was all about checking pile of papers and preparing lessons for the upcoming opening of another trimester. But as they say, all things shall pass and it did. It took me weeks of sleepless nights and tons of disappointment for not meeting my personal deadlines yet I realize, that I should loos’n up a bit. Being too harsh to myself will bring no good to me. And I am happy to realize it before the school year ends or I’ll end up fed up and might be losing my grasps to my profession.

2. My laptop was broken– Yes it did! It was actually November 2013 when my almost 4 years old laptop gave up and it saddened me. It a huge sentimental value to me. It is one of the first things I was able to buy from my salary as a newbie in my profession. Although, I was able to buy a new one, not so long after that, by January 2014, my new laptop suddenly shut down because of a broken hard drive  which actually made my depression grew bigger. Good thing, my newly purchased laptop was still covered with warranty, with that the broken hard drive was replaced. But that was one of the factors that made me slow down into my blogging habits.

3. My Ipad mini was stolen– Last December 2013, my Ipad Mini was stolen. It was what I usually use for taking pictures for my blog. Everything was actually there. It is basically my guide for my pending posts and since it was stolen, I lose track on the things I should write and I also felt so down about the thought of something that you saved up for was easily gone just by that. 😦 I had a hard time recovering from this one.

4. Thesis mode– Yes! I am still enrolled in my Masters yet same as blogging, I am almost-always MIA at this because of work. Work eats up all my time, it is a sad fact. Also, thesis demands a lot of reading and editing and it is actually harder than I expected. But this summer, this is my goal, to atleast leap something big in this one.


5. I need to fix myself– With everything that happened to me towards the end of 2013, I must say that I was really stressed out. Everything seems to be out of place. For that reason, over-worked, depression, stressed… I also suddenly fade out during the –ber months. My breaks outs are shouting on my face, even my regular beauty regimen won’t work anymore. I really hate how I look during that time. I feel bad about myself and my overall outlook in life seems to be very negative as well. My stress seems to be out of control. Until by January, I finally decided to seek medical attention and go to a derma.

A photo taken with my colleague during my most haggard moments at work this school year... *I look so b-

A photo taken with my colleague during my most haggard moments at work this school year… *I look so bad. Obviously, no filter…* That one is actually a tamed version already of my break outs.


So there were the reasons why I was MIA for quite some time. Admittedly, I was really depressed and somehow found it so hard to juggle up everything. I know that a good blogger will surely manages everything and will still keep it up with posting reviews, OOTDs, events and giveaways. But I must say, I am still a newbie in this field and I can’t be as good as other bloggers (sorry, for comparing myself in this part) however I am happy that even if I hibernated for a while, likers in FB page and subscribers of my blog and other social media sites are keep on coming. Thank you so much for that support!

“Overwhelmed”, that must be the best word that can describe my feeling about the roller coaster ride I had these past few months. On the other hand, I am also thankful because those 3 months tested my patience and power to overcome whatever life would throw on me. I must say that my faith also grew because without that ONE who has been always beside me, I might not lasts this long.

a happier version of me recently *I feel lighter and prettier.*

a happier version of me recently
*I feel lighter and prettier.*


For now, I would want to shout it out… “I’m so happy to be finally back!” One month of vacation may be short but I hope to keep my blog updated as much as possible. And be positive as much as I can.

For my readers who are still there, thank you for sticking around despite of my inconsistent posts. That really means a lot to me. Hope to read from you really soon! Mmmmmwwaaaahhh! Thank you so much sweeties!

CEBU Day 2: Where’s The Sea?


For our Day 2 in Cebu, we planned to go to a place where my sister and I can get some fresh breeze of the sea. But far from what we planned, the ship heading to Camotes Island, the place where my big sister planned to have our getaway went earlier than expected and we were left with nothing to do.

I don't know if our being tardy has something to do with enjoying the McDonald's branch across the suites where we are staying. I just can't help but to share how I admire their interior decoration. We ate their for our breakfast.

I don’t know if our being tardy has something to do with enjoying the McDonald’s branch across the suites where we are staying. I just can’t help but to share how I admire their interior decoration. We ate their for our breakfast.

