Blog Bitz Week 4: These Made Me Happy


Too early for a Blog Bitz? Actually not. It should be my last week’s Blog Bitz but since I had a lot of pending posts, I just plan to make this one a little bit late to be distinguish from the one from the other week.

Anyway, I also want to make this regular blog post a little bit defined by having a theme or concept every week which will help me to pick out pictures to feature a little bit easier . And for the first theme of this post, I choose something light, THINGS THAT MADE ME SMILE OR LAUGH. What are your thoughts about it?

It was really hard for me to laugh or smile last week since I’m at the edge of passing everything on time. I hate submitting late that’s why I tried my best to put up everything needed on or before the date given.
But because of my theme for that week’s Blog Bitz I was able to pause for a while and see good things around me. What are those? Just scroll down and you will find out.

SUNDAY: Affordable Cupcakes

Why not?

Why not?

Sometimes I just crave for something sweet and that Sunday morning, I feel like eating cupcakes. So what I did was to ask my sister to buy me one at the nearby supermarket and fortunately, she agreed. I was expecting for a cupcake which are carefully crafted, with icing and designs and most of all, freshly baked. But she returned home with that pack of 12 dozen assorted cupcakes which are far from my expectations and I have no choice but to eat those for snacks while laughing my heart out. My sister, led me back to my kindergarten years because those are my usual snacks for recess in school.

MONDAY: Never Grow Old with Smurfs

What's the name of this Smurf?

What’s the name of this Smurf?

One of my colleagues showed this mini Smurf toy. That day, I was really tired because of my back logged work during the weekend. Thinking that the Smurf is her niece’s I just took it like, “Oh, that’s cute,” and went back to work. But when she started telling stories on how she got it and confirming that it was hers made me laugh out loud. Thinking, serious people are also fond of children’s toys from kiddie meals. We’re still young at heart.

TUESDAY: Donut for Free

Pinky was her name... One sweet child :)

Pinky was her name… One sweet child 🙂

More than laugh, this one drew a genuine smile on my face. I was walking around the covered walk at the school where I am teaching and was heading to the canteen to buy some lunch. I saw this bunch of Grade 6 students preparing their treats for Nutrition Month. They happily greeted me since most of them became my student when they were in grade 3. There was a girl from that batch that was not part of my class, she always smile at me whenever she sees me. I find her very pleasant. Then when I was at their booth and randomly had chit chats with them, this girl told me to get any from their treats. I refused to do so because it was too early then and it was not yet lunch break. But this generous girl insisted and wrapped this doughnut in a paper bag and give it to me. How can I say no to the pure hearted girl?

WEDNESDAY: Fast and Happy Food

Fun food!

Fun food!

I was really tired that Wednesday. I got 4 straight classes and I was also doing special classes in the afternoon. Going home, I thought of having a treat for myself. I just want a little something to make me smile so I took a regular meal at McDonalds. It was heaven for me that time.

THURSDAY: Chinese Food



Yay! I am a Chinese Food lover. I love their different kinds of rice with spices, soups and most especially dimsum. But since I am 24 hrs awake already, I decided to upgrade my meal to this. That was just my lunch and it feels like I can defeat anything else that will come my way! Recharged!

FRIDAY: Peeling Sexy Toes

Pretty in read

Pretty in read

I took a treatment on my toes last July and the effect of it is the peeling off of dead skin on my toes. Though my toes are peeling, I don’t care that much and went through my regular nail regimen- manicure and pedicure.I got my toes painted with scarlet nail polish as requested by a client for nail modelling and it looks really good. Isn’t it?

SATURDAY: Movie Haul

Free movie from a stranger :)

Free movie from a stranger 🙂

I was invited by a good friend to watch an indie film last Saturday. After the movie, we loiter at the auditorium lobby since celebrities are all around. While waiting for my friend and her classmates, a lady stared at me. After a while, she made a gesture of asking me to come near her. So, I did because she looks decent and doesn’t feel dangerous at all. There she handed me 3 FREE tickets to the next movie that will be screened in few minutes. My companions were shocked upon seeing it. And since I was about to go home that time, I just give it away to my friend’s classmates. That way everyone is happy and the ticket was used properly. Such a nice treat from a stranger right?

It was really a fun week for me despite of the things that I need to finish.
Just so my sweeties want to know, you may suggest any topic for my upcoming Blog Bitz just by commenting below. Good week ahead!


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