Bethlovebeauty 2 Year Giveaway!


As a make up enthusiast, would you believe that I don’t own a set of a make up brush? Lol! Yeah! You read it right!

Pondering upon it, makes me laugh at myself. I don’t know how I was able to survive on my make up adventure without owning a good set of brushes. I usually use the brushes available from the makeup items I bought and that’s it! But as I explore the world of vanity, I suddenly feel the necessity to own one. It is a good investment, right? Especially if you are really into make up artistry.

But before I decided to buy one, it is just fortunate that Bethlovebeauty, is having a very nice giveaway which has the price of none other than… a set of make up brushes from Ecotools! Practically speaking, I am being thrift and hoping to win this giveaway to have a set of make up brushes. Let’s just see where my luck will lead me.

Bethlovebeauty 2 Year Giveaway Prize  *Photo credit to the owner

Bethlovebeauty 2 Year Giveaway Prize
*Photo credit to the owner

But of course, I love you my dear sweeties, I will not just keep to myself on how to join this giveaway. I want to be fair so, here’s the link for it:

Just click it and wait for the rafflecopter widget to load. Then, follow carefully the instructions indicated for each item. Easy Peasy right? Goodluck!

A giveaway fan like me? Here’s another giveaway I can’t join at but would really makes me happy if you will try out. My Scrapbook Essentials Giveaway! Just click the link of the related posts for details.


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