Beauty SOS Glamour Box: Focused


GlamourBox is one of my favorite beauty boxes in the country. That’s why when it came to me that they are not releasing their monthly box anymore, it made me really sad. Especially because, I am planning to get myself a treat last August (my birthday month) with something special and that is to get their precious beauty box.

The precious SOS box finally arrived! Yey! I've been waiting for it. I am just so excited!

The precious SOS box finally arrived! Yey! I’ve been waiting for it. I am just so excited!

That’s why I promised myself that if ever GlamourBox will release a special edition box or a featured box, nothing can hinder me to subscribe to it. And soon it came… Last month, September I read in an email sent to me by their team that they will be releasing the SOS box. I did not read the email so much because I am really determined to get a slot for it before it runs out (I am sure that when it is from Glamourbox it is almost always the best deal items).

So there! I was able to subscribe to it as fast as it could be. And I was able to receive the box, last week of September.

Hmmmm... Once more, the elegant sticker from them :) I miss this giddy feeling <3

Hmmmm… Once more, the elegant sticker from them 🙂 I miss this giddy feeling ❤

The Beauty SOS Box from Glamourbox is packed with goodies that aim to rescue us from skin troubles like zits, dull skin, sparse lashes, or even just for a quick pick me upper. Such a perfect way to treat me in my scandalous September packed with unceasingly busy schedule.

The box contains 6 items that specifically targets beauty problems. I will enumerate and describe the function of each as written at the guide card inside the box.

Life Savers :)

Life Savers 🙂

  • Rejuvalash Eyelash Growth Serum– For short, sparse or brittle eyelashes. RejuvaLASH gives intense nourishment to the lash hair follicle, helping us to achieve fuller and more luxurious lashes within 21 days. This one is received in full size (5ml), valued at 2,860php.
  • Kanebo Impress Advanced CT Essence– This anti-aging serum addresses the dryness, roughness and visible pores. It has an active ingredient, carnitine that repairs all skin damage, leaving it miraculously vibrant and fine-textured. 2 sample size (.4ml) were given for this. It costs 12,000php for a full sized product of 40ml.
  • Avon Genics Gen- Protect SPF 15 Treatment– It is inspired by the breakthrough Youth Gene research in Italy. This facial lotion with SPF ignites your skin’s youth power and has a capacity to undo 10 years from the look of the skin in just 8 weeks!  I received a full sized item for this worth 1,299php for 30ml.
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Id Monolaurin Gel– A unique, skin-safe, face and body gel that is superbly simple, but packs one powerhouse of a skin-protective punch! It treats acne and prevents over-sweating, leaving skin cooler and less prone to breakouts.  A 50ml sample size of this is inside the box. While, the full sized of 120ml of it costs 710php.
  • OFRA Lipstick in #205– This lipstick is rich in antioxidant and vitamin E that acts as a natural; sunscreen  and moisturizes the lips. This arrived in full size, 4g/ 650php.
  • Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care-Enriched with softening and calming properties of burdock (a genus  of composite herbs). This gentle, intimate wash delicately cleans and soothes irritations. It has a mild alkaline pH and contains no soap or parabens, making it ideal for everyday use. It is in its full size of 100ml worth 159.75php in the box.

I also got a Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream as one of the first 150 subscribers.  It is for dry, atopic skin. This emollient cream cleanser is the answer to skin woe! It is use on the face and body to nourish and alleviate itching. It is perfect for adults (like me) and babies with sensitivities. I got a 10 ml sample size of it. It can be purchased for 1,190php/ 200ml (full sized).

A lot of vouchers were also inside the box. There were a total of four vouchers in it. Those are:

  • Lay Bare Waxing Salon Bikini Voucher (I just so love this one! I am a waxing addict! Lol!)
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Coupon Card
  • Soleo Swimwear Voucher
  • Anma Lifestyle Discount Card

I must say that the Beauty SOS box is not just an answer for every ladies beauty woes but also a budget saver for online shop fanatics like me.


I am really glad to have this box! It is a super! Glamourbox never fails to amuse me. For the prize of 599php you can get all the amazing beauty finds right in your doorstep. I will surely wait for their next special edition box. Hopefully it will come very soon.

How about you sweeties? Have you tried subscribing to beauty boxes? What’s your favorite so far? I hope to read from you.


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