Quote Starters: Frustrations


Just today, I received a suggestion from a childhood friend about my blog. The suggestion was inspired by my post “A Model at Heart”. If you happened to read it already, you might notice that I started that post with a nice quote.

She suggested that I should make a regular post elaborating a quote or starting a topic connected to the quote that I will establish. It is something of a reflective type of post (in my idea). I would like to try it out and see how everything goes. So feel free to comment your thoughts after this one sweeties.

I also post some good-inspiring-thought provoking-heart-warming (hopefully) quotes on Philippineartisan’s FB page at times. And yes, I also thought before of doing something like what my friend suggested but I am afraid that it might be out of my niche or just a repeat of my weekly Blog Bitz (that actually been MIA on my dashboard lately) but since someone close to my heart suggested it, then why not give it a try. So here we go…

This week’s quote is something about frustrations. I choose this because of personal reasons. I’ve been frustrated since August came. I been too busy at work and couldn’t balance well my life and everything that I should do aside from those.

I got this quote from http://csi4genell.tumblr.com/

I got this quote from http://csi4genell.tumblr.com/

I am frustrated because I hardly feel genuine happiness  lately. My work has been so busy  that it eats up everything I have especially TIME. Though I  know that I should be really thankful about it because there are a lot of people out there who are jobless, I have mine which is decent and noble, I just can’t see the reason of dedicating my 24hrs of 7days on it alone. 😦

WORK. WORK. WORK. = Burned Out

WORK. WORK. WORK. = Burned Out

I am frustrated because, I want to finish my thesis yet it is still on the editing stage. And I haven’t gone yet with my Chapter 3! The 1st sem is at its end already but I have nothing concrete to see. My direction is unclear.

I hope to start editing by tomorrow. Sleepless nights again.

I hope to start editing by tomorrow. Sleepless nights again.

I am frustrated because at this point, future seems to be uncertain. I want to do something that will force me to let go of something which I have that I finally got after years of dreaming about it. I don’t know exactly what to do now. I’m lost but I should not be. I should be back to myself really soon.

Who am I? What will be ahead of me?

Who am I? What will be ahead of me?

Frustrations. Yes, indeed those are painful. It cuts you down until you reach the dead end. It is the feeling of doing below your capabilities. It is producing something under your expected quality. It is the process of learning, of perseverance and faith on what you believe at. It is life before success.

As of now, everything on my mind is cluttered and unorganized. I want something but too afraid to let go of the things I am used to. Turning point might be just ahead of me. I don’t know how and when to get there but surely someone up there will lead me.

I need to be strong and brave I guess. I have to be very determined with the things that makes me happy.

Everyone has their own frustrations. It is something that keeps us striving. Without frustrations, there will be no success. It is the rain in every rainbow. A sun after each storm. Hope in every misfortune. As I always say to my students: “It is just the matter of perspective.”

 How about you? What are your frustrations?


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  1. The difficulties of trying to find a simple part-time job are frustrating me because a) The government are turning them all into apprenticeships for 16-18 year olds only and b) Companies are sacking people and shoving two full time jobs into one role and re-naming it, with double the work load and stress but with the same original amount of pay. What is the thing that you aren’t brave enough to give up but that you want to?

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