5 Reasons Behind Philippineartisans Hibernation


It is official! School year 2013-2014 is finally over! Yippee! It means more “me” time, lesser stress from work and of course, no excuses for not blogging. Seriously, I miss blogging. I been MIA for three months and I hate it, but as much as I want to shout out what’s going on in my mind, what are the things that I’ve been up lately or what products I am currently using, there are reasons that hinders me to do so.


I don’t know if anyone had noticed the absence of posts in my blog. I also don’t know if anyone cares on the reason behind it but I think I owe my dear readers an explanation.

I would want to write paragraphs of explanations about it but I don’t want to end up every reader feeling bored so I think it would be better if I will discuss just discuss it by using my five reasons behind my “hibernation” in blogsphere.

1. BUSY at work– My usual reason. Since December 2013, papers come and go, or worse, there are even times that they all come at the same time and were really hard to let go since there are so little time to check, create and edit each paper work. Aside from that, the stress that the daily routines of a teacher are bringing, went so high that for some time, it was really hard to control for my part. My stress and time management seems to fail that time. My 2 weeks December vacation was all about checking pile of papers and preparing lessons for the upcoming opening of another trimester. But as they say, all things shall pass and it did. It took me weeks of sleepless nights and tons of disappointment for not meeting my personal deadlines yet I realize, that I should loos’n up a bit. Being too harsh to myself will bring no good to me. And I am happy to realize it before the school year ends or I’ll end up fed up and might be losing my grasps to my profession.

2. My laptop was broken– Yes it did! It was actually November 2013 when my almost 4 years old laptop gave up and it saddened me. It a huge sentimental value to me. It is one of the first things I was able to buy from my salary as a newbie in my profession. Although, I was able to buy a new one, not so long after that, by January 2014, my new laptop suddenly shut down because of a broken hard drive  which actually made my depression grew bigger. Good thing, my newly purchased laptop was still covered with warranty, with that the broken hard drive was replaced. But that was one of the factors that made me slow down into my blogging habits.

3. My Ipad mini was stolen– Last December 2013, my Ipad Mini was stolen. It was what I usually use for taking pictures for my blog. Everything was actually there. It is basically my guide for my pending posts and since it was stolen, I lose track on the things I should write and I also felt so down about the thought of something that you saved up for was easily gone just by that. 😦 I had a hard time recovering from this one.

4. Thesis mode– Yes! I am still enrolled in my Masters yet same as blogging, I am almost-always MIA at this because of work. Work eats up all my time, it is a sad fact. Also, thesis demands a lot of reading and editing and it is actually harder than I expected. But this summer, this is my goal, to atleast leap something big in this one.


5. I need to fix myself– With everything that happened to me towards the end of 2013, I must say that I was really stressed out. Everything seems to be out of place. For that reason, over-worked, depression, stressed… I also suddenly fade out during the –ber months. My breaks outs are shouting on my face, even my regular beauty regimen won’t work anymore. I really hate how I look during that time. I feel bad about myself and my overall outlook in life seems to be very negative as well. My stress seems to be out of control. Until by January, I finally decided to seek medical attention and go to a derma.

A photo taken with my colleague during my most haggard moments at work this school year... *I look so b-

A photo taken with my colleague during my most haggard moments at work this school year… *I look so bad. Obviously, no filter…* That one is actually a tamed version already of my break outs.


So there were the reasons why I was MIA for quite some time. Admittedly, I was really depressed and somehow found it so hard to juggle up everything. I know that a good blogger will surely manages everything and will still keep it up with posting reviews, OOTDs, events and giveaways. But I must say, I am still a newbie in this field and I can’t be as good as other bloggers (sorry, for comparing myself in this part) however I am happy that even if I hibernated for a while, likers in FB page and subscribers of my blog and other social media sites are keep on coming. Thank you so much for that support!

“Overwhelmed”, that must be the best word that can describe my feeling about the roller coaster ride I had these past few months. On the other hand, I am also thankful because those 3 months tested my patience and power to overcome whatever life would throw on me. I must say that my faith also grew because without that ONE who has been always beside me, I might not lasts this long.

a happier version of me recently *I feel lighter and prettier.*

a happier version of me recently
*I feel lighter and prettier.*


For now, I would want to shout it out… “I’m so happy to be finally back!” One month of vacation may be short but I hope to keep my blog updated as much as possible. And be positive as much as I can.

For my readers who are still there, thank you for sticking around despite of my inconsistent posts. That really means a lot to me. Hope to read from you really soon! Mmmmmwwaaaahhh! Thank you so much sweeties!


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