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OOTD: White and Silver in Summer Sweet Treats


It’s May already! Time flies so fast, next thing we know we are closing the year. But before closing the year, may I ask, “Have you spent time with your treasured friends?”

As for me,( you been reading it) since it’s my vacation, I maximize the time I have to do the things I want and be with the people I love, my family, friends and myself.

In this post, I will tell you about someone who has been with me since my grade school years, someone who never left my side despite of my tantrums and someone to whom I share my greatest problems, triumphs, apprehensions, dreams, disappointments and happiness- my bestfriend. We’re actually equally opposite but I know that I can tell her anything without any reservation. Time tested our relationship already. We cried together for lost love, dream despite of limitations and pursuing life knowing we are still together side by side. We need not to be with each other nor talk everyday. We’re just secured with the fact that we are true and honest with each other despite of different circle of friends that we have.

Anyway, her name is Eunice and just before April ends we finally had our bonding! Super thanks to Starbucks Philippines! LOL!  Because of their buy 1 take 1 treat for Caramel Ribbon Crunch, me and le bestfriend rushed to Resorts World Manila (RW) and had that ever-desired time of our lives (especially MY LIFE, since she treated me... see how opportunistic I am? LOL)

We’re lucky enough to reach the line since we went out past 4pm already and the promo is until 5pm only. Good thing RW is just two streets away from my home and 3 streets away from hers. We just took a tricycle so we can less the chances that we will be late. 🙂 When we reached the counter the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap was already sold out, but good thing they have an alternative deal… and that is to buy any frappucinno beverage and take 1 free! Yey!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To cut it short, we had our drinks! Yipee!

To make our bonding a little longer we decided to dine in at Mcdonald’ s and again it was her treat. I insist to pay my bills but she refused! She was a ever kind and lovely bestfriend. Isn’t she? LOL! But kidding aside, that’s absolutely true!

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

This is my bestfriend Eunice.

and this is... ME! Sorry! We don't have our monopad yet :)

and this is… ME!
Sorry! We don’t have our monopad yet 🙂

The theme of RW’s activity hall that time is all about sweet treats. And I just can’t go home without my photos taken in that adorable spot! There were stalls of cupcakes, French macaroons, ice creams, cake and a lot more. Nevertheless, with my white and silver outfit, my bestfriend just knows exactly what I want- to have my photos taken on that colorful and delicious-looking themed stage. Yey!


So here was my photos:




In this look:

white meshed to- EZRA (bought from Zalora PH)

silver shiny shorts- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

zebra print loafers- Sole Mate

Just to be fair, I also took a photo of her and as I mentioned, as contrast with me, she doesn’t really want to have as many photos as I would want to have and that means one is enough.


So that was our bonding. We actually talk much of anything, whether it is in past, future or present. And you know why I made a post talking about my dearest bestfriend? It is because today (when this post will be published- May 5) is her birthday! Yey! Happy Birthday Eunice! Wish you everything that your heart desires! I’m always here for you for this one more year and beyond. I love you so much! God Bless!



OOTD: Royal Plains and Florals + A Road Trip to Tagaytay


Hi sweeties! Happy Easter! How was your long weekend?  For Catholics like me, hope you were able to reflect on the passion of Christ with your family. For others, I hope you enjoy and were able to rest well.

With me, I was able to take that long vacation as an opportunity to enjoy with my family and also go to church to celebrate our faith. Part of this is our visit to some places in Tagaytay.

Anyway, in this post I will share to you my OOTD last Maundy Thursday as well as a mini travel post about our trip at the city of Retirement Haven, Tagaytay.

My mom’s cousins decided to have a simple get together during this year’s Holy week and we end up having a road trip along the South. With some kiddos, we visit places that they will surely enjoy.

The future generation :)

The future generation 🙂

Just to be comfortable in our whole day activity, I pick out an attire that will make me last through walking, and unpredictable temperature of the city. I brought with me a cardigan and a nice piece of shawl to accentuate my look and to be my company in the cold temperature we are actually expecting during the road trip.


