Blog Bitz 9: All that Made Me Happy


It was a long yet happy week for me. I was not at work for three days because I attended a research conference, I got a new business: an online shop, see how I improve and a lot others.

Time management is still a challenge for me, but at least I can still blog out. Well, this has been my stress reliever and let’s see how far can I go…

MONDAY: Diamonds


It was Parent- Teacher Conference (PTC) Day in our school. Of course some problem parents are still there but it was noticeable there are more parents that come and thank me this year compared to the previous years. It was an affirmation for my part as I do my job as hard as I could. Also, there are some parents who brought gifts for me to show how happy they are for the improvement of their daughters. This box with yummy pastries is a proof on how one of my student’s parents appreciates my craft. I felt so wonderful!

TUESDAY: BeauSpeaks Ortigas


Yay! Finally! For months I’ve been saving to buy a dealership package from my favorite skin care line. And the long wait was over this week as I was able to avail already a package that will make me start my own online business.

$$$ Good luck for me in my new business! $$$

You may check out my shop, BeauSpeaks Ortigas at this link:

WEDNESDAY: Conference


I was assigned by my boss to attend a 3-day conference in UST. It was all expense paid and has a good deal of topics on my interest which is research. I also met some old friend there. A conference and a reunion rolled into one!



I won a raffle! Yippee! Not that grand but it is still a blessing isn’t it? I won a Lock n’ Lock plastic ware in the conference. A conference with a raffle. Cool right?



When you say LDR, they will always think that it is a sad. But in our case, we try to make it happy and light. We play around just like here in the photo where we both brag about our chocolates. Little sweet moments with him are truly worthwhile.

SATURDAY: Improvement


Three years ago, I am not that pretty. Well, I claim that I am pretty now (too confident! lol!) But the photo speaks for itself. Even Facebook can’t figure out that it is the same person.



I love my Ipad mini. It is so useful and convenient to use. From photography to colorful signs, name it, I can make it. As I browse around the App Store, I was able to see this cool text maker, TextCutie. It is so creative! It can help me in making nice signage from my new online shop. And what’s more fun about it? It’s free!

Lovely week right? It was so calm and happy. I hope the next one as well. Yey! It’s the last week before sembreak.  I’m looking forward to it…


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