Holiday Beauty Collab Giveaway II!

*credits to the owner * Randomly grabbed at

*credits to the owner *
Randomly grabbed at

Hi sweeties! Remember that I promised to have 2 more giveaways before the year ends (after my very lovely accessories giveaway last month)? Oh well, I am actually down to one since; I sponsored one of the huge giveaways that are now on going around the web.

Because it is the season of giving and sharing, I decided to become a sponsor of a holiday giveaway in collaboration with the finest beauty bloggers I met online. More than an advertisement, I believe in the capacity of each of them to bring up joy to their avid readers through their very own sites (which I a actually a fan of)  that’s why I grabbed the opportunity to sponsor them to this giveaway by means of my shop BeausSpeaks Ortigas.

*credits to the owner * Randomly grabbed at

*credits to the owner *
Randomly grabbed at

A lot of items are at stake for this giveaway, we almost give it all for you 😉 It is our way of saying thank you to you on your unending support in our endeavors. As with me, it is my little chance to show my appreciation in holding up with my blog, Philippineartisan and shop. Thank you so much! I know this might not be enough but I promise to give more by maintaining my blog and keeping you updated sweeties 🙂

Anyway, you must hurry! This giveaway will end soon! You may check on this site on the mechanics on how to enter this fabulous giveaway:

And that makes me down on owing you one more giveaway so please do watch out to my year-ender giveaway that will be published by next week. Mwah!

Happy holidays everyone!


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