Blog Bitz Week 2


Hi, there sweeties!!! Blogging is something that excites me every weekend. As you would know, I’ve been juggling some tasks around but I just realized that it is not something to rant about but something to be thankful for.  Not everyone is given a chance to explore different horizons of life, and I think I am lucky enough to be given lots of opportunities.

Fun tasks are waiting for me this coming August and it is something that I’ve been looking forward to (of course, aside from my birthday). Don’t worry sweeties I will surely update you once and a while about it. *wink*

And this week’s Blog Bitz is something to be happy about though a little bit nerdy, I tried to find something fun about the things that I’ve been going through, so let’s see if I succeeded.

Sunday: Mom’s New Recipe

No one beats mom's recipes!

No one beats mom’s recipes!

One thing that I love about Sundays is that I can enjoy mom’s recipes. I still love homemade food more than the ones that are ready to eat. Moreover, I am trying to shift my diet to less salt and carbs plus more rich in protein foods. It is not that I want to be thinner but I want to be healthier. As much as possible, I refrain from eating red meat and go with white meat diet.

Last Sunday, mom cooked her very first Fish Fillet made from Cream Dory fish. I must say that I just love it! I am not a fan of fried foods but this one is different. It is not too oily even if it is fried and not too salty. I bet my mom knows exactly what I would like my food to be and that made my Sunday amazing. Just a happy tummy!

Monday:  Library Haul

I hope to be successful with this one.

I hope to be successful with this one.

I am self confessed geek. Just this Monday I went to the college library of the school where I am working and borrowed 5 books at a time. I don’t actually mean reading all of it but just some parts. And also, I photocopied some parts of it to be included in the related literature of my thesis.

The fun part about it is putting my post-its with butterfly designs to mark the pages to be photocopied. I love my not so new post-it designs. It is actually a gift from a student last year and I really find it useful just now.

Yes, I am a geek but still a chic!

Tuesday: My Crazy Sticker Hub

This is actually my sister's tumbler. I stole it from her. Lol!

This is actually my sister’s tumbler. I stole it from her. Lol!

I love stickers, but sadly, I don’t have a collection of it. In the school where I am working, almost every teacher and student has a set of it. It is not a requirement but girls are always girls and I guess stickers adds up a feminine side on whichever thing you wish to stick it to.

As I said, I don’t have a collection of it but once in a while, someone gives me a sticker and guess where I stick it? Yeah!!! On my tumbler. I don’t really know why I post it there.  But I think, some things doesn’t really need an explanation.

This Tuesday, I asked a strawberry sticker from my seatmate at the faculty room. I was not able to resist the temptation of it, as she showed me her sticker set. I feel so child-like. For those who don’t know it yet, I am really crazy about anything with strawberries. lol!

Wednesday: My Cheetos Day!

My stress saver :)

My stress saver 🙂

Wednesday is my full teaching load day. It is actually stressful and Cheetos saves me.

What I love about it is that it seems to be everyone’s favorite that’s why I can share it to anyone and start a conversation with them even if they are busy, even with my supervisors. *wink*

Talking to my office mates and catching up with each other helps me relieve stress and Cheetos do the magic behind it.

Thursday: Binder clips or Fasteners?

I use fasteners for those pile of papers that are too thick to be handled by binder clip. I have to read all of them. Save me! LOL!

I use fasteners for those pile of papers that are too thick to be handled by a binder clip. I have to read all of them. Save me! LOL!

Papers, papers, papers everywhere! Papers are indeed part of my daily life. This time, papers are not just a pile but a number of it. I don’t want to worry much about it anyway. I just try to be organized enough so that when the times come that I really need to face those papers; it will be ready to mingle with me. lol! And atleast, it looks charming by that time. Oh no, sounds like deadlines!

Friday: I Took A Leave

Just sitting it their comfy sofa set inside the library while I took this photo.

Just sitting on their comfy sofa set inside the library while I took this photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not the kind of teacher who is always absent in class but this year, I need to really balance everything on my hands so that I can finish all of them in time. This is actually the reason why I took a Friday leave. I don’t have teaching loads every Friday which makes me less guilty on doing it.

Where I’ve been? I gone to a library haul again at one of the best universities here in the Philippines. I find their library awesome! A ten-story (Yes! 10 story) building just for a library… I love my research day there. One day is not really enough! They got the newest book collections and latest studies that can be part of my thesis. Yay! It seems that I want to live there already.

Geek mode activated!

Saturday: My Cup of Tea

Green Tea Goodness... Love it!

Green Tea Goodness… Love it!

Tea relaxes me. After a long long long week, I love how my green tea accompanies me. No more explanation, just as it is. Plain and simple, just like adding a hot water. And a great weekend starts again for me.

Gottcha! Done with my Blog Bitz this week. It was indeed a roller coaster ride for me but still, I find it awesome. As I am starting another week, great news are coming up. I will let you know by next week. Have a great week ahead sweeties!


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