To our dismay, we just walk around from the pier and look for a nice resort to stay, which lead us to Coco Palms Resort. Good than nothing right? In that place we were able to enjoy the view of the sea but too bad that it was not along the shore so I can’t play along the waters as I don’t know how to swim (lol!). But to have a high note, that the place has a very nice over-looking pool with this cute slide that makes the stay in the resort worthwhile.


At the resort's reception. Sitting pretty while my sister is dealing with the resort's staff.

At the resort’s reception. Sitting pretty while my sister is dealing with the resort’s staff.

The view :)

The view 🙂

How the pool looks like with that slide :)

How the pool looks like with that slide 🙂

My OOTD at the resort 🙂 Quite conservative 😉


Look our smiles. We're just so happy to see the sea :)

Look our smiles. We’re just so happy to see the sea 🙂

With kuya Levi.

With kuya Levi.

Playing around with the breeze and my sarong is priceless...

Playing around with the breeze and my sarong is priceless…

We did not stay too long in the resort. After lunch we went back to the city to try out the best Lechon in the place- CnT! When were there, with all the growling tummies, the news was a bit disastrous as their best selling Lechon proved its demand and was sold out right there and then when my sister is about to order. With that, we have to wait for about 2 hours for the next set to arrive. Sort of bad luck I guess. But to end that journey positively, we were able to wait and savor their mouth watering Lechon. And yes, it was really worth all the wait! Best Lechon I tasted so far!!!


While waiting for their Lechon to arrive we munch this Chicharong Bulaklak (Fried Large Intestines of Pig). Yummy!

While waiting for their Lechon to arrive we munch this Chicharong Bulaklak (Fried Large Intestines of Pig). Yummy!



That was a blast for us! So yummy!

That was a blast for us! So yummy!

After that, we still have the energy to go to our next stops (Yes with S!!!). We decided to buy already some pasalubong so we will not be rush tomorrow before our flight. We went to a dry market called, Tabaon Market where we bought my favorites- dried squid (pusit) and danggit! Yummy! The prices in that market are really low compared to the ones they have in the nearby souvenir and pasalubong shops in the hotel. If I only knew before hand, I bought 3 kilos of both. lol!

Mountains of dry and mouth watering goods :) Feels like I want to buy everything.

Mountains of dry and mouth watering goods 🙂 Feels like I want to buy everything.


Oh yes! selfie again at Taboan Market with Kuya Levi.

Oh yes! selfie again at Taboan Market with Kuya Levi.

Since we’re already buying treats for our loved ones, we went straight to Shamrock, where delicacies such as pastries from Cebu are being sold. And without me noticing, I got my pasalubong basket so full that almost dried out my pocket. Lol! But it was fun shopping there.

The clover leaf is the  official logo of Shamrock.

The clover leaf is the official logo of Shamrock.

We had a shopping spree!

We had a shopping spree!

We dropped by again in front of Basilica de Sto.Nino. That time, we were able to take good pictures already because it was Monday and only few people are going tio church.

We dropped by again in front of Basilica de Sto.Nino. That time, we were able to take good pictures already because it was Monday and only few people are going tio church.

This was the place I was telling about that was in front of the basilica where the priest say his homily.

This was the place I was telling about that was in front of the basilica where the priest say his homily.

For our dinner, we went to Larsian. I am a fan of ihaw-ihaw (grilled) foods. That’s why I was really looking forward to eat in that place. Aside from the blue marlin that was served half-cooked, I had no problem with their food. I was able to finally eat again with my bare hands and finally got to try their famous puso (the way they serve their rice). It is inside the coconut leaves mesh. Interesting and artistically crafted!

Dinner time :)

Dinner time 🙂

Chicken intestines :)

Chicken intestines 🙂

Grilled stuffed squid and blue marlin

Grilled stuffed squid and blue marlin



My sister is teasing me because it was long time ago when she last saw me using my bare hands for eating.

My sister is teasing me because it was long time ago when she last saw me using my bare hands for eating.

