Blog Bitz Week 5: Best Things in Life


Hi sweeties! They say, that the best things in life are FREE. And for me, I have to try and see in order to believe. *wink*

I made it as my subject for this week’s Blog Bitz. At first, I am a little bit anxious about completing the line up from Sunday to Saturday. But as the days passed by, the task became easier.  What’s the key? Just keep your eyes wide open for these little blessings that come your way.

Wondering what are the freebies I got? Come and see the best things in life I experienced during the entire week.

SUNDAY: Prettify me

My Loyalty Card and receipt. I also tried out  other services fro LAy Bare and it was indeed satisfying!

My Loyalty Card and receipt. I also tried out other services fro Lay Bare and it was indeed satisfying!

My regular waxing salon offers a good deal of price for their service. I visit Lay Bare (random branches) every two weeks to maintain my brows. And the prize of being a good costumer is a free eyebrow threading during your birthday month! Yes! Absolutely FREE! That’s why I cannot miss that opportunity and immediately went there as soon as I got my free day! Such an early birthday gift, right?

MONDAY: Job Well Done!

Meaty lunch :)

Meaty lunch 🙂

Monday is the opening program of our month long celebration of our national language. Here in the Philippines we are trying to instil to  our students the importance of our Filipino language and for that, August was declared  to be Buwan ng Wika (Language Month) in our country. As part of the teachers who organized the mentioned event, we got a free lunch! Yey!

Our menu? ADOBO. It is a dish made from pork or chicken meat (or both), soy sauce, vinegar and spices.

Last Monday, we got pork adobo with iced tea and dessert. Lunch? Solved!

TUESDAY: Hey! Surprise!

Chic and Sexy

Chic and Sexy

I am an online shop buyer since last year. Though there are a lot of shops emerging all over around the World Wide Web, I still go back to the shops that I trust the most.

Recently, I had my online shopping with one of my favorite apparel shop- Lhot’s House of Fashion. I’ve been transacting orders to this shop since last year and she never fails to deliver items that are on trend but still affordable.

But the previous week, Lhot, the preggy owner of the shop informed me that she might ship the items I ordered quite late because of her condition. Actually, I don’t mind but she said that she will just give me something to cover up with the “damage” done which I think, not actually necessary.

Just when I received my parcel, I saw inside the package this red laced racer back top which is not part of order. It looks so good! Such a nice treat from the sweet owner of the shop!

WEDNESDAY: Stress Free Day

Yummy Treats!

Yummy Treats!

My class is jammed pack during Wednesday. But little good things still come on my way.

During morning, a student approached me and gave me a doughnut because it was her birthday. Then, when I went to my table, I saw this red fruit called “rambutan” in Filipino, on my table from a kind officemate.

Wednesday afternoon, the classes were cut because of teachers’ meeting. Though tired and a bit late because I finished my class first, I still attended the meeting. My prize for being an obedient employee? A cup of well flavored and garnished porridge plus tofu and pork in soy sauce with my favourite spices.

Yum! Yum! Yum! Foods are really stress reliever.

THURSDAY: Rainforest

My freebies from The Body Shop.

My freebies from The Body Shop.

Oooops I did it again! (*while Britney Spears’ song is playing on my head) I got my guilty haul at The Body shop. And because it was sale, I enjoyed shopping. My bill exceeds in a certain limit making me avail these traveler size shampoo and conditioner in Rain Forest. Not that bad…

Another addition to my collection!

Friday: Blessed

A peaceful morning :)

A peaceful morning 🙂

Free Day!!! Yehey! I made use  of this day to start reading, decoding, translating and encoding of the Related Literature of my thesis. Such a productive day!

Saturday: Downloaded

Only for my han...

Only for my hub…

I am trying to get ready with my le BF’s birthday. These Ipad applications that I downloaded for free became so handy in editing pictures for my birthday surprise to him. Love it!

During these days, free items are rare, so I hope you will grab the opportunity when it comes. Or in a softer light, FREE stuffs are just around us, we just need to appreciate what we got and welcome the little blessings that are coming our way.

Yay! Done!!! A week full of free items for me. How about you? What are the freebies you got last week?

For requests of the topics that you want me to feature on Blog Bitz, just leave your comments 🙂

Bye for now sweeties! 🙂


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  3. this post is really cute.. How heart warming to see how you appreciate simple blessing everyday.

    Stay positive 🙂

    Have you tried brazilian waxing at lay bare? 🙂

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