Blog Bitz Week 3


Hey sweeties! Sorry for being MIA for weeks now. I’ve been very busy these past few weeks with the activities we have at work. I been wishing for holidays to have some time to relax and go back to blogging yet I think I still need to be very patient before it comes.

Though very busy, I want to keep you updated on some good things that I experienced and experiencing. Actually this post should come up a little bit earlier since all of this happened last last week but I just can’t do blogging then because of some task that are really urgent.

But I am happy to blog out (I love this word… blog out! Lol!) that in the midst of my very busy life, I can still recognize little good things that are happening along my way.

SUNDAY: Nail Polish Modelling

I made it blurry for some personal reasons :)

I made it blurry for some personal reasons 🙂

Just last week, I received an email asking me to take part on a project and it was something that I never thought about of happening. It was a proposal for a nail polish modelling somewhere across the world. It was really a blessing for me because it is a random act of mine to post pictures of my nails and toes on my blog (something about my narcissism) which led me to this one. Glad that blogging in my case, did not just let me tell my stories but in some extent let me know people that believed in me and in the gifts that I have.

MONDAY: Grapes from Mom

Close up. Yummy and Healthy!

Close up. Yummy and Healthy!

I am a sucker of healthy food and my mom knows that. This Monday was a holiday for me because of a national event that was happening around the city where I am working. And that day made me stay home with mom while my other siblings are at work or in school. Finally, I was able to bond with mom after my summer vacation was over. I got these grapes of hers in the fridge because it was just there which made me think that no one wants it. So what I did was to get the whole platter of it and munch it one by one. When mom saw me eating her grapes she asked for some and let me finish the others. I was really a spoiled that day.

TUESDAY: A Quiet Place

Nice right?

Nice right?

Being busy sometimes shaken my inner peace. Balancing work, studies, social life, blogging and a lot more (which I consider all as genuine gifts from God) really needs a lot of effort. Being thankful with those, I really try to finish everything in the best way possible which made me lack that quiet time to reflect.

But last Tuesday, when I am about to go to one of my classes, the other teacher took a few minutes from my subject which was an advantage for my part. I waited outside the classroom and was able to take a view outside our school’s corridor window. There I saw this scenery which is so serene that made me grateful that I am still at work and able to witness such blessing.

WEDNESDAY: My Newest Bracelet

Worth having.

Worth having.

My class officers went to a leadership training Tuesday of this week, yet I was not able to go with them because I have my classes. But as soon as I went inside the class the next day, they handed down this bracelet to me from their training. Such a thoughtful bunch of officers I got this year!

THURSDAY: The Green Mangoes



My office mates know how busy I am but I always steal a little time of mine to tell stories and laugh with them. Our office is near the mall where we can go if we want to buy something that we cannot get inside the school. But I still consider that place far since I am staying at the 3rd floor of the farthest building there. This very kind of office mate I got will go to that mall last Thursday and asked me if she can get anything for me. There I requested for my comfort food (aside from dimsum)… green mangoes and shrimp sauce.

FRIDAY: The Paper Swan



I got a straight 3 hours class every Friday afternoon. That was terribly stressing in my part but I always take it positive since I can bond with my advisory class. After that afternoon, one of my students gave me this one inch, paper swan which made me smile though very tired. It was so small that I can put it on the small pots I have on my table. See how cute it is! Such a good way to end my day.

SATURDAY: Pintersting 🙂



I did not go to my MA classes because I thought of having a good rest before joining a marathon. There I was able to surf a little in the internet and I discovered the fun I can get in Pinterest. I saw this nice quote about being busy and it made me thankful of this busy life I have.

Blessings are pouring for me. It actually pours for everybody else. What we just need to do is to find time to recognize each of them in the best way we can. After all, being busy is a way for us to divert all our attention in something more fruitful and hopefully, to the good of mankind.

Catch all the blessings you’ve got and surely, you will be happier!


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  3. The first photo is really cool. Good to know you’re blessed with pretty hands and feet, not like me. My hands are quite ugly because of the scars I got from skin asthma. 😦 Well anyway, when I saw the photo of the paper swan, I suddenly miss my former students. I missed teaching. Teaching is the most rewarding profession by far. Stressful yet rewarding!

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