I am not so used eating with my bare hands because of my long finger nails. But I have to do it there because they don't provide utensils and besides, I was really hungry already.

I am not so used eating with my bare hands because of my long finger nails. But I have to do it there because they don’t provide utensils and besides, I was really hungry already.

And yes, after the long day, we went to Glam Spa which is just at the hotel lobby where I got my body scrub as a reward for myself with the long walk we had over the day.


While waiting for the attendant :)

While waiting for the attendant 🙂

It was a great day! Though misfortunes come along our way, I proved that me and my sister will be fearless to take a step ahead. We are trained to survive and explore everything. It was such grand opportunity to witness how we make it through unexpected circumstances.

I realized that during travels like this, you should be ready with your plan Ato Z 🙂

God Bless everyone!

Quote Starters: Something Real


This week’s quote starters is something unique since the quote I got is from someone who I’ve been with for months now. Can you guess who she is? Who would have thought that in the midst of an activity at work, I would be able to get something for this regular post of mine? And yes, it is from someone I usually encounter at work, from a student.

The deep sense of thought she have was something admirable that’s why I choose to feature it here. From their recollection, one of my students said this:


It actually made me stop and think. She’s just only in Grade 7. Probably, 12-13 years old. But this thought of her awaken me.

 Yes, in our lives we committed mistakes. People judge us based on what we did. Though we are trying to correct the mistakes we had, there is a point in time when these mistakes are going back to us. People around us throw it back in our face, without considering the good things we did just to be a better person.

But at the end of the day, it is not about what others think about you. It would be what you think about yourself that matters most. As she said, we are worth it.

We should not grew tired of being good while correcting those mistakes we had, because that is the only way we can make ourselves feel better. That is the only way we can see our true worth.

Making mistakes is part of life. We learned from them. Those actually make us stronger, fiercer and bolder. Never ever let those mistakes to pull you down.


Have a great day sweeties.

Blog Bitz 10: Gifts


I planned a lot before semestral break. I even list down my things to do and try to budget my time but sadly, as I am going through it, everything seems to be so fast and as far as I am concerned, I am not even done with half of it. Sad to read that right?

Anyway, it seems that this semestral break means more of rest and recreation for me. I already had my island hopping with my workmates, cleaning up my closet, arranging my things and tons of sleep… and yeah! I also got time to watch television! At last! But I still have things to do, I know that. But I am still not in the mood to go about it so, I will just blog first to kill the time since I am not that sleepy yet.

Too many things to say, but yeah, I should get direct to the point about my Blog Bitz this week. Sorry this one is late because I was out of town last weekend. Well, for this week, I got to tell you about the gifts I received. They make come as big or small, material or just a thought (in nature), anything… I usually consider it as a gift as long as it comes from someone that has a pure intention. That’s how vague I define things. But probably, it will be clearer as I go about the daily gifts I had from the previous week.

MONDAY: T-Day Gift and Something from my Boss


Oh yes! It feels like an extension of my T-week. But since I was in a seminar last week, I was not able to get my gift for that event. What I got? Some bath essentials. I got a Biopha Organic shower gel, The Souq Organics Emu Oil sample and a big tube of Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. I really appreciate what I got since I am head over heels with shower gels and currently, having my way for the search of a perfect body scrub for me. Asian Secrets Body Scrub is what I am currently using that’s why I am so happy to have a large tube of it as a gift which actually means, a minus from my shop list this month. Yey!

Plus, my boss bought me a maroon shawl from a seminar he attended. It looks so nice and stylish because of the silver glittery details it has. That was a sweet thought of him remembering us, right?


The list of my Things To Do inside the classroom.

The list of my Things To Do inside the classroom.

“Too many things to do, so little time.” That’s what I usually say. But since it was the last week before the semestral break, I have to be productive so I have to schedule everything I have to do. From my classes, to my appointments, meetings with the parents, consultation with the students and the different tasks assigned to me… EVERYTHING! But what’s wonderful? I was able to do it! Yey! The gift of time is just enough for me. At the end of the day, I feel so fulfilled since I was able to accomplish a lot. Great!


