Blog Bitz Week 1 (Launching)


I wish it is holidays. I been so stuck up at work that I cannot do the things that I want, like blogging. Yet even though, how stuck I am, I always try to make it up to you sweeties by posting at least 3 blog entries during weekends. But yes, I still feel guilty about it since there are some of my readers who wants more on my blog. I feel overwhelmed and challenged with their demands. With that, my desire to have a regular weekly post sprouted. I will call it Blog Bitz.

This post every weekend will give you random things that I find inspiring, unique, overwhelming or maybe just nothing. It actually aims to share snap moments that happen to me during the week, I would just want to go a little bit more close and personal to you my beloved sweeties.

This week is my trial week for it so please, please, please don’t hesitate to post your feedback about this mini-segment of mine and we will see from there…

What I got this week? Here we go…

Sunday: My Cure, A Nebulizer

My nebulizer machine.

My nebulizer machine.

One unique thing about me, is that I don’t drink medicines especially tablets and capsules. I usually settle on an alternative medicine or just let everything be fixed on its own natural way. But last week, I hardly can’t speak, no voice is coming out from my mouth and worst, I need to teach the whole week. So when the weekend finally arrived, my mom told me to use this nebulizer to ease the burden of my sore throat and her speculation, my soon to be “colds”. I gave it a try and it was such relief! Still, mothers know best!

Monday: Pile of Papers to Do

Tons of papers all over my table.

Tons of papers all over my table.

As a teacher my job is to teach but there is so much more of our job than just teaching, and one of those is collating of papers. This is what I got Monday this week, a pile of papers. I need to sort it out because those are the texts that my students will read for the next meeting. Above all, I should be thankful that the photocopy I got was absolutely free, charged to the school and I did not photocopied it by myself. I just got it all done and ready for collation. But just to be true, until now, I am not yet done collating those papers. *lol!*

Tuesday: Mirror, Mirror

My mirror is actually adored by everyone in the office.

My mirror is actually adored by everyone in the office.

One of the things that complete my table is my mirror. I got it 3 years ago at a very low price. It looks elegant isn’t it? This item is essential for me because I am so vain and I always think that I need a retouch every other class. The mirror gives me a majestic feeling every time I see my face there. It feels like I’m the bad queen in the fairy tale asking the mirror, “Mirror, mirror, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Wednesday: “Ihaw-Ihaw”, Beats My Bad Day

Grilled foods. That’s the direct translation of it in English. I felt bad this Wednesday. I am actually sick that’s why when I arrived home after work, I decide to ask mom to accompany me at the nearby “hilot” or massage therapists. There we passed by this mini resto that offers alcoholic beverages and sort of canapés composed of grilled foods. They got seafood, poultry and pork that are partially cooked and ready to be grilled once the order comes. I love this kind of food (and most of the Filipinos too) because of the condiment it has… sour and spicy vinegar. My mom asked me to buy her some of it and above were the food items that we’ve got. It is actually cheap but overly delicious!

chicken feet, pork ears and bbq

chicken feet, pork ears and bbq


Thursday: Cookies and Candies

I was absent this Thursday at work because I was sick. Staying at home made me get a full rest. My little sister who goes to school in a half day sched accompanied me and took care of me while mom is out. Later in the afternoon, she went with mom to the grocery. After they arrived, she immediately climbed to my room and gave me these little treats, chewy candies and chunky cookies. Our baby is such a sweet girl.

I should not eat these because it is sweet but I still accepted it.  It is always the thought that counts.

I should not eat these because it is sweet but I still accepted it. It is always the thought that counts.


Friday: Have a Break, Have a Kitkat

Thank you to that kind soul who visited me last Friday.

Thank you to that kind soul who visited me last Friday.

Seeing this little one on my table in such a busy day made everything felt so good. It made me realized that in the midst of a busy life that we have, there is always a kind soul that will pause for a while just to show that they actually care. So much for a good vibes!

Saturday: Earrings Inspired

Newest addition to my collection.

Newest addition to my collection.

Saturday is my thesis day. Yesterday was quite enjoyable compared to others because I met a good friend before I go to my class. We stroll around the mall, catch up with each other and had our Starbucks. We also had our window shopping and got some little hauls. For me, I got accessories as always. It’s from Papemelroti. More than the style, I want the wisdom in it. SOAR!

That completes my Blog Bitz this week. How about you sweeties? What are the little things that made your week? Oh well, hope to read from you soon. Have another great week ahead!


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  2. hahahahaaha its so funny with the chicken feet….we Indonesian eat those too back home, but since I live here in the Netherlands, I told my spanish boyfriend about it and he was like: ” what the heck?!” hahahaha some people just don’t understand south east asian delicacies..

  3. I used to work as a counselor in a private junior high/high school and I remember those days when I was the one worried sick for my students’ marks instead of the students…I love your mirror!

  4. Lovely post! Sounds like u r really busy, and that pile of paperwork shows it too!
    So I hope u r doing better 😀
    Don’t forget to check my giveaway!

  5. Love your mirror too! not question why people adored it at the school, is so pretty, I like the idea of the blog bitz 🙂 I hope you are feeling a lot of better now!
    Big hugs ❤

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