In this look:

White Cardigan- Lhot’s Fashion House

Blue Bohemian Top- 2K, Glorietta

Floral Printed leggings- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

Black Bow Sandals- c/o my sisters officemate 🙂

shawl- a gift many years ago 🙂

gold watch- Casio

Just a closer look...

Just a closer look…

black shouder bag- Lacoste

black shoulder bag- Lacoste

Plain and Florals

Royal Plains and Florals

Our first stop was Palace in the Sky. The breath-taking scenery on top of the big stones on the mountainous area which is overlooking the places nearby is awesome. We also climb up a tower where I was able to see a huge size statue of Jesus which I think was the best of the views I’ve seen at Tagaytay. Touching the statue was a unique experience. It seems to be moving because of the gentle breeze and cold air. As I look up into it, the blue sky made the view more solemn that will surely lead you to reflect and pray about that magnificent experience.

A stop over as we climb to the palace

A stop over as we climb to the palace

Our family did it! Yours truly, with my mom and siblings...

Our family did it! Yours truly, with my mom and siblings…

Me with my brother, mom, grandmother and uncle... Its hard to find the resemblance of my facial features to them because I got my look from my father. :)

The 2 generations. Me with my brother,  uncle, grandmother and mom… Its hard to find the resemblance of my facial features to them because I got my looks from my father. 🙂

I named this as the best photo I captured during our road trip. I am happy I was able to took a photo of this spectacular scenery. :)

I named this as the best photo I captured during our road trip. I am happy I was able to took a photo of this spectacular scenery. 🙂

Pineapples in Tagaytay are really sweet! I just don't know with this one. lol!

Pineapples in Tagaytay are really sweet! I just don’t know with this one. lol!

Next stop was Picnic Groove. I remember being in that place when I was in high school and having our field trip along the green grass with our lunch boxes. Lol! But the place seems to change and became commercialized. More activities are available to people to enjoy just like horseback riding, zip line, photo opts, foot spas and of course, picnic courses.

She is afraid of heights but she was able to conquer the hanging bridge at Picnic Groove! Brave kid!

Elisha is afraid of heights but she was able to conquer the hanging bridge at Picnic Groove! Brave kid!

An over-looking view of Taal Volcano from the deck.

An over-looking view of Taal Volcano from the deck.

Our family, decided to have horseback riding and walking along the place. The kids enjoyed the horseback riding and the 350php fee for an hour was really used up to its last minute. Their eyes were sparkling after that experience. Some of them even try it out for three times which I think, an authentic proof that they really enjoy the activity.

Horseback riding with my youngest sister, Elisha.

Horseback riding with my youngest sister.

Lastly, we went to Sky Ranch, a mini-amusement park at Tagaytay. The place was so nice and colorful! A perfect get-away for those who love carousels, ferris wheels, vikings and more amusement rides! Food concessionaires also offer reasonable prices at this place. That’s why, if you don’t really like to take the rides, you can just enjoy their sumptuous food with less guilt for your pockets.

The blue skies are magnificent! Isn't it? A great weather to enjoy the place!

The blue skies are magnificent! Isn’t it? A great weather to enjoy the place!

But since this was our last stop, we seemed to be “low-bat” already and just decide to sit down at a side and watch the mascots at the place doing their dance moves. (Sorry, I don’t really know what to call them.) And we just end up there until it’s time to go.

We're just okay watching everyone shouting around. We're too tired of the long walks but we still manage to smile. It was a happy day!

We’re just okay watching everyone shouting around. We’re too tired of the long walks but we still manage to smile. It was a happy day!

Though the places are not as grant as its name suggested I feel happy to reach those. I just hope that the government will take the necessary actions that will lead to its restoration. Those tourist spots are nice to go to. If only the city government will be able to do something to improve those, I am sure that more tourists will come and see its goodness.

