Launching of Brilliant Earth’s Wisteria Collection: Autumn Inspired Jewelries


IMG_5734“Diamonds are woman’s best friend.” as the old saying goes. That’s why I do believe that every woman is entitled to own atleast one piece of fine jewelry that will reflect not just her style but her personality as well.

Recently, I stumbled upon a website of fine jewelries known as Brilliant Earth. Its brand name captivates me as much as the elegant fine jewelries they have on their site. Soon I know that the mission of this particular company is equally superior and those are: to provide the highest quality of jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practice; foster change by providing education about the social and environmental issues affecting the jewelry industry and identifies ways to help; and promote growth that supports underdeveloped communities ravaged by the jewelry industry by donating a share of their profits. A jewelry company that maintains the finest quality of each craft but still manages to be eco-friendly.

Aside from their elegant, vintage and timeless collection of jewelries they will be launching today, their newest and nature-inspired collection named as Wisteria Collection. This collection is inspired by the beauty of autumn season such as falling leaves and graceful curves of bare branches combined with fluid designs. Pavé diamonds are added to those designs that bring a dazzling light to the natural glamour of nature’s beauty. The exceptional designs from this collection aim to capture the light and the movement of magnificent autumn.


The rings in this particular collection artistically manifest curving and overlapping bands that represent two lives intertwining like branches and vines during autumn.


While the earrings as well as necklaces are infuse with subtle movement that manifest falling leaves.

Each piece from the Wisteria Collection is intricately and exclusively designed and made possible by master jewelers in their San Francisco studio. As part of their mission each fine piece in the collection is hand-crafted to order according to the highest standards of quality and beauty with assurance of no compromise between beauty and conscience. It is also bounded by ethical sourcing that only .01% of world’s diamonds meet Brilliant Earth’s standards for pure sourcing and exceptional quality.

This thrust is proven by the graceful curves, layers, texture and airy radiance of the pieces included in the collection that truly captivates the beauty of vines and branches. All of these results to dynamic and delicate, contemporary yet timeless and much nature itself fine jewelry pieces. A perfect reflection of every exquisite woman that can only be compared to nature’s eternal beauty.

Since, I can get enough of their collection, I must pick my personal favorite and that is the Allison’s ring. Simple yet delicately crafted. It looks so perfect for engagement, wedding or even just an investment. It is worth to own up to its last significant dollar.

Allison's Ring

Allison’s Ring

You may check out their site for more details about their company and the Westerian collection through the following links:


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