Blog Bitz 7: My Birthday Week (A Weird, Crazy and Unusual Week)


It was really stormy last week. Classes and even office works were suspended due to heavy rain that caused flood all over the streets of Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Though, it was an advantage for me, since I was writing the Chapter 2 of my thesis and it means more time to run through it, every time I see the down side of it- people that are suffering and being affected by flood, it breaks my heart.

Everything seems to be very unpredictable that time. Considering it was my birthday week. I cannot have a good plan for my birthday because I am stressed out of my school requirements, lacks sleep and very tired. But thank God, the week passed and the people affected by flood are currently recovering from the damage brought by typhoon Maring in their lives.

With me, the week was unorganized. My blog bitz entries are still random because I cannot contain myself due to the fact that I am thinking about lots of stuffs. Anyway, this weekly post of mine should not be skipped. Though quite late, it is something better than no post for the whole week, I guess. Just to make it lighter, I decided to put the word “DAY” in every topic I got for each day of this week’s blog post, it is my birthDAY week anyway, so why not right?

SUNDAY: Dinner Day

2013-08-18 18.44.54-1

This one is an epic dinner. Mom served glutinous rice flour balls with fruits and coconut milk for dinner or what is known to be bilo-bilo or ginataang halo-halo. This is usually served as a native snack here in the Philippines but mom opted to make it as our dinner. For me, a person fond of eating rice and being served by this one as a dinner, feels really weird about it but as I always say, better than nothing. Thus, just to make it fair to my mom, it is a perfect food for the cold and rainy evening plus, undoubtedly it is delicious. Yummy!

MONDAY: Braid Day

2013-08-20 22.28.29-1

I will tell you a secret, lately I feel bored about the things that I am doing (Blogging not included.)  Maybe, I am just overwhelmed by the quantity of those and to crack up a little spice on my boring days like this; I try to do something different. With last Tuesday, I decided to loosin’ up and be a sort of kikay by braiding my hair with no apparent reason but… I just want to. So there, I try to do it on my own and the output is good (in my opinion). What do you think?

TUESDAY: Flood Day

2013-08-20 08.13.18-1

Just to prove that Maring is really a strong kind of typhoon, she showed us her powers (*lol) and she flooded an inch of our kitchen floor. I am not use of flood in our house. It never happened since I had my memory. I can’t remember any event that we are flooded because of typhoon until last Tuesday. But thank God it is just an inch or just perfect to soak up your feet. Some of the books I placed at the lower case of the cabinet in the kitchen were badly affected but as of now, mom is ironing some of those to bring them to life again.

WEDNESDAY: Bestfriends’ Day

2013-08-26 11.21.50

It is August 21 by this day. It is a holiday. The next day will be my birthday and my birthday is always a working day. That’s why, usually I am celebrating my birthday during the 21st. Predicting that there will be classes and work the next day, I stopped doing my thesis and started to work in the kitchen (Yes! Sometimes, I cook…) for my birthday. My older sister, went out to buy a cake for me and invited my best friend to come over for our mini celebration. Ate Aby (my older sister) joked at my best friend to buy chicken to match with the Carbonara that I cooked. I never thought that she will take it seriously and at exactly 3:00pm, Eunice (my bestfriend) is at home with her roasted chicken (She just live a street away. lol).

I don’t see Eunice often since we gone to college but during special occasions, we still make time for each other. And to be a little bit crazy that day, I decided to braid my hair again but this time, with Eunice’s hair. She was really a supportive kind of best friend and she agreed (maybe because it is my birthday). And the output is absolutely perfect! Yey!

THURSDAY: Jamba Juice Day (My Birthday)

2013-08-22 12.19.03-1

Last week, on my haul post, I told you about the recent online giveaways where I won nice prizes. One of those is from Sunday’s Avenue’s giveaway where I won a gift card with 200php to be spent at any Jamba Juice outlet nationwide.

During my birthday, I always go out to attend a mass or visit the church. I did the same this year. I went to Redemptorists Church in Baclaran and went to Mall of Asia after to do my grocery.

I saw the Jamba Juice kiosk there and use gift card for payment. It was my first time going to their place and I was alone. I just try their Mega Mango smoothies, since I love mangoes very much. It taste so good and you can feel the freshness of fruits in every sip. I love it!

FRIDAY: Hard Candy Eye shadow Day

2013-08-23 13.10.31-1

Birthday gifts? I got a lot and one of those is a prize from a giveaway. This time it is from Pinay on the Loose’s Friday Flash Giveaway. And I got a mini palette eye shadow. I am not a pro in applying eye shadows, and usually I go without it but having this inspires me to learn how. Now, that’s unusual  with me!

Thanks Ms.CJ of Pinay on the Loose! More power to your blog 🙂


2013-08-24 17.56.40-1

A week or more of sleepless nights left me a remembrance. It was a zit on my right cheek. I pacified myself thinking that it is a remembrance on how hard I worked. I hope it will vanish soon so that I can go with my upcoming projects already. If I just can put a magic on it… *Vabooommm!”

Thanks guys for all the greetings during my birthday. This year is a special one since I having almost all the breakthroughs I want. Thank you for journeying with me. I love you all my dear sweeties for your continuous support on my blog. God Bless us more!

This has been my weird, crazy, and unusual birthday week. Thanks for reading!  Hope to read from you soon too… Just hit on my comment box. Thanks!


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  2. Hello again blog twin ;0) I really liked reading about your birthday (happy birthday) week, it was more interesting than a post about one single thing. Your braid looks really pretty (I’m going to try this) and that photo with your friend is funny and sweet :0) It was so kind of her to cook you a chicken! I don’t know what I would do if my house started filling up with water – apart from wearing wellington boots! Never heard of bilo bilo before but it sounds yummy!

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