Should I say more?

Should I say more?

The activity we had with our family was amazing! We seldom gather for this kind of event. Seeing everyone smiling and having a good time despite of the raging heat of the sun and long walks was really rewarding. Truly, a bonding time is a must for a family. But of course, during this season, let us also remember the true essence of the long vacation; it is not just to have a bonding, trip or a party but to strengthen our faith to our savior, Jesus Crist.

How about you sweeties, how did you spend your Holy Week? Hope to read from you. You just have to hit the comment box below. Have a great week ahead!

OOTD: Strawberries and Black


I am known to be crazy about strawberries. I am mad about strawberries even it is in a form of food, flavor or just a design on anything.


what’s under my shoes? I don’t know…

I seldom see apparels with strawberry print which is not too girly or overly designed with pink (because I don’t really like pink that much). That’s why when I see this blouse from Rvamp ByNikkimanas, I didn’t think twice of getting it.


Just a happy child in me! :)

Just a happy child in me! 🙂

In this look:

strawberry printed blouse- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

black skater skirt- Rvmped ByNikkimanas

red flat shoes– Solemate

silver watch– UniSilver

pearl bracelet- Beauspeaks Ortigas Accessories Collection (hand-made by yours truly!)

Just a closer look to my shoes and hand-made bracelet.

Just a closer look to my shoes and hand-made bracelet.

I wore these pieces in my hazy Sunday morning to celebrate mass with my mom and sibling. I kept it simple and not so colorful to match the weather. I also think that black and red already goes well and to add more colors into it will be too much already. Those are actually aside from the fact that we’re really leaving too early to be too accessorized or fully made up.

My little sister tried his best to capture some photos of me. She’s just 8 years old and I think she did pretty well in this one. She took the photos from our most wanted spot at home… THE RED GATE! lol!

How about you sweeties, what are your favorite prints?  C’mon, share it with me. Hope to read from you soon!

OOTD: F2 (Floral to Floral)


I like how the sunlight strikes here.

I like how the sunlight strikes here.

Seriously, I have been hooked with the replay of Meteor Garden in Channel 2 that’s why I came up with this title. As you would know, my summer is my officially unemployed season. It means I don’t have anything to do during this time and I have that opportunity to stayi n front of television as long as I want and pigging out myself with anything I can find at home.

My OOTD here is something I wore when I had a visit to EDSA Shrine Church along Ortigas. Since I am visiting a church I tried hard not to wear sexy, tight fitting or see through outfits even though it is freaking hot outside. Sometimes, you really need to follow dress codes. And I’m good at that! *wink*

Because it is summer already, I choose to wear floral clothes. I know that printed to printed is a big “NO, NO!” to some stylist. But who cares? I feel like wearing this pair. In styling, one of my rules is SOMETIMES, YOU HAVE TO BREAK SOME RULES. That is to freely allow YOU to express.

For my photos I want to thank my younger brother for at least giving it a try. Since my other siblings are not at home during this time, my younger brother tried his very best to come up with a good photo.

so where's the sun?

so where’s the sun?

Zara Floral Top- Rvmped By Nikkimanas Floral Pants- Metropoint Boutique Stiletto Sandals- Lowrie Shades- Forever21

Zara Floral Top- Rvmped By Nikkimanas
Floral Pants- Metropoint Boutique
Stiletto Sandals- Lowrie
Shades- Forever21

I really the small opening at the back of my top. I feel so gorgeous wearing it without showing too much skin. 🙂

Front of Zara Top

Front of Zara Top

Back of Zara top

Back of Zara top

While, here are some of my accessories.

Shades- Forever21 Gold Digital Watch- Casio Gold Bracelets with Studs- Bazaar

Shades- Forever21
Gold Digital Watch- Casio
Gold Bracelets with Studs- Bazaar

Stiletto Sandals- Lowrie

Stiletto Sandals- Lowrie

Green Satchel/ Hand Bag- Xquisite

Green Satchel/ Hand Bag- Xquisite

Do I look like a walking garden? LOL! Overall, I had a great time wearing this. Yes, I did follow the dress code and also I feel so comfortable commuting under the sun.

