Philippineartisan’s 23rd Birthday Giveaway 1


It’s August once again. I love August for the obvious reason that it is my birthday month. Though very busy, this month makes me excited for the past few years.

Ironically speaking, as a child I remember my birthdays to be sad. I always got misfortunes during my birthday then. August is a rainy season here in the Philippines that’s why when my parents throw me a party during my birthday sit is either no one will come or very few will made it. Same as when I was a teenager, my birthday is always filled with exams and school works, with no time left for me to celebrate. Also there are times that my parents don’t spare me from some punishment during my birthday which made everything worst. That’s why I promise to myself that when I am working already, nothing can stop me from enjoying all the birthdays left for me. I vowed that every year, I will do something new when August comes that will make me better as a person, and I did! Since then, I’ve been discovering a lot about myself as I go through my 20+ age. And now, my bad memories about my birthday turned one by one into something worth waiting for. In one way or another maybe it just depends on my current disposition in life, too be happy and know my limits.

Just this year, I discovered the genuine joy that blogging has to give. It is like an online diary for me in which I can randomly say what I want without people judging me which I actually experienced in some social networking sites. I honestly believed that people in the blog world (as I say it) are decent enough to leave their comments in a subtle manner that makes it more a constructive criticism than a rude judgement. It was never my goal to be a blogger but now, I am one and with that I am very grateful to know more people in the World Wide Web that inspires e to continue to dream big and fulfil those dreams. Nothing is impossible anyway…

With that, I want to give back all those good things that happened, happening and will happen to me as I go through another year of my journey. I been so excited for this giveaway and I hope you are too.

23 items for my 23rd birthday

23 items for my 23rd birthday

Just for a closer look of the prizes here it is…

Bathing buddies

Bathing buddies

Lotion forever

Lotion forever

Stay fresh and sexy

Stay fresh and sexy

And for my 23rd birthday the prize at stake in this giveaway is a loot bag that is composed of 23 items of beauty and grooming products. You just need to follow the instructions given at the rafflecopter widget below. Take note of all the mandatory tasks in order to qualify in this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Easy pissy right? So there! Goodluck everyone!

This giveaway will from August 5, 12pm- August 22 (my birthday!), 12pm, Philippine Time.

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  1. This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only (sorry for my international readers).
  2. There will be only one winner for this giveaway. He/ She needs to claim her prize 48hrs after I post the name of the winner on my blog, FB page and Twitter. If /she will not be able to respond in the span of time given, I will pick another winner to be fair with other s who frequently visits my site.
  3.  NO CHEATING! I will be checking the entries one by one.

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    Hi! Advanced happy birthday to you. I’m glad that I’m the first one to join your giveaway. Just stay beautiful as you are now, always be humble and God bless to you. More birthdays to come!! Enjoy your day. More power to you and your blog.

    (I’ll make sure to greet you also on the day of your birthday) ^-^

  2. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your blessings! God will continue to bless you more! Enjoy your day and be happy always! 🙂

  3. Hope you have a wonderful day full of happiness and that your wishes come true! Happy Birthday and God Bless!

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