OOTD: The Gift


Maybe you’re wondering why I entitled this one as “The Gift”. Oh well, it is simply because the dress I am wearing in this post is a Pre-Christmas present from a good guy friend of mine in college.

I don’t know why he decided to pick a dress for me and I am not ready for the answer that’s why I didn’t ask, I am still thankful though because I did not expect that a guy will add something in my collection. I am not just used to receiving apparels as a gift but I would love to experiment with anything that is given to me. *wink*

I hope I gave justice to the dress.

I hope I was able to pull out well the dress.

By the way, I wore these pieces during the Christmas Mass last December 2013. And since the dress is quite short and it is sleeveless, I wore a bolero over it when I attended the mass.

And because it was Christmas time, I was at home with my family and they were included in this post. I just want you to beware of the next photos! Lol! My dad wants to join me in the photos because he wants to exposed his “beautifully sculpt” body. (Talking about how happily crazy my family is.)

Dad and me :)

Dad and me 🙂

I am so happy to share with you guys how loved I am by the people around me and I think that was the best gift I should celebrate about.

How about you guys, what’s the best gift you had so far? Hope to read from you!

In this look:

green dress with mini-pleats- sponsored 🙂 by a good friend

black studded sandals- So Fab!

hand bag- Guess

gray bolero- Liberte


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