Is my outfit a “YAY!” or a “NAY!” for you? Let me know. Hope to read from you soon sweeties!

OOTD: The Soldier’s Daughter



Those who know me personally, surely know that I came from a family of engineers and soldiers. In fact, my dad is a retired personnel of the Philippine Air Force. He is a aircraft maintenance engineer and takes care of the helicopters and airplanes of the country. His job is to ensure its safe to use.

Though dad is retired already, I still love the memories I got (more of the privileges) that I experienced as a daughter of an Air Force personnel. Those are nothing big or grand but the simple treats that are provided for us during annual family gathering of their office, free dental services, leisurely walk at the Air Force Museum and personal tour around the quarters of the soldiers.

I must admit that I somehow dreamed to be a soldier but my height and body structure did not allow me to do so. And to make that frustration alive, I wore something camouflage during the 3rd and last day of the conference I attended in UST. Como is a well known trademark of soldiers’ uniform during red alert or emergency situation.

Here’s the look:



 In this look:

White laced cardigan and yellow pants- tiange at Metropoint

Camouflage sleeveless top– Revamp by Nikki Manas

Printed Flats– Sole Mate

Tortoise full framed eyeglasses– Firmoo

My friends Carlito and Glenn joined me with this casual photo shoot. Here are some more photos that we had during the last day of the event.





Thank you Carlito for all the photos. 🙂

These are the proof that teachers doesn’t only teach but also research, model and shoot as well. As versatile as we can be!

OOTD: Golden Rule






When I was an undergraduate student, I am really strict with my schedule. I usually don’t go out unless I am done with all my assignments and requirements in school. Oh, well, yes! I was studious that time. But as the years pass by there are moments that I learn to loosin’ up a bit just for my social life’s sake.


Talking about how I want to be strict to myself, I also got schedules to follow and deadlines set. But lately, I’ve been failing to catch up with those for some reasons. My main concern from this point is to finish editing of the Chapter 2 of my thesis yet I am struggling between irresistible invites from modelling (which I love so much) to family events.


Even if sometimes, I don’t want to go, if someone close to my heart pleads, I can’t just say no. That what was exactly happened last Saturday, my sister invited me for a movie date yet my mind is into editing my paper. But since, she insisted (aside from the fact that she will pay for the tickets, lol!) I just said yes.


We went to Resort Wold Manila to watch the movie by her favorite local actress, Bea Alonzo entitled “She’s The One”. For the movie date, I just wore a simple casual attire because the place is a 15 minute walk away from our house and our agenda was only to watch a movie. Nothing more, nothing less.




 In this look:


Knitted shimmery gray blouse- Revamp by Nikkimanas


Black origami shorts- Revamp by Nikkimanas


Black jelly sandals- Celline


Gold chain necklace with wing pendant- Forever 21


Gold Bangles– a gift from an officemate


Gold Platted Watch- Casio


My accessories are gold. That’s the elegant touch of my entire outfit. Nothing beats gold in upgrading your look to something smart.


Here are some more photos from Cinderella’s chariot at Resort’s World Manila. It is also gold and purple. Cute right?




My Golden Rule in Fashion? If there’s no dress code, wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Confidence will still be the best attire that you can have but never-ever forget to accessories.


A happy me :)

A happy me 🙂


‘Till then sweeties.


OOTD: Refreshed


“I am blessed.” I always claim that. I am not just lucky. I have things that others would love to have. I am not rich but I am happy.


That’s why I make it to the point to reach out to everyone and share what I have. Also, I want to appreciate every blessing that comes along my way.

Last August, as all you know I was announced as the winner of July Giveaway sponsored by Tin-Tindahan and Style Profile Online (SPO). I really do cherish the prize I won from them.

