Philippineartisan Shop’s Craziness Over Arm Candies


Have you visited my Facebook page lately? If so, maybe you know already that I am starting up my own shop with fab accessories and fashion apparels.

Beware! This post is somewhat about loving my own items. LOL! So if you feel uncomfortable about it, you may not scroll down.  (But I hope not.)

Well, the main purpose of this blog post is just to show you, sweeties my top 3 pick from my current collection that made me actually go head over heels .

My Favorites

My Favorites

What Urge Me to Start with a Shop

First, I will be sharing with you why I thought of starting a Philippineartisan Shop (that’s what I want to call it). It is because I am fond of fashion items from accessories to apparels. Being a online shopping addict, I got to know a lot of online direct seller and re-sellers.

And with them, I got the idea of reselling which entitles me to beneficial discounts to my personal purchases. I love discounts so much that’s why I buy the idea of reselling. *wink*

Moreover, if I will be successful with it, I might earn a good amount of money with it. Practical right?

What my Shop Got

As of now, my shop just focuses on arm candies and some fashionable apparel. My arm candies collection which is part of the ACCESSORIES albums grew up to its Collection XX while I am just starting with the apparel collection which is called FASHION.

My Favorites

As a fashion blogger, I cannot resist the temptation of having some favorites from my ACCESSORIES collection. As of now, I got 3 of it. Here are my top picks:

1.       Mantra Bracelets

My own Mantra bracelets.

My own Mantra bracelets.

It is not just a bracelet it is saying something positive too. Attracting good vibes should always start from you. Feel vibrant with luck, hope, faith, peace or all designs on your arms. It can be worn just alone, especially when you feel like that day is needing any of the four mantras or you can keep it all stuck up on your arms to have everything you need for a happy and fab fashion statement.

When worn...

When worn…

What also good about it is you can mix and match the mantra coins with any color of twisted cords that you want.

A closer look.

A closer look.

As with me, I got luck, hope and peace. I choose green, yellow and white respectively.  I also love wearing it all together.

You can get this for only 35php each or 90php/3 pcs.  Just click this link for further details:

2.       Braids and Charms

My Braids and Charms... My own choice of charms.

My Braids and Charms… My own choice of charms.

Charms… Charms… Charms… So girly and fun! Who doesn’t what that? Well, that’s what this collection has.

From Angels to Eiffel Tower we got it. You may mix the charms that you want or just like me, stay with one and string it around. You may choose your charms between antique gold or silver, which are actually both elegant and we can personalize the measure of the braids that will actually fits you so well.

When worn.

When worn.

This is what I got. I chose Eiffel Tower charms and chain it over with braided red, blue and white suede. Looks nautical right?

This one is worth 95 php only. Such a good buy! You may view my collection on Accessories II here:

3.       Infinity with Rhinestones in Suede

Nude Infinity with Rhinestone for me.

Nude Infinity with Rhinestone for me.

Infinity accessories are such a fab. I love its meaning; infinity actually means forever which makes it a hit to couples or even to some singles hoping for a love to come soon.

Well, too bad I don’t have my hubby around that’s why; I just got an infinity bracelet with rhinestones (but I wish to have the couple’s infinity bracelet). It looks so classy at only 85php each.

It looks good right?

It looks good right?

Like the other two, you can choose the color of suede to be use on your arm candy and also have it measured in a way that it fits you so well.

A closer look.

A closer look.

Love it too, as much as I do? Hit on this link to have the complete collection of this item from my page:

Arm Candy addiction here!

Arm Candy addiction here!

Aren’t those lovely?  And now, you will probably know why I am so crazy about my arm candies.

If you want to see more designs you may check out currently updated items at the link below. Hurry! Collections are running out! They are selling like pancakes! Better grab yours now sweeties.

Happy shopping!


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  1. omg! I’m a big fan of bracelets ate rosalie! Ang cute ng items mo. I love making handmade bracelets tbh especially kidadas and charmed ones. hehehehe I also have a shop before kaso pinaclose ko muna kasi busy eh.. more power to your amazing shop and stay fabulous! 🙂

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