My Chinito’s 24th Birthday


Photo 8-11-13, 12 24 09 AM

I know he might hate it when he will discover that I am blogging about his birthday. He actually hate the thought of getting old, but me? I am always thankful that he’s getting old with me (maybe not physically but yeah, still with me).

We were both born on August but he arrived a year earlier than I am, but we’re batchmates. That’s how the story goes. We don’t know each other personally until we met two years ago through Facebook and the rest was history.

Yes, we’re in an LDR but I don’t want this night to pass by without making him feel how important he is to me (sorry for being mushy) despite of distance so I decided (as always) to make a simple AVP for my Chinito. He is actually look more Chinese with his eyes than me.

I chose the song Chinito by Yeng Constantino because when I first hear that song, what flashes into my mind are all image of him.  I also have chinito brothers but his eyes are very chinky than any guy I now.

Simple and not too dramatic. This year, I decided not to make him cry (because that’s what I did years back). The AVP I made for his birthday this year are composed of random pictures of him from our daily conversation in the web, some picture of us when he’s still here in the Philippines and my favorite quotes that inspire me (us) to strive harder in making our relationship work despite of distance.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my AVP at the link provided here:

Thanks sweeties for watching! Let me know your thoughts about it 🙂


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