A nice remembrance from my class' recollection.

A nice remembrance from my class’ recollection.

Being true. That is actually what I got last Wednesday from my students as I attend their recollection. I was able to see them in their most solemn state of being conscious about what they feel and how they want to act on it. I was able to be one of them in that very moment, sharing with their thoughts and feelings outside their comfort zone. That was a privilege for me because I know that I was able to see more of them in that event. I was able to know them more than with their faces and names. I was able to get to know them by heart.

THURSDAY: Floral Crown and a Lunch


This is the busiest day during my previous week. Meetings are set during breaks and there are still stuffs to accomplish for the field trip on the next day. But still, good things come along my way. I got a free lunch from an officemate and a floral garterized crown from my students. Isn’t those thoughts are really kind?



Field trip time. Yey! It was a lazy day for me. good thing I have my very good tour facilitator with me. He is a Historian that’s why my students are really fascinated about those trivia he has for them which actually make my job easy. I was just listening to him and to the conversations he have with my girls. At the end of the day the service provider gave us a frame of with a message of appreciation but more than that I am really happy for the gift of relaxation they have for us during the whole event.

 SATURDAY: GlamourBox ❤

Photo grabbed randomly at Google. Credits to the owner.

Photo grabbed randomly at Google. Credits to the owner.

I will head on to the beach the next day that’s why the voucher from Lay Bare is really useful to clean up what’s down there. No need for more words but yeah, I used the voucher. Thanks Lay Bare and GlamourBox.

SUNDAY: Free Time


Officially, semestral break is here! Yey! For my first stop, I went to Burot, Calatagan, Batangas City with my work mates. I must say that the experience was truly awesome. I will tell you more of it soon. But for now, let my photo tell you how happy I am. It looks like I am a child playing around. Something great and fun!

There was how my previous week gone. I am so blessed with all the gifts I received and soon, I will share it to you too my dear sweeties. I will…

Sounds like a giveaway? Yes, it is! So you better stay tuned!… I’m so excited. Have a great week everyone!

Quote Starter: Being a Queen


Being is a lady is not that easy. It is not just about beauty and glamour. It is about having that unwavering strength that will be your weapon to face the world no matter what.

Quote randomly picked from Pinterest.

Quote randomly picked from Pinterest.

I think the quote speaks about a woman that fights with and for herself. It is about trying to surpass the stereotype ideas about her and having that courage to go beyond her capabilities.  Managing her life will be a job for no less than herself. That’s the woman of today.

Of course, we still commit mistakes and sometimes got hurt and cry ourselves to sleep but it is all part of the process of looking for the finest gold in a stone.

I remember myself three years ago, after college, I’m all lost. Yes, I easily got a job but there is something in me that should be fix before I can say that I truly own myself. No one can say that but me, after few years of a devastating break up with my high school boyfriend, I feel like I don’t know where to go. Life goes on but still I cannot live the way I should because he never said to me where our relationship went wrong.

 Somewhere during that time, he contacted me. It was all in the blue and he was saying sorry for everything that he did. But yes, as kind as I am he is forgiven. By that time, he already have a girlfriend (which I think there were on the rocks and he looking for company, a friend) while I am still single but dating. As a good friend, classmate and an ex girlfriend I accompany him during those times. I know, I don’t have anything to expect from him but I still did it, out of love.

But during the time when, Toni (my current boyfriend) and I started dating. Then, I have two choices. That is, 1) be with my ex boyfriend and continue to fall in love with him and hope that soon, he will realize that I am really the one for him or 2) give myself a chance to fall in love again with someone who can love me back, invest time with him and start all over again. Yes, it was hard to make a choice that time but it was the only way for me to be free.

And I took the risk. I suddenly stop communicating with my ex boyfriend at the same day of my second date with Toni. It was not so bad at all. In fact, I figured out that it is all that I wanted and needed in the first place.

