Blog Bitz 10: Gifts


I planned a lot before semestral break. I even list down my things to do and try to budget my time but sadly, as I am going through it, everything seems to be so fast and as far as I am concerned, I am not even done with half of it. Sad to read that right?

Anyway, it seems that this semestral break means more of rest and recreation for me. I already had my island hopping with my workmates, cleaning up my closet, arranging my things and tons of sleep… and yeah! I also got time to watch television! At last! But I still have things to do, I know that. But I am still not in the mood to go about it so, I will just blog first to kill the time since I am not that sleepy yet.

Too many things to say, but yeah, I should get direct to the point about my Blog Bitz this week. Sorry this one is late because I was out of town last weekend. Well, for this week, I got to tell you about the gifts I received. They make come as big or small, material or just a thought (in nature), anything… I usually consider it as a gift as long as it comes from someone that has a pure intention. That’s how vague I define things. But probably, it will be clearer as I go about the daily gifts I had from the previous week.

MONDAY: T-Day Gift and Something from my Boss


Oh yes! It feels like an extension of my T-week. But since I was in a seminar last week, I was not able to get my gift for that event. What I got? Some bath essentials. I got a Biopha Organic shower gel, The Souq Organics Emu Oil sample and a big tube of Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. I really appreciate what I got since I am head over heels with shower gels and currently, having my way for the search of a perfect body scrub for me. Asian Secrets Body Scrub is what I am currently using that’s why I am so happy to have a large tube of it as a gift which actually means, a minus from my shop list this month. Yey!

Plus, my boss bought me a maroon shawl from a seminar he attended. It looks so nice and stylish because of the silver glittery details it has. That was a sweet thought of him remembering us, right?


The list of my Things To Do inside the classroom.

The list of my Things To Do inside the classroom.

“Too many things to do, so little time.” That’s what I usually say. But since it was the last week before the semestral break, I have to be productive so I have to schedule everything I have to do. From my classes, to my appointments, meetings with the parents, consultation with the students and the different tasks assigned to me… EVERYTHING! But what’s wonderful? I was able to do it! Yey! The gift of time is just enough for me. At the end of the day, I feel so fulfilled since I was able to accomplish a lot. Great!


A nice remembrance from my class' recollection.

A nice remembrance from my class’ recollection.

Being true. That is actually what I got last Wednesday from my students as I attend their recollection. I was able to see them in their most solemn state of being conscious about what they feel and how they want to act on it. I was able to be one of them in that very moment, sharing with their thoughts and feelings outside their comfort zone. That was a privilege for me because I know that I was able to see more of them in that event. I was able to know them more than with their faces and names. I was able to get to know them by heart.

THURSDAY: Floral Crown and a Lunch


This is the busiest day during my previous week. Meetings are set during breaks and there are still stuffs to accomplish for the field trip on the next day. But still, good things come along my way. I got a free lunch from an officemate and a floral garterized crown from my students. Isn’t those thoughts are really kind?



Field trip time. Yey! It was a lazy day for me. good thing I have my very good tour facilitator with me. He is a Historian that’s why my students are really fascinated about those trivia he has for them which actually make my job easy. I was just listening to him and to the conversations he have with my girls. At the end of the day the service provider gave us a frame of with a message of appreciation but more than that I am really happy for the gift of relaxation they have for us during the whole event.

 SATURDAY: GlamourBox ❤

Photo grabbed randomly at Google. Credits to the owner.

Photo grabbed randomly at Google. Credits to the owner.

I will head on to the beach the next day that’s why the voucher from Lay Bare is really useful to clean up what’s down there. No need for more words but yeah, I used the voucher. Thanks Lay Bare and GlamourBox.

SUNDAY: Free Time


Officially, semestral break is here! Yey! For my first stop, I went to Burot, Calatagan, Batangas City with my work mates. I must say that the experience was truly awesome. I will tell you more of it soon. But for now, let my photo tell you how happy I am. It looks like I am a child playing around. Something great and fun!

There was how my previous week gone. I am so blessed with all the gifts I received and soon, I will share it to you too my dear sweeties. I will…

Sounds like a giveaway? Yes, it is! So you better stay tuned!… I’m so excited. Have a great week everyone!


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