Quote Starters: Something Real


This week’s quote starters is something unique since the quote I got is from someone who I’ve been with for months now. Can you guess who she is? Who would have thought that in the midst of an activity at work, I would be able to get something for this regular post of mine? And yes, it is from someone I usually encounter at work, from a student.

The deep sense of thought she have was something admirable that’s why I choose to feature it here. From their recollection, one of my students said this:


It actually made me stop and think. She’s just only in Grade 7. Probably, 12-13 years old. But this thought of her awaken me.

 Yes, in our lives we committed mistakes. People judge us based on what we did. Though we are trying to correct the mistakes we had, there is a point in time when these mistakes are going back to us. People around us throw it back in our face, without considering the good things we did just to be a better person.

But at the end of the day, it is not about what others think about you. It would be what you think about yourself that matters most. As she said, we are worth it.

We should not grew tired of being good while correcting those mistakes we had, because that is the only way we can make ourselves feel better. That is the only way we can see our true worth.

Making mistakes is part of life. We learned from them. Those actually make us stronger, fiercer and bolder. Never ever let those mistakes to pull you down.


Have a great day sweeties.


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  1. Such a wonderful kid. A great insight from a 12-year old! We should all remember this. Sadly, we are all guilty of thinking about what other people think. I think it starts from loving yourself first. Everything else follows. #giglove

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