Yettezkie’s Doodles Thanksgiving Giveaway Part2 + Me as her August COM


Hi sweeties! If you happened to read some of my previous FB status, you know that I really spend time reading posts from my favorite bloggers. I am guilty of not posting anything here but reading their posts is my sure antidote for stress that’s why even in my busy schedule, no one can take that away from me.

One of the blogs that is on my everyday read isYettezkie’s Doodles by  Yette. I must say that I really love her FOTD’s and make up reviews. Plus, I admire how she captures photos for her posts. Everything is so chic and stylish. I also find her very nice and candid as she replies to my comments on her posts. She also does some Vlog for her hauls, tutorials and reviews. Awesome right?

These qualities of her sites are sure reasons why even in Youtube, subscribers come to her. Currently she is celebrating her 200+ subbies on her channel and with that she wants to thank us all by conducting a giveaway. In this giveaway, she is giving a Urban Decay Naked BASICS Pallete! Yes! You read it right!

Photo banner grabbed from her blog.

Photo banner grabbed from her blog.

For more details about that giveaway of here you can read more here:

I also joined. Basically, as a show of support to one of my favorite bloggers and at the same time, trying my luck again since I already won in one of her giveaways.

Yette is really generous. That’s what can describe her in her giveaways. Luckily, I experienced that when I won as he August Commenter of the Month.

I literally, jumped for joy when I get to know about it. I was out of town then when I read her post announcing her August Commenter of the Month. I remember myself at the hotel café, not wasting any minute to send her my details. Not too long after that, I received my prizes.

My sister (Ate Aby) was the one who was really astonished upon seeing the palette as part of my prize. I got no chance of taking a picture of it with me since my sister was really excited and can’t get enough of it. So there, she ended up modelling it for me.

My prize finally arrived!

My prize finally arrived!

Sealed for safety :)

Sealed for safety 🙂

As many as I can imagine :)

As many as I can imagine 🙂

her smile says it all :)

Her smile says it all 🙂

It looks water color :) Remembering my childhood days! I love it! Thanks Yette!

It looks like a set of water color 🙂 Remembering my childhood days! I love it! Thanks Yette!

Having those prizes feels really great but more than anything else, I value the things I learn from every post I read from Yette’s blog. Her tips are really valuable.

I hope you will visit her blog too so that you will understand what I am referring too. Don’t forget to join her ongoing giveaways too! May the luckiest win 🙂


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