DTC Mobile GT6S SpeedPlus and 2nd Blogversary Giveaway! by Genzel Kisses

photo grabbed from GenzelKisses' post

photo grabbed from GenzelKisses’ post

April seems to be a fun-filled month. Aside from my personal reason that it is my month-long vacay from work, it is also the month of seems to be never ending happenings in the blogsphere. What I am talking about are blog anniversaries that are shouting out all over. And I am proud to say that my blog is one of them.

Anyways, before I reveal the mini-giveaway that my blog will give you, may I please turn you to an awesome giveaway from an awesome and friendly blogger that I know, Genzel of GenzelKisses! She will be celebrating her 2nd Blogversary this month. (Just 2nd? She seems to be so pro that I thought she might be blogging more than 3 years now.)

For her blogversary, she will be giving a mobile phone from DTC! Yes! A mobile phone! For more details, you may click this link: http://www.genzelkisses.com/dtc-mobile-gt6s-speedplus-2nd-blogversary-review-giveaway.html

She’s another blogger inspiration for me. She’s so good in time management that she seems not to miss a day without a post. I envied her to the point that I really want to know how she can juggle up all this. Keep it up pretty!


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