Sweet Jelly Bean’s Lucky Bean 2nd Anniversary Giveaway

Photo grabbed from Sweet Jelly Bean's post.

Photo grabbed from Sweet Jelly Bean’s post.

As I told you in my previous posts, giveaways are just around the corners this April. I am so glad to bring you another giveaway by one of my favourite international blogger, Donah. She’s actually a Filipina like me and a US based beauty blogger.

I admire her creative posts especially the photos in it. Each photo seems to be carefully designed and shoot.

Anyway, as I am reading through her blog and  it came to me that she is a friend of Genzel from Genzel Kisses. It makes me think that “Good bloggers of the same feathers flock together!” (Sorry for being corny in that part. lol!)

Like Genzel’s, Donah’s blog is also turning 2 this month and with that, she is having an international giveaway so anyone can join (generous right?) I know you are super excited about it so here’s what you need to do. You just need click this link to enter her Lucky Bean Giveaway: http://sweetjellybean.com/2014/03/31/sjb-giveaway/ and follow the instructions via rafflecopter.

Good luck everyone! May the luckiest bean win!


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