Blog Bitz Week 8: T-Week


Hi there sweeties! Sorry for being MIA for this regular post. I can’t really focus on one theme at the moment. Good thing my work provided me with one. Finally, it helped me to figure out something aside from my busy schedule. 🙂

October is worldwide celebration of Teachers’ Day. With the unusual set up of our school that has a theme every week, they called the previous week to be T-week (Teachers’ Week). What happened to me during that week? That is something I want to share with you.

MONDAY: Launching

Quote randomly downloaded from pinterest.

Quote randomly downloaded from pinterest.

There’s nothing really fabulous that happened that day but the genuine greetings and hug from my students.


Just a sweet treat!

Just a sweet treat!

Yes! We have a free tea and CUPCAKES and other pastries during this day. Something I longed for… Sugar and carbs… Yay!

Wednesday: The Cake I Love

Estrel's Cake. Isn't it elegant?

Estrel’s Cake. Isn’t it elegant?

This cake is something I really want to eat. It looks really elegant and tastes so good as well. Too bad they don’t have delivery services. I love how the girls thought of buying a cake for their teachers. Something good to ease my wild Wednesday (I have a 4 straight class during Wednesday).

Thursday: A Surprise for Me

I was amused by everything that happened last Thursday.

I was amused by everything that happened last Thursday.

I got mad with my advisory class during Wednesday. They were really busy doing others stuffs during my class. I don’t want to be stressed out so I just walked out (a typical response of mine than to say something that will hurt them). The next day, unknowingly, everyone from my class waited quietly outside the faculty room and when I opened the door, BOOOM! All my advisory students sang “Happy Teachers Week” with the tune of Happy Birthday.

Aside from that, they hand over me a cake for all the teachers. What’s funny about the cake? It is called DEVIL’s cake! Lol! I don’t want to put meaning on it anymore. It is always the thought that counts.

They also gave me a heart shaped message book where the class wrote their personal message for me. Sometimes they are just really adorable!

Friday: Home Swit Home

The teacher is pampered!

The teacher is pampered!

It is the theme of our Teacher’s Day. Friday is our culminating celebration. Various services are provided for the teachers including foot spa, mani-pedi, back massage, karaoke, and a lot more to make everyone feel relaxed. I got my foot spa that day from Touch and Heal. It was good.

Saturday: FREE Day

One dream come true!

One dream come true!

We supposed to have our Parent Teacher Conference today and because of the heavy rain, it was suspended. That made me feel relaxed for a weekend. Anyway, it is rescheduled on the coming Monday which I think far better than doing it on a weekend.

Also, I was able to get my dream watch today. Such a lovely treat for a weekend!

Sunday: An Inspiration

I will shine like a DIAMOND! :)

I will shine like a DIAMOND! 🙂 Photo randomly taken from Pinterest.

I am stressed. I accept that. Acceptance is the first step toward healing right? So there, I am in the process of looking for answers on how to end up the rage in me. And I would really love to start with this photo quote.

I felt quite negative the previous week. I don’t know why. But what was good is that there are little things that make me remember that I am lucky, loved and still living.

 I embrace life!


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