Blog Bitz Week 6: Random Hauls (Forever21 + SampleRoom + Body Shop + MORE)


Hey yah sweeties! I’ve been suppperrr busy these past few days. I really want to share a lot about the things I’ve been up to lately yet I always don’t have time left for blogging since I am working on almost three jobs- thesis student, teacher and office girl (well, actually being a teacher and the office girl should just be one but the demands at work are so much that it makes me feel that those are two full loads for me).

Anyway, for this week’s Blog Bitz, I will be featuring my Random Hauls that are actually can be equated as my pending posts. And given the situation I am now, I think that I cannot manage to run through them one by one but through this weekly post. Those are not accurately done day after day like the usual format of this post but it is still composed of 7 delightful ideas and equally informative and hopefully an enjoyable read. So let’s start!

First Haul: Forever 21


Oh yes! I made damage on my funds again weeks before. Whenever I am inside Forever 21, it makes me feel guilty in either ways. First, I may be guilty if I will not treat myself for a job well done or something I accomplish so I end up buying anything that might I actually don’t need. But on the other hand, after buying I feel guilty since I should currently up to save for something I want for future. However, sometimes I just can’t hold my control on myself especially when the things are on sale and it includes make ups and anything that is in pastel color.

In this haul of mine at Forever 21, I got my new set of mascara named Lash Extension Duo which I find really amazing, since it has a capacity to makes my lashes look fuller and longer (280php) and a Hint of Color, mint gloss (105php), both from Love and Beauty. Plus, I also catch a nice set of pastel hair goods that I don’t know where or when to use (160php).

I must say that even though I damaged my funds, those are still irresistibly good finds. lol!

Second Haul: Sample Room


Lately, I am not browsing through Sample Room so I usually missed out good items. But luckily, I was able to stumble upon this one. It is White Result Exfoliating Cream. It claims to leave our skin instantly brighter, smoother, deeply hydrated and free from impurities.

Since I am not really into experimenting beauty products on my face, I use this one on my elbows and knees. I like how visible it works since I can scrub out some impurities when I use it.

It costs 599php but at Sample Room, it is equal to 95points plus 100php shipping fee. Not bad!

Third Haul: Body Shop


This is the guiltiest haul I had here but since I am currently using the items I bought, I have no regrets. I really love The Body Shop already and it feels like I can’t miss out any of their sale especially when it is 50% ++ off.

In this haul I spent 1.6K. Aside from the items I purchased, I got 2 freebies of travelling essentials- Rainforest shampoo and conditioner which I took as a reward for my overspending haul (lol!). So what I got are: Olive Oil Shower Gel (you know I am always inlove with shower gels), Moringa Body Mist (which I got with 20% off since it is my birthday month. Woot!) and Extra Virgin Mineral compact foundation (50% off).

So far, I am really inlove with my Moringa Mist and I will surely get back to buy another when I finish my first.

Fourth Haul: Genevieve


Last Thursday, my belt got broken and in view of the fact that I just have one “formal” belt that I can use during working days, I decided to drop by Genevieve Gozum at Robinson’s Galleria to but myself one or two of it.

I love buying belts at this boutique because they sell it at a very affordable prize. Both belts I got were worth 50php each! (yeah! 50php only!) And I also like the fact they can adjust the size of the belt by punching more holes on it when I feel that it is too big for me. Plus! they got nice designs too! For this haul, I bought belts that are both black . The first one is garterized that I can use for my black dresses. While the other has a front lock and a tuck at the back with some embossed silver designs (I find it quite unique).

I also bought a set of earrings (composed of 3 pairs) for 75php! When you do the math, that makes it cost, 25php each only. And the designs are cute and really fun.

This is my affordable haul. lol!

Fifth Haul: Human Nature


Oh! Last Friday, I went to an ocular inspection with some of my fellow faculty members for our students’ field trip. One of our stop is Enchanted Village at Angat, Bulacan. It is a village of Gawad Kalinga providing people houses and a livelihood to use in order to improve their state of living.

