Quote Starter: Being a Queen


Being is a lady is not that easy. It is not just about beauty and glamour. It is about having that unwavering strength that will be your weapon to face the world no matter what.

Quote randomly picked from Pinterest.

Quote randomly picked from Pinterest.

I think the quote speaks about a woman that fights with and for herself. It is about trying to surpass the stereotype ideas about her and having that courage to go beyond her capabilities.  Managing her life will be a job for no less than herself. That’s the woman of today.

Of course, we still commit mistakes and sometimes got hurt and cry ourselves to sleep but it is all part of the process of looking for the finest gold in a stone.

I remember myself three years ago, after college, I’m all lost. Yes, I easily got a job but there is something in me that should be fix before I can say that I truly own myself. No one can say that but me, after few years of a devastating break up with my high school boyfriend, I feel like I don’t know where to go. Life goes on but still I cannot live the way I should because he never said to me where our relationship went wrong.

 Somewhere during that time, he contacted me. It was all in the blue and he was saying sorry for everything that he did. But yes, as kind as I am he is forgiven. By that time, he already have a girlfriend (which I think there were on the rocks and he looking for company, a friend) while I am still single but dating. As a good friend, classmate and an ex girlfriend I accompany him during those times. I know, I don’t have anything to expect from him but I still did it, out of love.

But during the time when, Toni (my current boyfriend) and I started dating. Then, I have two choices. That is, 1) be with my ex boyfriend and continue to fall in love with him and hope that soon, he will realize that I am really the one for him or 2) give myself a chance to fall in love again with someone who can love me back, invest time with him and start all over again. Yes, it was hard to make a choice that time but it was the only way for me to be free.

And I took the risk. I suddenly stop communicating with my ex boyfriend at the same day of my second date with Toni. It was not so bad at all. In fact, I figured out that it is all that I wanted and needed in the first place.

Three years later, I realized my real problem in that situation. It was neither about that guy nor about our past relationship. It was about me, holding too much to my feelings towards someone that honestly can just treat me as a friend and being so attached with memories we had when we were still happy. Today, after three years though Toni and I are apart I know and I believe that this guy is different. He will never make me cry the way I experienced from a guy before him and it is all because I will never allow it to happen again.

Everything shall pass and so with that experience. I am happy that I made a decision, took risk and let go. Life is all about how you handle it. Sometimes, it is more of the things that you are afraid to lose that you should really have to let go in order to make your life better.


Quote randomly grabbed from Pinterest.

 Sweeties, remember that a lady before becoming a queen should posses that love for herself that will allow her to love the people around her more. Beauty that will make herself discover more about the beauty of life. Courage to step into that breakthrough choices that will turn everything upside down (hopefully) for the better. Lastly, faith… in her dreams,  in her decision and in the most powerful one that knows that she is strong enough to face the challenges in life as an empowered woman.

And here I am now, fiercer, bolder, stronger and happier :) Fearless.

And here I am now, fiercer, bolder, stronger and happier 🙂 Fearless.


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