Giveaway by Genzel Kisses x Beauty Crafts by Kiran


Hi sweeties! I am excited to announce another giveaway! Yey!  This one is from one of my favorite bloggers, Genzel of Genzel Kisses.  In this giveaway she is featuring one of the famous MUA, Ms. Kimberly Ann of Beauty Crafts by Kiran “Kim”.

These two ladies is such an inspiration to me to be successful by pursuing the things that I really want. This is one of the things I love being in a good online community, you will be able to get to know inspiring people in their chosen fields. Oh well, soon I will also be successful in my own way by persevering in the things that I am doing.

So much for my sentiments, I bet you have to join this awesome giveaway especially if you are like me who loves to beautify yourself and the people around you. If ever you will win, the prizes will be a good catch.

*Photo from Genzel Kisses' Blog

*Photo from Genzel Kisses’ Blog

I joined already and if you wish to join too, you may visit Genzel’s blog at this post for more details:

Goodluck sweeties! May the luckiest girl win 🙂


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