LADY GAGA STUDDED Bag Giveaway by 4 Seasons of Everything


Recently, I got a request from one of my sweet readers to have a post like “What’s in My Bag?” I immediately said yes.

I am actually not fond of bags. I love shoes more than bags but because it’s one of the first request I got, I will do it. I love my readers that’s why they are my priority when it comes to posting on my blog. But before that post, I will just bring you a bag-related giveaway.

I love this bag mainly because of its studs. It is so chic and edgy!

Isn't it something to be "gaga" about?

Isn’t it something to be “gaga” about? *Photo credit to the owner*

I bet you love it too! It is up for grabs at 4 Seasons of Everything blog. Angela, the blog owner herself, modeled it and it indeed looks good on her.

Such a stylish blogger!

Such a stylish blogger!  *Photo credit to the owner*

Do you feel like joining?  If yes, just click the this link:

Let’s have some fun! Good luck to us! May the luckiest girl wins.

Anyway, you can still join my current giveaway just go to the related post below and click the link.


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