What to do When you Lack that Beauty Sleep?



It’s summer! And it is my lucky part of the year when I can sleep all I want since it is considered to be my month long vacation. I definitely have those 8 hours of sleep or even more of it and I can see drastic change on my skin. It looks healthier and my pimples were tamed. “It will not be called a ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing.” as my vlogger inspiration Melanie Murphy once said.

Sleep actually gives way for our skin to heal and repair itself. And not getting enough of it will eventually make some drastic and not so good change in your skin. (Trust me! I’ve been through that!) Since I am into trying to give my skin a better care, I tried to look for ways to help me out in that dilemma. As the month of May comes closer, I am really afraid that I might be lacking that very essential skin care step but I was able to read some hacks from Carly Wood’s post in HSN that we can use to atleast fake or make use of that not so long hours of sleep in its maximum.

1. Use serums– Usually these serums address specific skin problems dry skin, wrinkles, brightness or aging. You just have to use it just right after you wash your face. Put a few pumps and massage it into your face.

2. Use primers– Primers will help your skin hydrated specially in cold months. It adds a layer of oil that can make your skin beautiful and plump. Try it after using serums.

3. Mmmooouuussstttuuurrriiizzzeee! – It is a sin to forget this one. Recently, I discovered the benefits of it to my skin. It holds serums and primers in place and it also hydrates the skin. You just have to choose the right moisturizer for you. If you have oily skin like mine, try the water based moisturizers and when it’s dry, try the oil based one.

4. Use eye creams- Eye bags due to lack of sleep? Eye creams will be a big help to avoid wrinkles, sagginess, and darkness of your under eye area. Just make sure to use a minimal amount of it to avoid possible puffiness and break outs.

5. How about some facial creams?– This will give extra credit for your skin. Facials creams are usually concentrated and immediately absorbed by the skin like serum and moisturisers that gives a magic effect when you wake up the next day.

My own step…

6. Eat healthy food– Nothing beats taking care of what’s inside. Make it a habit to eat fruits and veggies that will eventually be reflected to your skin.

7. Drink milk– Skip the dairy ones and try almond or soy milk which are rich in proteins, a good nutrient for your skin.

8. Have a nap– If you can steal short relaxation time during breaks, why not? It is still better to have that short sleep than not having anything at all. 5-10 minutes is already good for your body to recharge and your skin to breath.

9. Never forget water– Hydration from moisturizers are not enough. Fuel yourself with water and avoid caffeinated dinks and you will see the improvement.

10. Facial Scrub and Facial Masks– Twice a week, I indulge myself into facial scrubs and masks. It is a miracle for my skin since scrubs wash away sebum while facial masks, supplements my skin. I personally love collagen masks that easily absorbed by skin and can be left overnight. It makes the skin softer and pinkish- for a healthy glow.

I am happy that finally, I was able to read some ‘cheats’ in making my skin looking good even if I lack of sleep. I feel so equipped for the coming school year. Fingers crossed, my skin will be better!

How about you sweeties? What are your personal skin care routine o what do you religiously do when you lack sleep? Comment below and let’s have a productive discussion!


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