Photoshoot: Japanese Girl featuring Thumbmark Photography


I always dream of wearing a kimono. Kimono, as we all know is the national costume of Japan. I like how colourful it is and how it actually define the feminine figure through its obi.  But I never had a chance to wear it during my childhood days, that’s why when Thumbmark Photography had an open photoshoot with kimono as one of its costumes, I didn’t think twice of joining.

Nevertheless, I had my photoshoot with them.  Here are some of my sample edited photos from them:





The photoshoot went well. Despite the fact that, I feel a little awkward with the young models who participated in the photoshoot which actually make me feel older. LOL! I still manage to take pleasure in what I wear. I was not able to do some new poses in this photoshoot because I had a hard time thinking on how  to maximize my costume yet I am in high spirits that I was able to climb a large trunk of a dead tree at wildlife. Yey! (Talking about how I am trying to retrieve my childhood days here. LOL!)  All the same time, I enjoy the whole event with the friendly staffs of Thumbmark Photography.

What I like about ‘working’ with this particular company is the “friend-like atmosphere”. My first photoshoot with them was also my first time to meet the members of their team but I didn’t had a hard time adjusting and communicating with them. Thumbmark Photography has a personnel assigned in every component of the photoshoot from marketing, to HMUA and up to the photographer, they had designated the task quite well that’s why as a model I was able to have a hint of a good service.

The HMUA was Ms.Thammy Gel Peña Bernardo while my photographer was Mr. Mark Keyvette Bernardo.  So now, you might already have an idea why the company was named Thumbmark Photography. Anyway, these two are real life partners who are exploring their own hobbies and also trying to establish a company in which they can earn something from their craft. Pretty exciting right? While, I made my inquiries and transaction prior to the event with Ms. Hanna Agustin, their ever accommodating and respectful marketing personnel.

I also got my raw photos from them. I actually try to edit some of it using some Ipad applications. So here is what I’ve got.

a close up beauty shot

a close up beauty shot

a vintage (-y) look

a vintage (-y) look

something bright and colorful

something bright and colorful

and showing off my cute head dress... love it! Yay!

and showing off my cute head dress… love it! Yay!

I must also say that their dog, Ashley is an “X-factor”.  They have this dog at the venue of our photoshoot. She has that exquisite charm that makes me at ease while waiting for my turn during the pictorial. One random fact about me is that I am NOT fond of dogs, but this one captivated me and that is a big “WOW!” as my boyfriend said.

This is their shitzu dog, Ashley.

This is their shitzu dog, Ashley.

With this here’s another big check to my bucket list! Yey! And with their good service, I would love to have my “own-concept” photoshoot through them as well. For now, I am just thinking of the concept to try out soon. Any ideas my dear sweeties?

*To contact Thumbmark Photography you make click the link to their FB page.


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