Accessories Giveaway 101



Fashion is my game. I love it ever since. I still remember myself experimenting with the fad over and over in a low cut budget when I was in high school and college.

I learn a lot through it. I’ve been into my “worst dressed” scenarios (yeah, several times) and also to my so called “best dressed” attires. I feel good whenever someone gives a good note on how I put up my outfits. Still in a budget, but more creative and appropriate.

With those, something did not change about me and that is the love for accessories. Yes! I am a fan of accessories. From the ones I personally make to those somewhat classy that I eventually can afford with my hard earned money.

I’ve been cleaning up lately and I found a lot of my accessories unused and I feel bad about it. Some are even new and unused because sometimes, I am the kind of buying anything that I want than regretting and thinking about it over and over. Once, someone told me that if I am not able to use something in a year, might as well give it away. So, I sorted out my accessories and viola! I was able to put up an accessories sale on my page. (You can check it out here:

But still, that sale is not enough and I was thinking of just giving away some more. Because I am quite sure that I will be buying again soon at the Christmas Bazaars all over the metro and will be getting more as Christmas gifts (Yeah, I already expect that). I also need some room for my new and upcoming ones, and since my siblings nor my other relatives are not fond of it as much as I do, might as well give it to the ones who will value it more (of course, those are still my babies).

With those, I decide to put up a giveaway! Yes! Finally, after few months I am now back. I am actually planning to have 2 more giveaways before the year ends and hopefully my schedule will permit me to do so. Here are the items up for grabs for my one lucky winner.

set of bangles, 4 bracelets, pairs, 4 pairs of earrings, 5 rings (4 garterized and one from Hodge Podge), a strawberry key chain and 5 necklaces... Wooh! Many :)

set of bangles, 4 bracelets, pairs, 4 pairs of earrings, 5 rings (4 garterized and one from Hodge Podge), a strawberry key chain and 5 necklaces… Wooh! Many 🙂

I just can’t think of any nice title for this giveaway so let’s just keep it plain and simple, Accessories Giveaway 101. Please take note that most of the items in this giveaway are pre-loved but rest assured of its quality and durability. Some of it are even from Hongkong, Forever 21 that I was able to use just once (specially the bangles) because the gift giver wants me to see wearing it. I don’t usually wear bangles because I’m too thin… and it will surely just fall off.

Anyway, for this giveaway, you just need to follow the steps given by the rafflecopter below. Nothing more nothing less.

Click here to enter Accessories Giveaway 101.

I will be announcing the winner at the end of the month. With that, goodluck sweeties!

Just a happy TREAT to everyone.


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  1. Name: Crystal Marie Cañete
    FB Profile Crysy G. Cañete
    I love accessories with all of my heart. I feel like naked not wearing any of them. It add sparks to my entire outfit. It’s just very important to me! =)

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