As a prize, four apparels were sent to me plus some make up goodies. Now, I am very glad to show you how I fit in those fabulous and trendy clothes they gave me.

So here is one of those outfits I was able to figure out as I mix and match. This one looks really hip especially during hot-rainy-crazy weather.


 In this look:

striped cotton ombre green shirt- Tin-Tindahan and Style Profile Online (SPO)

jeans vintage-faded shorts– Tin-Tindahan and Style Profile Online (SPO)

black embedded belt with gold rose accentGenevieve Gozum

floral flat shoes- So Fab!

I use minimal accessories in this look because it was a lazy day for me. I went to the mall to run some errands and I need to be very comfortable with what I wear. And this one just perfectly fits!

What type of outfit makes yo feel comfortable sweeties? I want to know your comfty peg. Hit on the comment box and let us share our fave fashion finds. 🙂

A Model at Heart


Hi there sweeties! Sorry for being super duper mega MIA this month. I’ve been in a roller coaster ride of overlapping deadlines and personal concerns but I can’t help but to think of my pending posts (I got tons of it since I’ve been not blogging for almost a month already).

Today must be a good day because we don’t have classes. I have time to check some pile of test papers and now, because I’m already bored of that monotonous work, I am finally here blogging my heart out. Yey!

Remember my birthday theme this year? BREAKTHROUGH AT 23!

*Image was randomly copied from instagram.

*Image was randomly copied from instagram.

Now, I will be featuring one of the things I’ve done for myself this year. This one is close to my heart since I am really head over heels about modelling.

Anyways, I always dream of being a model. If you will ask me, what I want to be other than being a teacher that would be to be a model. But I am not a model material. I am not tall, I am not flawless and I am just an average girl.

Open photo shoots are becoming a fad now here in Manila. As if everyone can be a model and anyone can be a photographer. But there is still a difference between someone who’s treating it as an art than someone who is just merely doing it as business… as my photographer friend says.

One of my challenges for myself this year is to go and fulfill that dream even just for a day. So what I did was to book a photo shoot with by Mharia Photographia‘s open photo shoot with the concept of Fashion Catalog Model.

It was August 11 when I had the shoot. At first I feel so awkward with the lights and camera plus the photographer. Good thing Irish (Maria) was there to coach me. Aside from being the owner of the studio photo and the HMUA (hair and make up artist), she is also a seasoned print ad model (if that’s how it should be called).

White was my first background. Here is an unfiltered shot from it.



We also tried experimenting with the light color. First was blue then red spot light. The output from the red spot light is here.



After Irish saw some improvements in my photos, she recommended the photographer to use black background for me. Which I think suited well. Black is my favorite color.

All the photos below are raw shots and absolutely unedited. The photographer is really good that’s why the photos turned out very well.

_MG_7673 _MG_7683 _MG_7657 _MG_7658

I am happy that after some tries I was (atleast) able to befriend the studio and strike some good pose.

My favorite shot.

My favorite shot.

After some editing here is one of the outputs that I was able to receive from Irish.


I am really fulfilled after the photo shoot. The courage to do it is very rewarding . I’m glad I did it. I never thought that challenging myself can be this awesome!

*All accessories I wore at this post are from Tomato c/o

*Wardrobe from 

Stripes, Florals and Black and White


Mix and match. That’s always been my fashion statement. I don’t let myself be restricted of does and don’ts when it comes to my style. For me, the rule is simple; when you feel like wearing it and you have the guts, GO!

Just last Saturday, I attended a movie festival with a friend and her college classmates. I never been out for a while that’s why lately I don’t have an OOTD post.

What I wore during the movie festival is somewhat smart casual since I really don’t know what to wear so I decided to play it safe and plunge into this.

Actually at first,  I don’t remember exactly where I got my attire since those are pieces I used long time ago when online shops are not yet as famous as now. But I can swear that these classic pieces of mine are cheap because I owned those when I was still in college (and no money to throw on anything expensive) and luckily, I can still fit in those outfits until now.

