4 Season of Everything Birthday Giveaway


Hey yah there sweeties! Miss me? Oh… I’m so sorry for not updating my posts this past few weeks. I am just busy with my work that actually make me oh so tired at the end of the day. But of course I will still catch up with you this weekend for some product reviews, gift post and  my June essentials.

Time flies so fast! It’s July already… I just hope, it will be vacation again soon so that I can blog more. Yey!

Meantime, I would be flooding my blog with posts about some awesome giveaways from my fellow bloggers so that you can join and have some fun as well.

I stumble upon this particular page which caught my attention with its unique name: 4 Season of Everything.

Angela Ricardo, the page owner looks so Chinky! I love her eyes!!! I find her so pretty… Angela’s beauty ideas and fashion sense inspires me to make myself more and more prettier each day. It would be very beneficial for you, my dear sweeties to visit her blog especially if you are a beauty and fashion enthusiast like me.

Also she is now having her birthday giveaway that will be giving  a set of fun accessories from one lucky winner! (I am actually oh so crazy about it!)

Yay!!! May the luckiest lady wins!

Yay!!! May the luckiest lady wins!

If you wish to join her giveaway, you may check out the details of it at  this link: http://www.angelaricardo.com/birthday-giveaway/

And also, I have as colorful giveaway this July. Just go at the related link at the bottom of this post.

Good Luck sweeties! More giveaway posts to come 🙂

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