OOTD: The Soldier’s Daughter



Those who know me personally, surely know that I came from a family of engineers and soldiers. In fact, my dad is a retired personnel of the Philippine Air Force. He is a aircraft maintenance engineer and takes care of the helicopters and airplanes of the country. His job is to ensure its safe to use.

Though dad is retired already, I still love the memories I got (more of the privileges) that I experienced as a daughter of an Air Force personnel. Those are nothing big or grand but the simple treats that are provided for us during annual family gathering of their office, free dental services, leisurely walk at the Air Force Museum and personal tour around the quarters of the soldiers.

I must admit that I somehow dreamed to be a soldier but my height and body structure did not allow me to do so. And to make that frustration alive, I wore something camouflage during the 3rd and last day of the conference I attended in UST. Como is a well known trademark of soldiers’ uniform during red alert or emergency situation.

Here’s the look:



 In this look:

White laced cardigan and yellow pants- tiange at Metropoint

Camouflage sleeveless top– Revamp by Nikki Manas

Printed Flats– Sole Mate

Tortoise full framed eyeglasses– Firmoo

My friends Carlito and Glenn joined me with this casual photo shoot. Here are some more photos that we had during the last day of the event.





Thank you Carlito for all the photos. 🙂

These are the proof that teachers doesn’t only teach but also research, model and shoot as well. As versatile as we can be!


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