What’s in my Bag?


Hi there! This post is actually a long been requested post from one of the sweetest reader I have, Steph Cruz.  Finally, I had the time and the heart to start it out.

Actually, I been planning to make this one into a Vlog, yet my gadgets and the internet connection we have are not that accommodating. Last August, I tried to make this one into a reality by recording a short video about it but sadly my laptop crashed down and other sort of misfortunes came across. That’s the time, I thought, maybe it is not yet my time to Vlog out.

Anyway, with no further ado, let’s start.

I am really petite. A small lady with a big tote on her shoulders wherever she goes. lol! I am used of having big bags than the smaller ones. For me, it is more convenient because I can put everything inside. I also have a thought of missing out something if I change to a smaller bag. I am rarely seen using one.


This orange-mustard bag on my post is something I availed from a friend. It is a mail man’s bag but a bigger version of it. In fact, I can put myself inside it. Lol! But seriously, everything I need in a day of work can fit inside it. There is no other compartment inside it but a huge one where you can just put in everything that’s why I usually use a bag organizer when using this.

One big compartment to organize everything :)

One big compartment to organize everything 🙂

But since, I got few items on it this time, I just put my things inside. While with the small things I got, I use three separated pouches.


I usually got my planner with me. For meetings, schedules, deadlines, receipts and anything that I should jot down, I have it. Even my unspoken ideas are here. It even serves as my notebook during my thesis consultation.


I also have my Ipad mini inside my bag. There’s nothing special about it. It looks business type. It is in a black case with no other identification that it is owned by a kikay like me.  I can use it for some reminders and notes but I prefer writing those on my planner. That’s why the main purpose of it is for capturing important moments and entertainment. I got my an unorganized and a not updated playlist with it. Lol!

Aside from my Ipad mini, I also got my 3 pouches inside. The first one, serves as my wallet, the second is for my make up essentials and the third is my pencil case and “SOS haven”.


A wallet or a pouch?

A wallet or a pouch?


My first pouch is a red pouch from Lady Rustans but for me, it looks like more of a wallet that a bag. It has a handle with it. I love how spacious it is. My cards and other personal identification is in it.


Second, is a pink- striped pouch for make up. This one is smaller than what I usually have. At work, I rarely make my self all doll up that’s why it just have a mineral foundation, blush on, 2 eyeliners,  brow liner, lip balm, mascara and 3 shades of lippies. I also got a bun screw for my hair in it.



While the last is a two-faced elongated pink pouch that is very essential to me. The first envelop of it has my markers, pencils and ball pens (of different types) that I usually use at work and in my MA class. Also, the other side of it, the clear side has all my SOS items. From my hand lotion for dry hands because of chalk dusts, alcohol for hygienic purposes, menthol candies and mentholated oil to reduce my dizziness at times.


I just got 2 other things that cannot fit in, in any pouch that I have. That is my Victoria Secret body mist and Witch Hazel.


Other than those pouches, I also have a rosary pouch with my little Mary, rosary guide and a rosary with an elegant pink fan that I got (really? Uhmmm… borrowed and never returned, lol!) from my college friend. I usually got these items for personal protection.


So there we go with all the regular items inside my bag. How about you sweeties? What are your must haves in your bags?


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