Three years later, I realized my real problem in that situation. It was neither about that guy nor about our past relationship. It was about me, holding too much to my feelings towards someone that honestly can just treat me as a friend and being so attached with memories we had when we were still happy. Today, after three years though Toni and I are apart I know and I believe that this guy is different. He will never make me cry the way I experienced from a guy before him and it is all because I will never allow it to happen again.

Everything shall pass and so with that experience. I am happy that I made a decision, took risk and let go. Life is all about how you handle it. Sometimes, it is more of the things that you are afraid to lose that you should really have to let go in order to make your life better.


Quote randomly grabbed from Pinterest.

 Sweeties, remember that a lady before becoming a queen should posses that love for herself that will allow her to love the people around her more. Beauty that will make herself discover more about the beauty of life. Courage to step into that breakthrough choices that will turn everything upside down (hopefully) for the better. Lastly, faith… in her dreams,  in her decision and in the most powerful one that knows that she is strong enough to face the challenges in life as an empowered woman.

And here I am now, fiercer, bolder, stronger and happier :) Fearless.

And here I am now, fiercer, bolder, stronger and happier 🙂 Fearless.

Blog Bitz 9: All that Made Me Happy


It was a long yet happy week for me. I was not at work for three days because I attended a research conference, I got a new business: an online shop, see how I improve and a lot others.

Time management is still a challenge for me, but at least I can still blog out. Well, this has been my stress reliever and let’s see how far can I go…

MONDAY: Diamonds


It was Parent- Teacher Conference (PTC) Day in our school. Of course some problem parents are still there but it was noticeable there are more parents that come and thank me this year compared to the previous years. It was an affirmation for my part as I do my job as hard as I could. Also, there are some parents who brought gifts for me to show how happy they are for the improvement of their daughters. This box with yummy pastries is a proof on how one of my student’s parents appreciates my craft. I felt so wonderful!

TUESDAY: BeauSpeaks Ortigas


Yay! Finally! For months I’ve been saving to buy a dealership package from my favorite skin care line. And the long wait was over this week as I was able to avail already a package that will make me start my own online business.

$$$ Good luck for me in my new business! $$$

You may check out my shop, BeauSpeaks Ortigas at this link:

WEDNESDAY: Conference


I was assigned by my boss to attend a 3-day conference in UST. It was all expense paid and has a good deal of topics on my interest which is research. I also met some old friend there. A conference and a reunion rolled into one!



I won a raffle! Yippee! Not that grand but it is still a blessing isn’t it? I won a Lock n’ Lock plastic ware in the conference. A conference with a raffle. Cool right?



When you say LDR, they will always think that it is a sad. But in our case, we try to make it happy and light. We play around just like here in the photo where we both brag about our chocolates. Little sweet moments with him are truly worthwhile.

SATURDAY: Improvement


Three years ago, I am not that pretty. Well, I claim that I am pretty now (too confident! lol!) But the photo speaks for itself. Even Facebook can’t figure out that it is the same person.



I love my Ipad mini. It is so useful and convenient to use. From photography to colorful signs, name it, I can make it. As I browse around the App Store, I was able to see this cool text maker, TextCutie. It is so creative! It can help me in making nice signage from my new online shop. And what’s more fun about it? It’s free!

Lovely week right? It was so calm and happy. I hope the next one as well. Yey! It’s the last week before sembreak.  I’m looking forward to it…

BeauSpeaks Ortigas: Now Open



Just this week, I decided to be a dealer of one of my trusted line of generic skin care products – BeauSpeaks .

 I am really into this product line that’s why I decided to share it to others through my humble business. I already got a review about our local obagi that miraculously worked to my face. (You can check it out here: )

Just to have a testimony about its effect, here’s a before and after photo of mine. Before photo was taken almost 3 years ago. Yeah! I am using BeauSpeaks Local Obagi  product for more than a year. I feel so happy looking at my before and after photos. I improved a lot!


 I named my shop BeauSpeaks Ortigas since I work in that place and I can manage transactions faster from there.


This shop of mine will soon have some fashion accessories and apparels that you sweeties, will surely love. With that I hope you can check out and like my shop’s FB page.

We’re now accepting orders 🙂


Thank you so much sweeties!