My June 2013 Essentials


Time flies so fast! June has ended already without me noticing it. I’ve been too busy with my work and I was also sick this past week, that’s why I can say that July did not start that well for me. As of now, I still got a horse-voice yet I think it is actually better than having no voice at all. Imagine, teaching without a voice! Such an awful situation right? But I am still hopeful that July has a lot of good omens along my way, sweeties.

Speaking of the end of June, it is again the time of the month for me to feature my “must-haves”. I actually did not try so many stuffs this June because I am the kind of person who stick to what has been tried and tested. But since, I been subscribing to various beauty boxes, it opened opportunities for me to explore new products that are actually worth to use.

My June 2013 Essentials.

My June 2013 Essentials.

For June, 5 items made its way to my “essentials-list”. Excited to know what are those? Oh, c’mon! Let’s get the ball rolling…

* BeauSpeaks Kojic Soap– June became an adjustment month from me, from a 2-month vacation to the opening of the new school year. Those adjustments are undeniably stressful  and my face can’t hide it. Breakouts were all over my face, one after another and this Kojic Soap from BeauSpeaks and the other items from their Local Obagi set help me get through it. The soap makes the pimples dry up fast and made me worry not about my face. A life saver soap indeed! And now, my face is fresh and ready to meet the crowd of students that I will be teaching for this school year.

My Life-saver soap :)

My life-saver soap 🙂

*Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion– Summer in June? Why not? Here in the Philippines, June marks the end of summer and welcomes the rainy season. But that can’t prevent me to use this refreshing lotion I got from my April GlamourBox. It is actually watery as it is especially made to hydrate the skin. What I love about this product is that it is not sticky because of being oil-free. Plus, it also got a cool and fresh feeling that relaxes my skin all day long.

Be cool and fresh all day long with this lotion.

Be cool and fresh all day long with this lotion.

*Zenutrients Tea Tree Underarm Spray– Hate the sticky feeling of roll on and the messy finish of “tawas” (alum)? Oh well, I got a new discovery from SampleRoom! It is the Tea Tree underarm spray from Zenutrients.  It is so cool to use literally and figuratively. Literally, because this underarm spray provides a cool sensation from its main ingredient which is Tea Tree. While, figuratively because you don’t really need to roll it on or apply it with your hands or puff but just spray it like a perfume. It will save you from morning hassle of having your tops stained with roll on or designed by bits of small particles from alum. And, of course, it is really good in controlling unsightly sweetness of underarm and odious body odor. Just spray it once into your underarm and you are ready to rule the world. *lol*

Ready to rule the world?

Ready to rule the world?

*Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation 21– Remember the post I got regarding my May 2013 SaladBox?  Yeah, I must admit that I am quite pissed off from what happened yet still hopeful to have the best of the products that Missha can offer and gladly, I must say that yes, everything was well paid off by the two sachet samples of Missha’s Signature Dramatic Foundation 21. I love how it goes along when I applied it to my face. It is so smooth and has a very matte finish. I just applied it  once to my face and it acts like a concealer and foundation wrapped into one. It really a time-saver to my morning make up routine and also, it lasts longer than my usual, liquid foundation and loose mineral foundation combination. I also got no problem with it when it comes to the after feeling. It is not sticky and just oh, so wonderful! I am actually trying to look for a full size of it from online shops but sadly I haven’t found any yet. I am planning to switch to this foundation from my usual brand. I am happy with this discovery of mine 🙂

Just right!

Just right!

See the difference? Pardon to my morning face. *lol*

See the difference? Pardon to my morning face. *lol*

*NYX No.104 Matte Lipstick (Singapore made)- I am actually becoming a lipstick addict now. I always want to try out all the shades it has from the darkest down to the lightest, in any brand. I actually just found lipsticks to be magical when it comes in creating different looks and this June, I fell inlove with this very light pink shade from NYX.  Though it is not the original brand and just a Singapore made dupe, I got no problem with it. I bought it from Tin Tindahan. The pigment is very light and at first I thought that it would never match my skin. Yet, after some experimental looks I found it very nice in creating a simple and classy look. I also tried taking some selfie shots with it and uploaded it to my Facebook. Surprisingly, it gained more likes than I expected. I love how my lipstick experiment went well this month.

Don't be afraid to try out something new.

Don’t be afraid to try out something new.

Pretty awesome right?

Pretty awesome right?

Just a selfie addict too...

Just a selfie addict too… Believed it or not many liked this photo of mine in Facebook 🙂

The Product of Missha's Signature Dramatic Foundation and my NYX Lipstick. (I look so alien here but I love it!)

The Product of Missha’s Signature Dramatic Foundation 21 and my NYX Lipstick No.104 . (I look so alien here but I love it!)

June had been a busy month for me yet these five fabulous products helped me to get through it.

How about you sweeties? What were your picks last month? How did it change your beauty routine? I hope you will share it to me soon.  I would love to read from you too.


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