BeauSpeaks Ortigas: Now Open



Just this week, I decided to be a dealer of one of my trusted line of generic skin care products – BeauSpeaks .

 I am really into this product line that’s why I decided to share it to others through my humble business. I already got a review about our local obagi that miraculously worked to my face. (You can check it out here: )

Just to have a testimony about its effect, here’s a before and after photo of mine. Before photo was taken almost 3 years ago. Yeah! I am using BeauSpeaks Local Obagi  product for more than a year. I feel so happy looking at my before and after photos. I improved a lot!


 I named my shop BeauSpeaks Ortigas since I work in that place and I can manage transactions faster from there.


This shop of mine will soon have some fashion accessories and apparels that you sweeties, will surely love. With that I hope you can check out and like my shop’s FB page.

We’re now accepting orders 🙂


Thank you so much sweeties!


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