August 2013 SaladBox: Focused


Hey yo!  This post is almost 3 months delayed already. But still, I just want to show you what’s inside my August SaladBox.

As I been telling you in my previous reviews of my beauty boxes. I will try to cover all the beauty boxes I had last August (It was actually quite a lot that I didn’t subscribe anymore in any beauty box for the next months after August except when GlamourBox is open for subscription for their special boxes). Anyway, I received this August box from SaladBox sometime in September already. It was so late  that I actually missed the thought of it being an August Box, all the time, it was a September Box to me until I rechecked the guide card enclosed in the box.

With that, I remember that it is November already and I haven’t received yet my September box. That is what something I hate about this particular beauty box subscription. There are always delays with the delivery of their boxes and constant follow ups and adjustments are needed for you to receive your box.

I remember my first box from them is something disastrous. I don’t want to lament all over again about is, so I guess you can just read it on here:

What’s inside the box?


Anyway, August 2013 SaladBox is all about beauty tools. It is composed of 5 items with one treat. I like the idea of having beauty tools in a box but since I waited so much for it, I guess the essence was forfeited and I am more of irritated about the transaction I had with them.

I will just enumerate the things inside their August 2013 box, describing each as written at the guide card provided inside the box or as per how I perceive it to be. The 5 beauty tools they got are the following:

Photo grabbed from SaladBox's website.

Photo grabbed from SaladBox’s website.

·         Duchness Makeup Tools Royal Blender Sponge: designed non-disposable sponge to apply your base foundation or BB (or CC) cream evenly and effortlessly. 1 sponge/ 390php


·         Duchness Makeup Tools Artemis Blending Brush: ergonomic brush to blend on your eye shadows. (This is my own description) 1 brush/ 210php

Photo grabbed from SaladBox's website.

Photo grabbed from SaladBox’s website.

·         Go Fickle Hair Bun-maker: a bun maker that’s very effortless to use. It is designed with a material capable of being twisted  making it more of elastic with a great grip and shape. (This is my own description) 1 pc/ 120php


·         Clou Pearls: The most popular nail innovation to date, these cute beads are the perfect tool to achieve that Pearl Manicure look! 10g/350php

·         Clou Sparkle Sand: Add some sparkle and texture to your nails with the newest nail trend. 10g/350php

My Thoughts


They also got a treat in the August Box which is a 1,000php OFF on the October 19th Advanced Make up Sparty. It is an exclusive subscriber treat where they are slashing off 1K from the Advanced Sparty Ticket. It is actually a very nice treat, but since I got the box super late, giving it away will not make it to its due date dated September 20. (I think I got the box September 19) It made me sad that it went to nothing. It feels like a TRICK and not a treat on my part.

To this date, I was able to use only 2 of the items they got from the box. I love the Royal Sponge Blender Sponge from Duchness Makeup Tools which I found very useful for putting on my make up base. Atleast now, I will not be using my hands top blend on my liquid foundation. I also find their Hair Bun-maker from Go Fickle very awesome. It is a convenient way to make a perfect bun in seconds.

Will I subscribe again?

I actually have a 3 month subscription with SaladBox.  It started from August to October. But due to some not so good circumstances all the boxes I am subscribed at were delayed and worse I haven’t received my September and October boxes yet. With that I guess, this one will be my last subscription with SaladBox. I am dismay about their service though I must say that they reply instantly to my queries and follow ups. I think a good service doesn’t need follow ups from their customers regarding their transactions . For me, to always check the status of my beauty box and adjust to their service is something way too tasky.

Lately, when I asked about my September and October Beauty box, they suggested to move it and let me have the November and December box instead. That is actually way too incompetent, since as far I am able to recollect I am originally subscribed to July-September boxes only. But since there were problems regarding their delivery services, I granted their request for me to have the August-October boxes instead.

Based from my transactions with them, they said that they finally change their courier but still I think they have to be more focus now on tracking down the subscription of their customers so that they are not missing any. I have been reading wrath opinions from my fellow bloggers about their SaladBox subscription. Some even just give it away because of their dismayed to the company’s service.

As for now, I should let myself rest from following up my beauty boxes from them. I just grew tired I guess. Though they got nice promos, if it will eventually give me a headache, I think it would be better for me to save up for other boxes that will at least make me feel the essence of the monthly subscription and treats that they are giving.

This is just an honest opinion in my part and it is not influenced by anything aside from my observation and experience from them. I will be having my next SaladBox Subscription maybe after they already fix their service and prove their worth to the consumers. I just hope that it would be soon.

Have you tried to subscribe with SaladBox? How was your experience? I would love to hear from you sweeties. Just leave your comments below. ‘Til then.


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  1. I subscribed for the October, November and December boxes. I didn’t receive my October box yet. I find it weird that they asked you topics your subscriptions again, it is almost like a scam. I will never say okay to it because I don’t even know how long their company will last. I am so disappointed. BDJbox and sample room can follow through, why not them?

  2. I subscribed for the October, November and December boxes. I didn’t receive my October box yet. I find it weird that they asked you to move your subscriptions again, it is almost like a scam. I will never say okay to it because I don’t even know how long their company will last. I am so disappointed. BDJbox and sample room can follow through, why not them?

  3. I was just thinking of subscribing but this is just too disappointing! I agree with Valerie though, if Sample Room and BDJ can follow through, why can’t they? Must have been stressful having to wait for this (and your Sept-October box). Hope they improve soon. #gig

  4. I like your box so much!! You are very lucky! I subscribed to the only box available in Belgium and they were really crap 😦 Thanks for sharing, loved the products!

  5. should have seen this blog before subscribing to that *dang* company. subscribed nov-jan and was wondering why the first box has’nt arrived yet. emailed they’re customer service three times and still no so-called “prompt” reply. I’m calling they’re subscription a scam, it’s time consuming knowing that you paid upfront and they are making you look like a dog begging for those *darn samplers. I know 1,500php is no biggie for some people but with that amount of money I could have just as easily walk in a store and buy me a full sized product which I can easily just research other reviews from others. In the end this subscription is just using us as labrats to review those “barely-out-there” products. We paid, we begged to get our items, then we test them so we can make reviews?! Sheeesh! Sorry to rant out like this, but It’s just really annoying, and somewhat insulting the way they treat us subscribers.

  6. Hi,
    I subscribed to their Black Friday subscription (3 months) in Nov last year, hoping to get the December box, but after several follow up emails, they told me the Dec boxes were sold out and I would get the Jan2014 box instead ;( Up until now, I haven’t received my box yet. Too disappointing for a first timer to subscription boxes like me. I should have read the reviews before subscribing.Ugh.

    • true! Try BDJ or Glamourbox… they have very nice subscription boxes compared to Saladbox. I will never renew my subscription in this one. It seems a waste of money. Better yet, just save for a good box than having this one. I just grew tired of their noncompetitive products.

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