In this look, I got several random items that I can get inside my closet, nothing extravagant but plain and simple (even my overall look… not too much make up).

I love these shots :) Close to perfect!

I love these shots 🙂 Close to perfect!

Bloopers Shot 1

Bloopers Shot 1

Bloopers Shot 2

Bloopers Shot 2


 In this look:

black and white jacket- handover by my auntie

striped pastel pink corset– school’s garage sale

floral pencil skirt– Baclaran

red flat shoesShufly Shoes

strawberry necklace and anchor suede braceletPhilippineartisan’s shop

strawberry earrings– from an officemate

beige shoulder bagSecosana Bags

My accessories were themed red and strawberries. Here’s what I got:

I love this 2 year old earrings of mine :)

I love this 2 year old earrings of mine 🙂

Personalized strawberry necklace from Philippineartisan's Shop.

Personalized strawberry necklace from Philippineartisan’s Shop.

Anchor Bracelet from Philippineartisanshop too...

Anchor Bracelet from Philippineartisanshop too…

The night was so wonderful. I was able to take snapshots with some celebrities at the event. I had fun! That was my first time to go to a movie festival.

With Mon Conpiado

With the ever hunk, Mon Compiado

With the famous writer, Ricky Lee.

With the famous writer, Ricky Lee.


Me and my companions with Ms.Jaime Rivera.

Me and my companions with Ms.Jaime Rivera.

Kat's college classmates.

Kat’s college classmates.

My Kuya Jonathan from college 🙂 He’s not a celebrity but he’s my idol 🙂


My Kuya Jonathan from college :) He's not a celebrity but he's my idol :)

My Kuya Jonathan from college 🙂 He’s not a celebrity but he’s my idol 🙂

And for all the pictures taken and company, My ever supportive friend... Kat <3

And for all the pictures taken and the company, my ever supportive friend… Kat ❤

I hope you will stay tuned for my upcoming posts about my Breakthrough at 23. My Cinemalaya experience will be featured there.

Love my attire? Give it some love and hype it at Here’s the link:

So much for my new look post sweeties. I hope to have more posts soon. Yay!

Pastel Green Attire for a Saturday Night


Hi sweeties! I’m so happy that I am finally adjusting with the paper works in my new job designation. I’m done with my syllabus and first session plan and cards. I just need to submit the second session paper works before June and I’m done! Yipee! (Im actually positive to be done by tomorrow :))

I am also currently enrolled in my thesis subject for the whole school year. Great! I am really hoping to finish soon.

Everything feels so good!

Anyways, yesterday night I had a chance to attend the mass with my older sister. After the mass we went to Resorts World Manila to pick up an item from Igrab.

My sister + ME= Picture Galore!!!

So I think I just have to share with you this look post before I hit my bed tonight. In this attire, I’m actually  wearing the necklace I won from  Swirls and Scribbles X Glitter Addiction. It really goes well with anything 🙂

Just for the night.

Just for the night.

In this look:

floral diamond studded headband- Divisoria

pastel gorget blouse- Glamourous

inner black spaghetti strap- Bench

acid wash jeggings- Lhot’s House of Fashion 

flat shoes- Parisian

feathered necklace- Glitter Addiction

black bangels- Baclaran (way back in college lol!)

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes...

If I can only buy all those pretty shoes…

White dresses are my favorite.

White dresses are my favorite.

Just for a photo opt :)

Just for a photo opt 🙂

My attire is so comfortable!

My attire is so comfortable!

When we went there Resorts World Manila, they were having their Epic Weekend with a lot of celebrities. I’m not a fangirl and we’re rushing that time that’s why we didn’t take some pictures with them 🙂

Well anyway, have a great week ahead of you sweeties! I promise to have a review post and make up post this week.

Oh! If you think this look is good, please do hype it at: and be one of my fans. Thank you!

Goodnight for me!