Review: Nivea Body Cream Extra Whitening Cell Repair and Protect


Loving my skin is my ultimate goal this year. It includes taking care of my skin inside and out. I engage myself into eating the right kind of food, drinking water and having proper amount of sleep.  I also continue moisturizing my skin with lotions or body creams.


The last tub I actually emptied was Nivea Body Cream Extra Whitening Cell Reapair and Protect which I actually got from Sample Room. I am more familiar of Nivea’s moisturizing cream that is in a blue metal flat tub that my older sister uses. And having a different kind of it actually excites me.

Its label says that it has a fast absorbing formula with Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry which offers 50x higher Vitamin C (compared to lemon extract) that helps repair accumulated dull and sun-damaged skin. It also has UVA/ UVB which filters protect your skin from harmful UV rays which induce pigmentation and cause dark, uneven skin.

As per my experience with the product here’s my take:


Absorption:  It easily absorb skin and it is non greasy. After a minute or to the body cream is spread and absorbed already by the skin.


Moisturizing:  Its effect is pretty amazing! A pea size of it can go a long way. My skin is highly moisturized when I am using it.


Whitening: No noticeable effect in this aspect.

Smell: It has a terrifying elegant smell that last long. I just love it!


Will I buy it? Maybe not. Since I am after the whitening properties of the lotion or body cream that I use I would prefer getting another product that will give me a maximum effect. The product made the skin really moisturized yet it did not whiten my skin even if I finished a tub of it.

I would highly recommend this for the ones who really want a moisturized and elegant smelling skin this summer.

How about you sweeties? What’s your favourite lotion or body cream this summer?




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