The place is nice and beautiful. It also has good things to offer to their visitors like fresh air and products that are competitive in quality but affordable in prize.

I was surprised to see that there is a Human Nature boutique in the village. They got good products for beauty and wellness. I almost want to buy everything but because of my financial restriction to myself, I just bought a toner (which I badly need because I just run out of my usual brand).

I got Human Nature Balancing Facial Toner with Elemi and Orange suited for my skin that is oily to combination kind. I bought 100ml of it. Would you know how it cost me? Just 99.75php! Isn’t that a wise buy already?

Sixth Haul: Shop Now and Lhot’s Fashion House

Online shops are everywhere in the World Wide Web. But I just got two trusted line when it comes to my fashion apparels, and those are:  Shop Now and Lhot’s Fashion House.

I find their owners really nice and very easy to deal with when it comes to my transactions. Their items also depict the current trend in the fashion industry. They offer affordable prizes and sometimes, discounts and freebies! (Yey!) My last haul with them was just few weeks ago and I received the items I ordered already.


I got four items from Shop Now: a long pencil cut skirt, skater skirt, a blue studded blouse and a nerd cotton top. The transaction I had with this shop lasted for a week or more since her items are almost always run out of stock (talking about how in-demand are those!) but when I finally received the items, the long wait was paid off.


While at Lhot’s Fashion House, I got two items: navy blue minis dress and yellow blouse. Because of the reason of the slight delay of my orders that I mentioned already during my last week’s Blog Bitz, I also got a free item which is a red racer back laced top.

This haul made me very patient and happy! Thank you Katrina and Lhot!

Seventh Haul: I am Lucky- Itzmyuson, GenzelKisses,  SundaysAvenue

Lastly, a haul that I haven’t spend anything. Would you believe that? It’s true. Maybe I am just lucky. You know how fond I am with online giveaways and sometimes I am fortunate enough to win those. In this haul, I am happy to announce that I won not just one but three giveaways! (Yeah! It’s three!)


The first one is from Itsmyyuson. Her former blog is the one of the first blogs that I stumbled upon when I am still thinking of the topics that I want to put on my blog. Her blog is something that I visit almost every day because I really admire the cute layout of it. She also features fashion ideas that are refreshing to me. I find nice given that she always reply on my comments. I didn’t know that visiting her blog can be paid off by a great treat! I was her chosen Commenter of the Month (COM) for July and that makes it more than worthwhile. I received a Sophia Eyelashes Enhancer for this. 🙂


I also received items from GenzelKisses blog. I admire Genzel, the lady behind this blog for being so active on her blog which I can’t imitate at the moment. I won her recent Trio Beauty Giveaway collaborated with two other bloggers. I almost fail to claim my prize in this giveaway. Good thing Genzel is kind enough to recall the winners of this giveaway which that time, I was able to read. Oh, being busy sometimes makes me missed out good thing. lol! I love the items I got especially the Iwhite Korea Whitening Pack.


Lastly, I won Sunday Avenue’s Jamba Juice GC Giveaway. I received a 200php worth of gift card. It was really unexpected for since I sent an entry just once. But I must be really lucky. I haven’t been to Jamba Juice that’s why I am really privileged being one of the winners of that giveaway. I will surely try it out soon. Thanks SundaysAvenue!

Longest haul post over. lol! But I am happy to pause for awhile and share to you some things that I been really finding time to blog out.

I hope to finish my thesis soon to finally return to my blogging routine. I miss you sweeties!



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  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you to recieve the Versatile Blogger Award! Head on over to my page for all the details!

  2. very lucky girl,I didnt win on genzels giveaway..ahaha,baka this time makachamba ako sa giveaway reader here.Goodluck and more power to your blog.

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    • Ikaw rin naman 🙂 hihihi 🙂 Minsan kapag sinuswerte lang talaga. Tsaka na-e-enjoy ko rin ang pagbabasa ng iba’t ibang blogs. Stress reliever ko na yun.

      Medyo natagalan ko nga bago nalaman na ako pala nanalo dun sa TBG kasi busy ako nun. Buti nag-last call si Genzel. Thank you!

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